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One of the Best Movies I've Ever Seen., 15 October 2003


I have a friend who always told me about Quentin Tarantino and how great his

movies are. A couple of days later, she lent me her Reservoir dogs DVD and

told me to watch it once i got home. When I got home, I put it in and watched it the whole way through. Reservoir Dogs is now one of the best movies i have

ever seen. I was fascinated at how excellent the dialogue was and how the

actors portrayed their characters so realistically. My personal favorite character is Mr. Pink. When he was stating why he didn't tip waiters' he had a lot of good points, and that made me want to not tip waiters' anymore. I continued tipping the waiters, though. My personal favorite scene is when Mr. Blonde is cutting the ear off of the cop. I don't know why i love that scene so much. If you are reading this review and you have never seen Reservoir Dogs, nor any other Tarantino

film, I suggest you go out and rent them and watch them

I give this movie ***** stars out of *****.

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This movie is SO scary..., 2 April 2003


When i was 11 years old, me and my friends rented "The Exorcist"

on Halloween Day. Just the other day, I saw a commercial for the

re-release coming on Cinemax, and they showed images from the

movie that i will NEVER forget. I had nightmares that night. This

movie has to be THE most horrifying movie i have ever seen. I only

recommend this movie to anyway who can handle a good fright... i

can't. The performances where so good, it made this movie look

like a documentary. I can't express in words how much this movie

effected me... i hate this movie so much, that i love it.

I give it ***** stars out of *****.

Chicago (2002)
Easily one of my favorite movies of all time, 1 April 2003


I am so glad that "Chicago" won Best Picture at the Academy

Awards this year! I think that every award it won was well deserved,

especially Best Picture and Supporting Actress, even though

Renee Zellweger deserved the Best Actress Award and Rob

Marshall deserved the Best Director Award. Richard Gere also

deserved a nomination.

"Chicago" is summarized up in one word: Amazing! Every song is

catchy. Most of them have got you dancing in your seat. The

performances are breath taking. For this movie, everyone's talking

about Renee and how great her performance was. She did a great

job, but i think the one who deserves all the praise is Catherine.

She portrayed that character so well and i think that her

performance and her numbers was part of the reason why i loved

this movie so much (her numbers include "All That Jazz" and "I

Can't Do It Alone"). Her Oscar was well deserved.

I give this movie ***** stars out of *****.

Dumbo (1941)
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Best Mother-Daughter Disney Movie, 14 February 2003


"Dumbo" was one of the few Disney that made me cry. When the mother takes Dumbo and they start to cry and sing "baby mine don't you cry..." ::sniff::. Dumbo was a cute, adorable little elephant with big ears who everyone teased and no one appreciated. It's one of my favorite child hood movies and one of the best Disney movies.

I give it ***** stars out of *****.

Chicago (2002)
The Best Movie of the Year, 12 February 2003



"Chicago" is one of the best movies of the year. In my opinion, it is

the best movie of the year. The movie itself is better than the broad

way play. The songs are amazing like "We Both Reached for the

Gun," "Nowadays," and "I can't do it alone" but the performance by

John C. Reilly in "Mister Cellophane," stole my heart. That song

right there deserves him an Oscar.

I give this movie ***** stars out of *****.

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A Great Collection of Early Queen Videos, 5 February 2003

Queen's Greatest Hits has videos like "we will rock you" and "we are the champions," along with "another one bites the dust." This video is mainly made up of Queen's early videos, which is basically Queen on stage or anywhere else playing their songs. it's a great video.

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Stupid... Talent is wasted in this movie., 9 January 2003

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid. I think that Angelina Jolie is probably one of the most talented actress' today, but a movie like this isn't just worth her time. She deserves better, and so does everyone else in this movie. Talent is just wasted. Sorry, but i don't feel like writing a review for this.

I give it NO stars out of *****.

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An Amazing Ride!!, 9 January 2003

This ride is the best ride at Universal Theme Park!! It's just like the movie and it is so much fun!! Biff Tannen, from the trilogy, steals the time machine but the "Doc" is locked up, so it's up to the audience to steal it back. Definitely one to ride over and over again!!!!!

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Good Concert., 8 January 2003

This is one of Queen's early concerts. They play most of their songs from "Queen" to "The Game." They also add in "Jailhouse Rock" "Under Pressure" and two different versions of "We Will Rock You." This is one to watch, i recommend it.

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One of Queen's Best Concerts!, 8 January 2003

"Queen Live at Wembley '86" is one of Queen's best concerts! They deliver an overall amazing show, playing their classic songs and they got a rowdy crowd on top of it all! If you are a huge Queen fan, like I am, I HIGHLY recommend this concert!!

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