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One of a kind..., 24 August 2012

this is a damn good film. true, the plotting is a little clunky, but then we are all so much more sophisticated now than we were back in 1992.

i saw it at a film market, and fell in love with victoria abril... the acting i think was superb, and the plot is something that has not been adequately treated in any film, so i don't complain that this one could be better. hell, most films could have been better.

i only wish that someone would get on the ball and make these films available for download... i would pay to own it... and that's good enough for me.

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I Want To Buy This Film!!!!!!!, 31 March 2012

IMDb should write into their software one little button that says, "If the studio would sell this film, I would BUY IT!" Then, if enough people signed up to buy a film, the studios could produce copies and sell them - or even sell them digitally online.

This excellent period film about the early traveling theatrical troupes of the Renaissance has not been available since its release, and I have been waiting for them to come out with a purchase copy. And it even stars the supreme actor Massimo Troisi, who was better in this than in Il Postino. Now is the time, since the studios can exploit the digital revolution by not having to produce and ship disks.

This is a moneymaker, folks! And with Facebuchenwald and other social networking sites, the number of people wanting to buy might grow exponentially.

So why doesn't IMDb do this?????

Passione (2010)
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Aptly titled film is a colorful celebration of Neapolitan Music!, 26 May 2011

This film will inevitably be compared to Wim Wenders' & Ry Cooder's 'Buena Vista Social Club,' and that's a good thing (and perhaps a not-so-good thing). The comparison gets to the heart of the matter like bright staccato phrase, pointing the reader to an awakening of an older (and sleeping) musical tradition, one influenced by numerous other traditions. The not-so-good? Some viewers will remember the fuzzy focus and the hand-held chaos of parts of BVSC, the parts that made some people sea-sick. Worry not - 'Passione' is a film that benefited from much more planning than Cooder & Wenders had time for, so there will be no nausea in the aisles.

Using the many-faced city of Naples as a whole other character, John Turturro shows his love of the many styles of music found there with sweeping vistas and color-drenched intimate closeups of dancers and lovers and people on the street.

The audience is introduced to the sons of Naples' original recorder of music, who captured sounds around the turn of the 19th century on wax cylinders. Along the way through an almost-aimless dance in the cobbled streets of Napoli, we learn of the many influences benefiting old Neapolitan music - African, Spanish, French, and even jazz. It will be all you can do to keep yourself from leaping out of your seat to dance...

I can't wait for this to come out on DVD - what a blast it was to see it opening night at CineQuest this year!

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Why Is This Title Not For Sale???????, 21 February 2011

Why is this title not for sale?

What is the deal? One of the great documentaries of all time! A trip around the world culture after culture to finally uncover mysteries of music and how we live our lives...

A history of modern love, romance and human celebrations - all in a song! and why is there a minimum on the number of lines in a review? man that will just encourage padding, which will have the inevitable effect of diluting the message of the review. Think about it!

more than that, why have a program that crams all the copy together in one indigestible block? *that* is crazy. the more air around a piece of copy, the more likely that it will be comprehended by the average reader.

i'm a teacher and a scientist - i know about these things.

a great piece of cinematic ephemera, 28 November 2010

it's too bad that some cinemaphiles (if cinemaphiles they are in fact) have become so jaded by current production values that they cannot appreciate a wonderful piece of Hollywood history on its own merits, instead of judging it through their own skewed glasses.

yes, the print is in poor shape. yes, it should have been restored, but to expect the academy to have done it is like "having a discussion about salad with a cat" (to quote someone almost relevant to this post).

the beauty of this piece is its very naive outlook, its primitive development, and its seeming belief that the public could be fooled by its grandiose promises. kinda like today, huh? i personally get tired watching most American trailers, just from the pacing and face-smacking cutting/sound techniques. but the biggest fraction of the audience seems to actually enjoy (or at least not mind) the whole computer-game style that American movies seem to be embracing.

i really liked the opening tropes, with the great list of different chairs that all those walter and winifred mittys might fantasise about riding - then literally deconstructing those chairs (except for the bucking bull) and rebuilding a theater seat out of them: pilot's seat, train engineer's seat, racecar driver's seat, oval office chair, royal throne, etc. yah, it was corny, and some would even say cheesy, but we aren't looking for a sundance prize here - we're viewing a moment from 1948 in the long and varied history of Hollywood.

i immediately tried to buy this short online, but of course could not - i want it to use in my class. there is a wealth of references that my students could use to put together a nice creative paper on Hollywood up to that point in time (and even beyond - it's creative, right?).

so, yah, go ahead and blast the 'rookie' mistakes of this earnest attempt to reach *the audience of the day* - which tells us a lot about that audience and by extension life at that time, if only we can get by our own elitist disdain.

"Write a wise saying and your name will live forever." --Anonymous

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an interesting film, if you aren't a childish movie-watcher, 18 June 2008

the viewer is dead wrong who claims that some 'mercenary' has 'exploited' hilary swank's success by releasing one of her early roles in a 'worthless B movie.'

first, this film was made seven years after her first role, and just before her breakout role in 'boys don't cry.'

second, it is the job of the owner of a library to make money from that product - as much money as can be made; so how is that 'mercenary'?

third, this is NOT a worthless movie.

it's too bad that some people don't understand authentic depictions of life when they see them. having grown up on the streets of Hollywood, i found this film to be remarkably accurate in its picture of that town. in fact, i was surprised that it took a largely-German crew to get it so right.

the camera work and editing were superb, considering that the film is not a big-budget work. the script was, if not brilliant, at least very thoughtfully wrought (though i could object to several scenes that strained believability).

its format is the meta-rondel (or meta-rondelle), a form in which we follow an object or an idea from one character or set of characters through other sets of characters until we come to a conclusion. other rondels are: La Ronde (1950), The Gun (1974), Twenty Bucks (1993), The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964), and Winchester '73 (1950).

the viewer previously mentioned is correct in that the film follows semi-related sexual encounters, which are the subject of this rondel.

all in all, a film worth watching.

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even starry-eyed newcomers will ridicule it!, 10 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

this vanity piece is something that mr odom should not have put his name on, since it can't do his career much good - he would have done better to credit it to 'alan smithee,' though the directors guild might have sued him for defamation.

this is an empty conceit, and hardly worth the money - he advertises two disks, but one is just an audio copy of the other.

his 'just off the bus' people have little to tell anyone who needs advice about getting into the business, except platitudes that most people who've seen some movies about Hollywood could have come up with off the top of their heads.

even the most starry-eyed newcomer will find something to ridicule here. in fact, mr odom himself has lauded his execrable masterwork on amazon (as if he were a satisfied customer)- but signed his blurb 'OdomENT,' thus exposing his mendacity (same comments, verbatim, signed here as 'Twenty12').

the centerpiece of the disc is a poorly-done 'music video' of a guy in a mask jumping around on the beach - kind of a non sequitur to the purported theme of the package. the camera work and cutting of this excrescence is abominable, and would only appeal to the very young.

better to keep searching if you are on your way to tinseltown.

Sumerki (2004)
A great little film!, 8 November 2005

This film is the first public work of a rare new talent. Gamburg handles a tough story with extreme delicacy, and has used her storytelling ability with great skill. Her handling of the cinematic language is a joy, and one can only wait with hopeful anticipation for more work from her.

I'm not surprised that some people gave it a low score -- after all, it is in Russian with subtitles and US audiences want the filmmaker to do everything for them except eat the popcorn.

This isn't a date movie, and it will get you thinking -- and keep you thinking. If "Twilight" keeps winning awards, you'll see the full-length version of this great film in the theaters within a couple of years.