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Zoo (2015–2017)
Are you for real??
26 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously?? This is pathetic! As someone said previously Africa is a continent, not a country! I love how they say its shot in Botswna, with people speaking swahili and a scene clearly shot in Tanzania. This is why some Americans think Africa is a country and not a continent! First of all no one speaks swahili in Botswana, which by the way is thousands of miles away from Tanzania - one being found in Southern Africa - again not a country!! And the lions! No female lions only males. At a stretch maybe 3 male lions would be together, but 4 or 5? At least there would be females since they are the ones who actually do the most hunting. But I'll leave that point since this is meant to be fantasy and made up crap. But I'm not giving up on the Africa is a country comment!! Whatever, I'm still going to watch it, just to laugh and scream at the TV.
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Alex Cross (2012)
Very good movie and very unfair ratings by others!
16 December 2012
Okay so its not going to win any Oscars, but I really believe people have given this a bad rap for no reason. I have seen plenty of crap movies in my time and movies that have got higher ratings when they deserved far less. Yes, Tyler Perry is not Morgan Freeman, but he plays the role well. It is an action movie, and yes the books are thrillers. But all the same this is a good movie. A clever twist, and Matthew Fox plays the bad guy really well. Not once did I find this boring or very bad. There have been a number of crap scary movies out there that have got higher ratings and yet they are seriously crap!! This is an enjoyable movie and I don't think the acting was rubbish as so many people have stated. I think its just fine. Judge for yourself and don't read the reviews until you have seen the movie. Make your own mind up and stop being so critical. Its enjoyable.
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Much better than the first one!
8 December 2009
Okay what is with all you other people slating this movie? Seriously? If it was so bad how come it has broken box office records for the amount of money made for a new movie? Are you people who are leaving negative comments the type of people that work in boring mundane jobs think you're super cool for being so laid back? Whatever, it was a good film and I have seen loads worse! Grow up and stop being so negative. Maybe when you can have an intelligent conversation, until then don't talk crap unless you really know what you are talking about! I mean it really was much better than the first one by far! And that goes to show you the difference between a good and bad director. At least in New Moon they didn't leave out key scenes which they did in the first one (the scene where Bella passes out because of the blood in class, that was quite a key scene).

Anyway I thought this was fantastic! They got Jacob down to a T and the whole Voltari thing was pretty super. The only thing I would say is they could have played with the other members of the Voltari a bit more, but there is only so much you can put in a movie.

I would also say it's a bit violent for younger viewers, but the books do get a bit darker and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Overall great acting from all cast, I think they played the wolf pack brilliantly and Emily was perfect for the role. I was a bit unsure about Rosalie in the first one, but she comes out perfectly in this one, even if she's only in there for a short while. As for Bella's father, they couldn't have chosen a better actor for this role.

Overall a great movie, like I said much better than the first one. It's not going to win any Oscars, but that was never the point of this movie. This movie is a great film based on the book, almost down to a T and Stephanie Meyer should definitely be proud of this one!
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