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Nemesis (1992)
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Move over Ah-nold, there are some NEW cyborgs in town......, 24 April 2002

Olivier Grunner stars in this film as Alex Rain; a futuristic police detective working the streets of Los Angeles. He has a very tough job to do and gets injured frequently. This is the future though and when he is injured the medical professionals of this time can just repair him with cybernetic parts. A message sent him by one of his close female police officers soon reveals a secret plot by cyborgs to seize control of the world governments and replace humans with cyborg duplicates. He makes his way to meet her and eventually clashes with Farnsworth, the cyborg leader expertly played by the very talented Tim Thomerson. He is faced with making a difficult decision to join the secret rebellion of the machines or maintain his position as a cop and still serve humans. This film climaxes with fantastic battle scenes between Alex and Farnsworth. This film has lots of action and some excellent stunts. Please add this one to your DVD collections next to all the other good "B" science fiction movies. Great film!


Sigourney Weaver and Jennifer Love Hewitt team up in this delightfully funny movie as a mother/daughter confidence game duo. Sigourney is perfect as the older and wiser mother who is well versed in just about every con ever played. Jennifer Love Hewitt gives a fine performance as her sometimes mean and nasty daughter who is still learning the "tricks of the trade" from mom. Together, they seek out and find wealthy older men for mom to marry and then divorce for as much money as they can get their greedy little fingers on. Gene Hackman gives a hilarious performance as the older, chain smoking wealthy widower who becomes their latest mark. For him, Sigourney becomes Olga Yevanova; a type of phony Eastern European (Russian) gold digging aristocrat who worms her way into his life and Jennifer gains admission to the house as his new (and very sexy) house maid (after the two of them "set up" the woman now holding that job by "planting" and then "accidently discovering" his deceased wife's jewelry and his cigarettes in her room). So to all men out there thinking about marriage, SIGN AN IRONCLAD PRE-NUPTUAL AGREEMENT BEFORE GETTING MARRIED; ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE WEALTHY. And see this movie; especially for the great singing performance by Sigourney of the song: "Back in the USSR" by the Beatles. This one should be added to all our DVD collections as one of the funniest comedies of recent times!! See it!!

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Angelina Jolie ROCKS the house in "Cyborg 2"!!, 1 April 2002

The VERY beautiful Angelina Jolie stars as an android named "Cash" in this exciting, futuristic and fast moving movie. Her "makers" or "god", of course is the famous Pinwheel Corporation; one of the largest android making concerns in the world. Things are very competitive in the future; especially in the artificial human business. Everything seems to be fine until one of Cash's female android friends reveals a sinister plan to eliminate rival corporate leadership; the plan involves injecting an undetectable explosive in her and then detonating it at the appropriate time. Terrified by this knowledge , she enlists the aid of her human martial arts trainer named "Colt". With his help, she battles past armed guards and escapes to the outside world. Jack Palance stars as "Mercy", a renegade android who assists other androids seeking freedom and appears mostly as a mouth on a television screen throughout most of the movie. Billy Drago gives his typically good performance as the tough, greedy and antagonistic bounty hunter sent after Cash and Colt. This movie, while limited in budget, has nevertheless earned a respectable place on my shelf along with the other great "B" movies. Add this one to your collection of fine science fiction films! Two thumbs up!

Automatic (1995)
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Oliver Grunner steals the show in "Automatic"!!, 1 April 2002

Oliver Grunner stars in this very entertaining movie about cyborgs and the effect they have on a futuristic society. John Glover stars as Goddard Marx, the president of RobGen; an artificial human production company. This IS the future and these things or androids are as common as automobiles and are used for factory labor, security, entertainment and even as sexual surrogate partners. Everything is fine at the company until a RobGen executive tries to savagely rape a female secretary named Nora Rochester (well played by Daphne Ashbrook). Oliver (he plays multiple roles very well in this movie!) interrupts the attack (he IS programmed to protect life, after all!) and in the course of the encounter accidently kills the out of control corporate man. What follows after this is a mad struggle for survival and escape as Goddard Marx calls in a special human merc unit led by a Major West (well played by Jeff Kober). There is lots of good special effects action as well as a few very interesting surprises in the plot. Grunner is always at his acting best and carries the role of J269, etc. well. Add this one to your collections of movies on the science fiction shelf! Good movie!!

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Arnold STEALS the show in the "Last Action Hero!", 28 March 2002

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars again in this excellent fantasy/action film as Jack Slater; a fictional but tough, determined and vigilant police detective. A magical movie ticket somehow sends a young boy (one of Jack Slaters' biggest fans) into this make-believe world of non-stop action where he is able to become part of the action and share in the heroics. There is a lot of typical Ah-nold humor in this film and the action is well mixed with the jokes. You just can't get tired of Ah-nold playing this type of role. This film is a great example of the combination of fantasy, action and comedy. Get yourself a copy and add it to your DVD collection! And hopefully, Ah-nold will "be back" in many more films!

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Chevy Chase STEALS the show in "Spies Like Us"!, 28 March 2002

Dan Ackroyd stars as the typical CIA think-tank intelligence analyst and Chevy Chase is our answer to the inept, stupid, lazy and bungling agent who wouldn't even pass the first interview in the REAL world of spying. These two collide (comically) with each other in a complicated scheme orchestrated by rebellious military and civillians where they are used as a "distraction" from the real mission. Ackroyd's leadership enables them to survive to complete their mission while the lascivious Chase spends most of his time thinking like the typical male. When they find a Soviet mobile missile launcher and then receive instructions from their rebellious controllers to "accidently" send the thing on it's way to a target in the US, only the quick thinking of Ackroyd can save the day. This movie has some great comic elements as well as good action scenes with decent stunts. Chevy Chase never fails to entertain with his suave, intelligent(he only acts stupid) and sexy character he made famous in other roles. Dan Ackroyd is GREAT as the straight man who keeps Chevy out of trouble. Add this one to your collection of DVD movies in the comedy section on your shelf!

Commando (1985)
Ah-nold saves the day again in "Commando"., 21 March 2002

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in this action film as Colonel John Matrix, a retired special operations commando. Life has been somewhat pleasant and he enjoys his retirement as well as time spent raising his teenage daughter Jenny (well played by the lovely Alyssa Milano). When an evil banana republic dictator-el-presedente-wannabee kidnaps her to use as leverage in order to use him to help take political control of his country, he embarks on a one man mission and fights countless battles with numerous minions of the evil leader. He eventually gets to the location Jenny is being held where he faces off with both el-presedente himself and the only opposing soldier that gives him any great resistance, his old military friend named Bennet. Rae Dawn Chong gives a GREAT performance as the frantic and confused woman-in-distress airline stewardess who reluctantly helps Ah-nold. This is one fine action film and has earned a respectable place next to the other fine action movies on my shelf! Just please get Ah-nold some more driving lessons!

Cobra (1986)
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Quick! Get me the snake bite kit! (Ha-ha)., 21 March 2002

Sy Stallone leads the cast of this film as Marion Cobretti, a VERY tough, determined, dedicated and alert SWAT-type detective. The streets have become infested with violent, malevolent, malicious and murderous gang members who have been causing a lot of serious problems for the cops. When a VERY beautiful super-model (played by the lovely Bridget Nielsen) witnesses an abduction and murder, she is placed in the protective custody of none other than the "Cobra". After that, there is almost nothing but non-stop action as the battle rages between the ruthless and determined gang and the Cobra. He shoots, punches, kicks and even tosses hand grenades at his foes, and quickly thins out their ranks. This movie has earned a respectable place on my shelf with the other fine action movies and should also be on yours! Sy is especially great with the one-liner black humor comments. Great film!!

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A GREAT action film; Stallone IS THE PERFECT RAMBO!!, 20 March 2002

Sylvester Stallone returns to the silver screen in this second chapter of the Rambo trilogy. This time, he is released from prison under the condition that he return to the Viet Nam area to take pictures of suspected camps where American POW's are being held. He has to deal with having orders not to use deadly force and then having to dis-obey those very same orders or be killed. He has a new antagonist in the form of a Washington Bureaucrat named Murdoch who leads this fact finding mission. He soon realizes that no one can be trusted and even his former mentor Colonel Troutman (well portrayed by Richard Crenna) is in no position to assist him. What follows is battle after battle with Asian as well as Russian troops leading to an exciting climax where he confronts the REAL enemy. Add this one to your shelf of DVD's in the action section. This is a well directed and excellent film!

A fine dramatization of the need for absolute victory in battle and what happens when a soldier who is forced to accept defeat., 20 March 2002

Sylvester Stallone gives a brilliant performance as John Rambo; a highly skilled and decorated army veteran of the Vietnam War. Brian Dennehy plays the typical "jerk-water" town sheriff who arrests him for the misdemeanor charges of "vagrancy" and also for having a larger than average hunting knife used primarily for survival purposes. What follows is more than the entire town is prepared to handle as Rambo escapes the controlled custody of the very mean, un-wise, overweight sheriff and his group of sadistic and stupid deputies. The pursuit is then on, as the cops (with the assistance of equally stupid, ill-equipped and under-trained pseudo-macho army weekend warrior national guardsmen types pursue Rambo deep into the woods. Rambo uses all his skills to survive their advances and shows great restraint in his struggles against these "defenders of democracy". The casualty count just keep getting larger until US Army Colonel Trotter (well played by Richard Crenna), arrives on the scene in an attempt to stop him. Things just keeping getting worse for the sheriff until the exciting climax where some of the most important points of the movie are made. This is a MUST SEE movie for the important lessons it teaches about freedom. Just stay out of "small town" America. Especially if you are a military veteran of the Vietnam era or later and don't fit into the acceptable image of a "respectable" citizen.

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