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And the Horses?, 3 September 2001

This movie is a very big disappointment, it looks like it was made by some rookie trying to copy Tim Burton style. Neither the scenarios and make-up are outstanding like it was said. And the holes in the story? -Were did the horses came from? They were riding horses in the ship? I don't think so. -Why there were so many species of apes, chimps, gorillas, etc, etc; when in the ship there were only chimps? -Where was Cornelius? One of the most important characters in the book was left off? This is to say that this movie should be avoided by Tim Burton fans... or not...

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A bad movie made by bright people!, 29 August 2001

This is a stupid movie, it has the same music that appears in "Vampyros Lesbos", but is that kind of movie that entertains you until the last second. The photography is very good and the underwater scenes are beautyful. Of course it has the touch of Jesus Franco and Daniel White. I loved it!!! Exploitation to the power!!!

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Fantastic!!!, 19 August 2001

I've seen this documentary in Fantasporto, a fantastic film festival in Oporto. Jesus Franco at the age of 70 shows in this film more strength than almost any filmmaker today. Its a must see for JESSus Franco fans and everyone else, if you're in filmmaking it will make you see things different.