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a very fair adaptation, 9 August 2007

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I watched this movie right after ANWAR. To be honest i generally stay away from "hindi" art-house films, whatever that means, but i had to watch Jha's work. The first film was a fairly good attempt, where Jha created characters so symbolic and real. I could relate to the character of Anwar( the romantic but meek kind ). Well, let me talk about Matrubhoomi. This is a shock house mild move by our desi" Gasper Noe" but what i really loved about this movie is the way he created a world to place these characters, to suit his needs for his expression/narrative. These people are starved and unable to cope up with their present status. And so they are forced to commit these acts to survive and fulfill their very "basic needs" , read sex. I strongly believe that this movie has been adapted from a Japanese film "the ballad of NARAYAMA" where there is this village where elderly citizens must submit to death on a cold mountain peak. A brutal life where there is this intense conflict between love, duty, and harsh reality that coexists with cruel savagery. There are a few subplots that has also been freely adapted in his movie. But still i would give him points for his guts to adapt a SHOHEI IMAMURA film.

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Never say Bond again, 18 November 2006

It is a wee bit surprising that Casino Royale is rated so high. Though its a very good smart action flick with all the works, chase and stunts and blowing up a house in Venice and you know what, but its absolutely not a Bond movie. Well, i love movies like MI, Bourne Identity, Munich, etc., but its not the same when you are making a movie based on a cult figure here. Its like Mart being remixed and played in a nightclub. Craig is a good action hero but when you are playing Bond you have to restrain yourself because for heavens sake Bond is not a cowboy. Bond is not about muscles and thats where the director misses the plot. We have been flooded with remakes and a more "realistic" and "original" portrayal of our legendary figures which is accepted as creative license, but sometimes its better to leave a few things as they are/were.

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reminds me of bicycle thief, 13 November 2006

watched it on DVD a few days back. To be very honest, it felt like i was hit very bad underbelly. The imagery and characters are so real and at the same time surreal. The feeling i had was i don't know why, similar to the one i had after watching bicycle thief. Though Vittorio was more realistic as accepted by all, but for me it was more like a nightmare than reality. And one has the same feeling after watching the movie. It feels that the nightmare would end here but it leads to another.The murders were so gruesome that it felt it was his imaginations or hallucinations.But why did he do it?In all probability he was desperate for shelter and food and this is what he got.But did he do all that he did to keep that moment with him forever and destroy the present,or it was a drunken fantasy he fulfilled to cheer his present life and surrendering to the cruelty of the world.It is a mystery and that is what we all are.