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The third part of the trilogy is the perfect end, 16 November 2006

It's a perfect end to this outstanding story.I do agree with the fact that the first two parts were better,but like I said,it's the perfect end.It's similar with the first part;I find this very interesting.The interpretation of the actors is amazing.Al Pacino is more expressive in this part,Andy Garcia doesn't disappoint at all,in fact he is a very charismatic actor.I also think that the fact that Coppola didn't replaced the actors that were playing in the first two parts,is perfect.I mean,Michael has to be Al Pacino,Kay has to be Diane Keaton,Connie has to be Talia Shire,and so on... The story of the third part is excellent,and is not below the first two parts.The conclusion is that the third part of The Godfather trilogy is the perfect end,and there is no need for the fourth,it will ruin the Trilogy:))