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Chaahat (1996)
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Ayoung Shahrukh, but still a good combo of vulnerable and erotic, 11 November 2006

I enjoyed this balanced performance by a young Shahrukh. It is not the greatest movie, but it is a good Shahrukh; young, vulnerable, exotic, naive, and learning. I especially liked the songs. I am a non Hindustani, yet I was quite taken with this talented actor. It is easy to see why he is and has been so popular. The dance sequence for "panasonic presents" shows him at his intense best. I think even in a "small" movie like this, his talent is showcased well, and fans will find him delightful. Shahrukh grows on you with each performance, and this movie deserves a few viewings. When you're in a "Shahrukh" mood, this movie fits the bill.