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Another goody from my youth!, 11 July 2004

This show is yet, another piece from my childhood. Like many shows I watched in my younger days, I watched this on Nickelodeon. It was about a boy named Sebastian who was trying to find his Gypsy mother who had abandoned him years earlier. He was protected by his dog Belle, whom also protected its puppy Poochie. I think there was another character as well who was a fellow Gypsy who had taken care of Sebastian since his mother left him.

This is another wonderful show of a Euro-Japanese coproduction which was evident in the 80's. Other recommendations in this sort include "Mysterious Cities of Gold", "Spartacus", and "Ulysse 31". Why these countries don't do shows together anymore is a mystery. This show gets a 10.

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A Childhood memory I'd like to forget., 11 July 2004

I remember seeing this show on Saturday Mornings on ABC back in the early 90's. I actually liked the show then, but I later realized how bad it was. It was a cartoon starring MC Hammer who became a super hero. I think he became his superhero identity when he hit his shoes together or something. I also recall he wore the trademark Parachute pants when he was Hammerman. It was a riduculous premise, and all in all, the show was stupid altogether. Thankfully, ABC canned it in its first season, never to be seen again. As much as I liked Hammer back in the day(like everyone else), this show certainly wasn't contributive to his career. But then again, we all know where his career went after awhile. 0/10

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One of the greatest shows Nickelodeon has ever aired., 11 July 2004

This show is easily a childhood memory for me. I recall watching this on Nickelodeon back in the 80's. Everything about this show was simply breathtaking. From the characters, to the storylines etc. I thought the Golden Condor was a cool ship too. I even recall dreaming about riding in it with Esteban and company! From what I hear from many, this show was supposed to be rather intense, but it was edited for Nickelodeon. Still, it was a pretty deep show at that time for Nickelodeon. The folks who made this show also did other wonderful 80's toons like "Ulysse 31", and "Spartacus"(Another show I watched on Nick). I hope they put this on DVD here soon, because I would love to see it again since it's been nearly 15 years since I last watched it.

This show gets a perfect 10!

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Bam is god!, 4 January 2004

This is easily the best show that currently airs on MTV. This is a spinoff show off of Jackass starring Bam Margera who in each episode torments his parents, and does all kinds of crazy stuff along with fellow Jackass cast members such as Ryan Dunn, and Raab Himself. Overall, it's the best!


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Another show that shows how Nickelodeon has gone to hell in a handbasket., 26 November 2003

This show like many of Nickelodeon's recent efforts is absolutely pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I tried to watch it, but it's just unbearable to do so because it's so lame. Everything about this show stinks from the animation, to the jokes, and even the premise! But what should we expect from a cartoon that originated from "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" (Which is one of the WORST shows Nickelodeon has ever aired).

Overall this show is pure crap, and once again proves how bad Nickelodeon has gotten anymore. They should stop giving all of these horrendous "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" shorts their own shows because they all stink.

This show gets no stars.

The Simpsons (1991) (VG)
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A great arcade game starring the Simpsons!!!, 8 August 2003

Back in the day when I'd go to a Pizza Hut, or a Chuck E. Cheese's I'd always see this game. I only played it once or twice but now that I have an Arcade game emulator, I've every opportunity to play this game, and if you haven't, I suggest you do!

In the game Maggie is kidnapped by Smithers (who has a diamond that Maggie is sucking literally!), and the Simpsons clan has to save her!, You can play as either Homer(who uses his fists), Marge(vacuum cleaner), Bart(skateboard), or Lisa(jump rope) as you wander through 6 levels of beat em up action. Can you save Maggie from the hands of Smithers?

Overall, this game is excellent, and it is similar to the TMNT arcade game that was made several years before(Konami made that game, and they also made this game too). If your in an arcade, and see this game, I suggest you try it. It's worth the quarters, or if you have an emulator, then play it on that. It won't cost you a penny(Bless the gods of emulation)! 10/10.

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This lump of crap is over? HOORRRAAAYYY!!!!!, 8 August 2003

Is it true? Is this stupid show finally ending? I heard that it was going to end sometime this year since another follow up would start (Dragonball GT which I hear really sucks) this fall on CN. What a relief.

Anyways, this show to me sucks for several reasons: First off the fighting sequences. It takes like 30 episodes for a single fight to start, and end. How in the blue hell can they make a fight last 30 episodes long like that? Christ Lupin the 3rd could steal 30 exotic treasures(as well as flirting on his Fuji-Cakes in between) in 30 episodes while this takes 30 episodes for ONE FIGHT!

Second, the whole hair thing. Are Goku and company Punk rock fans, or do they love having bedhead? The hair thing is so ANNOYING! Do they have hair combs on the planet they live on? Probably not.

Third, and final thing is again the fighting. It's the same cliched fighting: Punch, kick, punch, kick, punch, or Kick, punch, kick, punch, kick with their super powers thrown in for flavor. It's the same all the darn time!!!

Thank god this show is over, because now me, and many other DBZ haters won't have to gripe about it anymore....

By the way, enjoy your DragonBall GT folks, and watch it destroy the franchise. BWAAHAAHAAAHAAA!!!!

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Ren and Stimpy reach new(and grosser) boundaries., 5 August 2003

Ahhhh.....Ren and Stimpy. The greatest cartoon of my youth. This was my favorite show for so long, and when John K. was rudely fired by the jerks at Nickelodeon(Which gets worse every single day), the show was destroyed thanks to Bob "Backstabber" Camp, and Nickelodeon's PC ways.

But that was then, this is now...

Now 10 years after all of those terrible things occured, John K. has his show back, and now, he can do whatever he wants with it!! Thus begins the adult side to Ren and Stimpy.

Sure, the first episode was gross(eating boogers in a spitoon with vomit as gravy), but it was somewhat funny. I do believe the whole "Having R&S being gay" is a bit much(It's not really a good thing to do to these characters. Not that being gay is bad or anything).

However, things haven't changed for the chihuaua, and his cat companion. Ren is still an a-hole, and Stimpy is still an eediot, the only thing that has changed is that now, they're going to be in a lot more adult situations.

Overall, I think this is a HUGE step for Ren and Stimpy, and besides, if you think the show is gross, don't watch it.

P.S. I sort of think that having a sequel to "Fire Dogs" wasn't necessary, but I guess John K. did.

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My favorite anime., 4 August 2003

I'm not a huge fan of anime, but for some reason, I love Lupin. Ever since it premiered on Adult Swim back in January, I've gotten a huge liking for it. Plus, it's so darn entertaining!!!

The cool thing about this show is how Lupin, and company in each episode always encounter a bad guy who may have something involved with what they're after. Of course to add more trouble is the restless Interpol inspector Zenigata whose been after Lupin for 7 years. In between these factors is off the wall antics, sexual themes, and lots, and LOTS of cleavage(courtesy of Fujiko).

Overall I like the show. It's pretty appealing, and it won me over from day one. If you've never seen this show, I suggest you check it out. You may like it.

P.S. Fujiko is HOT for a cartoon!

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Shear Genious., 1 January 2003

I caught this on Cartoon Network's "Boomerang" preview about 2 weeks ago, and since it was my first time seeing it, I knew I was in for a treat since this was one of Hanna-Barbera's memorable shows. This show has live action(The Bannana Splits, Danger Island which was on the episode I watched. Got to admit, it rocked), animation(Arabian Nights, The Four Muskateers). What a concept this was!! It's a shame it didn't last at least 5 years because this show was pretty good. Plus, it featured Michael Vincent (now known as Jan-Michael Vincent). Another fact was that Richard Donner("Lethel Weapon") directed the episodes. Quite interesting.

This gets a perfect 10.

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