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Note 1
The following film series are counted as one entry, but are listed with all the individual parts (if they're listed on Imdb):

Dog Star Man (1962-64, Stan Brakhage)
Black Man’s Land Trilogy (1973, Anthony Howarth, David Koff)
The Oobieland Series (1969-74, Walter Ungerer)
The Birth of Magellan: Mindfall I & VII (1980, Hollis Frampton)
Visions in Meditation (1989-90, Stan Brakhage)
Histoire(s) du cinéma (1988-98, Jean-Luc Godard)
Meditations on Revolution (1997-2003, Robert Fenz)
Lieder der Erde [Teile 1-5 + Anhang] / Song of the Earth [Parts 1-5 + Appendix] (1986-2004 + 2010, Klaus Wyborny) (only part 4 and the appendix are listed on Imdb)

Note 2
Additional titles missing from Imdb:

The Origin of Captain America (1964, Paul Morrissey)
Opus 1 (1964, Pierre Hébert)
Turn, Turn, Turn (1966, Jud Yalkut)
Max (1967, Phill Niblock, Dave Gearey)
Love Must Love (1968, Myron Ort)
Film Form No.1 (1970, Stan Vanderbeek)
An Hour With Pink Floyd (1970, unknown director)
Ommo (1972, Myron Ort)
Calico Mingling (1973, Babette Mangolte)
Before the Fact (1974, Bill Brand)
6 kleine Stücke auf Film (1978, Klaus Wyborny)
Unerreichbar Heimatlos – Sonate auf Film (1978, Klaus Wyborny)
Alliances (1984, Frédéric Grandpré)
Bruits d'images aux fenêtres d'osmin (1984, Jakobois)
In/side/out I-VI (1984, Jennifer L. Burford)
Green (1988, Luther Price)
Impressions en haute atmosphere (1989, José Antonio Sistiaga)
Instabile Materie (1995, Jürgen Reble)
Sepio (1996, Frans van de Staak)
Pictures of Sound (1998, Richard Kerr)
Banewl (1999, Tacita Dean)
Verschijningen / Appearances (2000, Barbara Meter)
Golden Gate Bridge Exposure: Poised for Parabolas (2003, Lynn Marie Kirby)
Black Belt Test Exposure: Senpai James Finds His Line (2004, Lynn Marie Kirby)
Holes Where Eyes Did Once Inhabit (2004, Lynn Marie Kirby)
St. Ignatius Church Exposure: Lenten Light Conversions (2004, Lynn Marie Kirby)
Metaphysics of Sound (2007, Lee Hangjun)
Nebula Rising (2009, Lee Hangjun)