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Great Cop Show Of The 80's, 30 October 2004

Great to see that the show has hit the DVD format. Watched a few episodes so far from Season 1. Great show and don't know why it was not on reruns anywhere here in Canada. Noticed some over dubs on some dialogue, not sure if that was done back when the show was on FOX or if it has been done when putting it on DVD. Looks like some words are overdubbed, could swear that ass was said originally but you get a different word said. Watch the actor's mouth when the dialogue seems a bit louder briefly. What a gem though this show was and always will be. Holly Robinson is so sexy and still is today. I wonder what Johnny Depp thinks of this being out now on DVD. He never liked doing the show after the 3rd season but stuck it out for his contract duration. Would be nice to hear his comments and have him on the extra features. Too bad.

Underworld (2003)
Seen It, Bought It, Loved It, 28 January 2004

I don't know why someone would say not to bother wasting your money on this movie. I am a horror movie fan, a fan of vampire movies and all that go along with that genre. I seen Underworld here at the Toronto Film Festival back in September 2003 and couldn't wait for it to come out on DVD so I could add it to my collection. This Vampire/Werewolf film is unique as it doesn't use the typical setting of Los Angeles for everything. Seems so many of these types of flicks always have to deal with Los Angeles. Fianlly this time the scenery is more along the lines of what this type of film should look like. Gothic. And instead of everyone walking around in regular everyday clothes like people of L.A. the characters are dressed in black PVC and leather. Hey maybe it is me but I think if this flick had been done with the setting of the TV series Angel, it would have been pathetic. I like Angel but too many movies with Vampires will seem to show them as regular people and that has been done too much. Kate Beckinsale is great as the lead, she speaks with her natural British accent instead of the fake American one we have been so used to her using in films. This whole movie has the right feel and setting, and it shows the vampires in a luxury life like they do live in when we read back about them. Werewolfs are underground, more of the "lower class" looking. The rules are followed so well for a flick about both fan favs and it works like a charm. Sure someone mentions about the American accents, big deal, I guess in the Czech Republic (where this was filmed) there are no Americans over there? Just like there are no Czechs in America? I believe that true fans of Vamps and Werewolves will be impressed with this flick. Also I think Vampires and Werewolves were not created or set in America like so many characters and movies "Have" to be. I mean come on, Fredy, Jason, Micheal Myers, Pinhead and Leatherface all are popular horror characters that seem to originate in America.

Come on people put aside your usual criticizing, this is not a boring Tom Hanks "true story" film, it is make believe, about two types of fan fav characters that are popular in todays times as well as say 50 years ago. No different than withcraft.

"V.I.P." (1998)
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Hello People...Wake Up, 10 June 2003

COme on now, is TV supposed to be so great? I mean come on, wake up here. VIP is what most shows are that have a lead character that is a hot looking female...that is SEX SELLS!!! Deal with it. It is entertainment. That is all. I highly doubt Pamela Anderson thought "hey I can act good people will like this show for that" Ya ok, she is no idiot like so many people think. She knows and knew all along that watching her in skimpy outfits along with a nicely fit co-star (Natalie Raitano) the guys will tune in to watch. Sure it is typical, but are you all gonna tell me that Friends has always been popular because of it's corny storylines? Ya right, that show is the same, SEX SELLS. Guys love Jennifer Aniston, girls love Matthew Perry or Matt LeBlanc. This is an example and that is the same as VIP, Pamela looks sexy as always and Natalie Raitano is sexy too with that fit petite body of hers. So if it really bothers you that it is the "stupidest TV show" on then why are you tuning in? Oh ya you tuned in for some great suspense knowing that Pamela Anderson was in it. Ya that's right. Sex sells in entertainment and always will. Deal with it or stop watching TV. Just sit back and enjoy watching some sexy babes, or sexy guys if you are a female, and quit complaining.

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Not A Bad 1st Episode, 21 October 2002

Just like all brand new shows the pilot episode, well in this case first episode as there really was no pilot episode, we are introduced to the main characters in the show and learn a small amount about them. I being a fan of Kathleen Robertson did enjoy this first episode. But you can't judge a new show from one episode to begin with but this one was good and I am looking forward to the next ones. All 3 girls have different types of personalities and I am sure that some viewers will relate to certain ones. Kathleen looks great as always and her presence on screen is a relief as we have not been graced by her presence in a long while in a TV show. Kathleen can carry her own no matter the role she is given, very under rated actress. Gretchen Mol looks so much like a young Grace Kelly and is impressive with the role she plays. Strong willed, seems more of these female roles are showing up on TV and that is good when it is played by good actresses like Mol. Then there's Chyler Leigh the sweet but impatient over eager green associate, also she too is impressive. So looks to be another successful David E Kelly show.

I will bet that lots of "critical" reviewers out there will say it is a revamped Ally. But big deal. It was successful. They are just selling the show on looks. True and tell me what shows do not nowadays? Friends? NYPD Blue? ER? CSI? Boston Public? WWE Raw & Smackdown? To name a few. Hey remember everyone, TV is to entertain you for the duration of the show. That is it. So sit back and be entertained.

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Great Flick, But Seems Others Differ, 10 October 2002

One question I have to ask all who watch movies is, do you watch to be entertained or watch for flaws, watch to be cynical or watch a movie expecting to be disappointed? Do you watch movies for the storyline? Or do you watch for who is in the movie. Now if you are all saying storylines, you are lying, why? Well because we see previews and are attracted to wanting to watch the movie based on who is in it. Which brings me to Urban Legend. Now sure Urban Legends are interesting myths, folklore but put them into a movie with, remember a big with, an "attractive" cast and bang, you have a successful movie. Horror movie mind you. Remember horror movies are always criticized by those "older" and "mature" viewers who always say, this is crap when thier movie collection consists of every hit horror movie from the 80's. Rebecca Gayheart is a sexy hottie, and all guys will agree no matter what. Tara Reid isn't? Ya sure guys, she is as hot as can be in this one and in American Pie. Throw in Jared Leto for the women and Joshua Jackson as well and it looks like we have a cast who is not only known but attractive. That is what sells a movie, and put them into a horror movie that viewers will relate to, meaning folklore myths..Urban Legends and we have the hook, line and sinker. SO all in all this movie is a good horror movie, regardless of it's rip offs. Almost all movies of any genre are rip offs of previous similar movies. this horror movie is not crap, is entertaining and that is the word so many people seem to forget when it comes to watching movies and tv. Be entertained, not so critical. No one is perfect and no production is perfect.

A Movie To Relate To, 10 October 2002

Seems that from time to time a really good low key movie becomes a cult favourite. Pump Up The Volume is one of them. This is a movie I am sure alot of us can relate toand is why it has become such a favourite with the 30-something crowd. Christian Slater and Samantha Mathis play really good characters in this one. This being one of Slater's early pieces of work, he is actually a pleasure to watch as the troubled teen his parents do not understand. It is the rebellian that I think we can relate to when it comes to parents not listening and politician teachers not caring. I am sure that if you watch this movie more than once you will begin to appreciate it more. Lots of funny things we all have done in school and to our parents and lots of things troubled teens have done as well. This is truly a gem of a movie. Samantha Mathis is terrific in this and she is an under rated actress by far.

"Haunted" (2002)
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Truly A Gem, 9 October 2002

I am a fan of horror, thriller and suspense. SO when I seen the previews of Haunted I was definitely gonna tune in. So far 3 episodes and the show seems to get better each time. Not a let down so far. Some creepy scenes that are better than say Angel and Charmed, although those 2 shows rock. Seeing Matthew Fox playing a total opposite role from his POF role and succeeding is great to see. The dark drama in this goes along with Angel and yet doesn't follow in its footsteps. With the ghosts that apear to the visions he sees to help solve crimes makes this show intriguing and far from boring. UPN has a sleeper hit on their hands, but let's hope it doesn't fall to the way side of the other cancellations each season because of poor timeslots. I think networks have to realize that people will tape one show while watching another, seems they forgot about the invention of the VCR and timer recording. Also satellite is another thing. Miss it in the east time, watch it in the west time.

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Nothing Beats This, 24 September 2002

This has got to be the best morning news program on TV in North America. I get KTLA up here in Toronto,Canada and even though they are 3 hours behind us, it is well worth watching compared to our morning news programs on our networks. I have never seen a cast of anchors who have chemistry and charisma. From the Canadian weatherman Mark Kriski who is a total laugh, to the oh so beautiful Jennifer York in Skycam 5, who has got the best laugh. Giselle fernandez is a great addition to the show as lots will recognize her from doing the weekend edition of the Today Show I believe it was. She is a babe and looks great for 41 I have to say. Carlos, Sharon Tay, are great as well. Mindy Burbano has got to be the woman with the sexiest smile in America. This girl does great when filling in for Sam Rubin in entertainment. She mainly does the entertainment on the nightly news at 10. But believe me this morning show is unlike any other. It is not your usual morning news show, to me it is 3 hours of news,interviews and comedic relief. No wonder KTLA's on air staff seem to get used in some movies and tv shows for bit parts as newscasters. They are known to all in North America.

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Based On Spin Off Episode Of CSI, 17 September 2002

This show will definitely be a hit. Not because it is a spin off from the hit show CSI but because David Caruso will be the main reason. Sorry all you CSI fans but this episode Caruso stole the whole show away from the cast. Right from when he stood there and found the little girl and sat with her to his calm to the point in your face trademark. Even his little wisecracks works in his favour. Caruso has on screen presence and it showed on this episode like always. Caruso will finally get the respect he deserves. Mondays will be good now.

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Entertaining and Underrated Flick, 17 September 2002

This flick is an underrated one by far. What a cast, from Caruso to Hunt, from Cage to Rhames everyone shines in this. I say pick this up and you will be entertained if you like any of the actors in the movie. Everyone clicks and there is no boring parts throughout. Trust me, Caruso shines as always.

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