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Stag Night (2008)
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More of the same..., 3 September 2010

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This is a movie I didn't know yet until I recently bumped into it on a movies list. And I thought by myself, let's try it out... horror has always been my favorite genre and good or bad horror, I'm not really picky... :)

As for this movie:

okay... we've seen this a thousand times before... a group of people getting trapped (whether it's in a subway or in a forest or a building or even a town) and a group of vicious killers out for food and what's on the menu is part of that group!

Camera-work could have been better but in order to create the fast paced feeling it was necessary to work that way.

Creep meets Wrong Turn Midnight Meat Train meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The movie has a few added values (Kip Pardue, Breckin Meyer) and sure ain't half bad! I enjoyed watching this horror flick!

Dark Ride (2006)
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Great story, bad movie!, 26 June 2008

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Okay, maybe a lot of you guys already mentioned this (I haven't read all the comments) but there is a story by Dean Koontz telling something similar. A funhouse, a bunch of young kids and a murderer, a freak of nature... Greaaaat! The story kicks in! I thought... this could be wonderful cinema. Well, it wasn't! I never saw a worse movie than this one (or perhaps if I count in I'll always know what you did last summer, this would come in second place)!! I can't understand why this title was in the After Dark Horrorfest? There were so many other good ones left out... I don't say there were no good parts in it... a loved the story 'bout the twins in the beginning and the sex scene was a big laugh (especially the climax) but that was it. No good acting, no good plot, a good story just turned into a bad movie! I wasn't scared at all... Maybe I ask too much of a movie... I donno...

Prey (2007/I)
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Cujo only with big pussycats!, 28 February 2008

Not bad of a movie! Still, has a lot of common with Cujo, the Stephen King adaption. Attacks of big pussycats (okay, there had to be some kind of difference, wasn't there) on a car (jeep) where a woman (duuuuhhh) is trapped with her child (in this case children)... No way out, no food, no drinks... dehydration near... damn... The lions did their job fantastic! And I must say the stepmother was not bad of an actress... only thing I found a bit exaggerated... three hunters (by all means) are killed... and each time they get to kill at least one lion but still another takes revenge... The Male Lion is the real actor in this movie! The way he blew up in that jeep... great! All by all, not a bad movie, but had no new elements! It's worth a Seven, I won't give it more, but certainly won't give it less either!

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Could 've been better, could've been worse..., 19 November 2007

I bought this movie sooner than I expected. I just couldn't wait any longer and spent a little more money on this title than I normally do. I anticipated this title so much, I was impatient... well, it is true what they tell... patience can be a good virtue! I don't dislike the movie at all... but to be called a super good sequel... that would be too much credit. Special Effects could've been better! Acting was a bit of a drag. And although I shouldn't compare to its predecessor: it is much worse than the Famke Janssen '99 House-movie! Still: Jeffrey Combs plays Vannacut as if he was just born as him! He has this evil presence in his eyes, which makes his appearance just Perfect for this kind of thing! He makes the movie by just saying nothing! And that part I loved! I'm not saying I don't like the movie, but I could've waited a long time till I had to buy it, I shouldn't have spend that much money on it! Still, it is in my collection now and it'll stay there forever!

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Worst Sequel Ever Made, 25 June 2007

I don't know what those Filmmakers got into them but they made an awful movie, an abomination to sequels and a dreadful third part in a series that was quite good, not perfect though but better than this one! They couldn't have made a better example of how it shouldn't be done! I've seen a lot of dreadful sequels (namely Mimic II and III and Species III and I believe the fourth Species won't be any better) but those are watchable... I could cope with those, I even got Mimic II in my collection... But please, don't ask me to buy this one! Where did they loose it? Well, first... the similarities with part 1, only worse!!! A bad-ass guy, Colby... in the first one, Ryan Phillippe made it good! (he even looked cute!) but now, the Colby-character... he's dull! Then the squeamish Rock Girl... where the prom queen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, rocked the screen, this one's a terrible singer! The Heroes... the Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinz Jr. look-a-like's... well, in story, that is!... Damn, where did they got those teenagers? At K-Mart? I'm so glad a friend of mine loaned me this one... but I'm sad he wasted his money on this movie! Sorry for those who were in favor of it, but I really think it sucked! Greetings from a not-so-big-I'll always know-fan! S.

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Better horror is criminal..., 19 December 2006

This kind of films, and I guess all of the films of Horrorfest, appeal to me! I can hardly wait for all of them to be in my collection! This is just criminal, letting me wait for so long! I really enjoy movies with such an attitude: Show all, leave nothing out! Am I a horror freak? ;) Guess I am then... well, someone's gotta do the business and keep it alive, keep it going! ;) Question, why are there so many horror movie releases at the moment, is the genre back alive? I certainly hope so because more of this could be the death of the contents of my wallet! Well, then I should work even harder so I can buy even more! ;) And nothing or no one will stop me! Not even the ghost of my wallet!