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Boyka: Undisputed (2016 Video)
Boyka's arc continues with an emotionally involving story
29 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Now many people (rightfully)say this kind of story is been done so many times. However the previous installments built up the character of Uri Boyka so well in characteristics & abilities we can't help but be involved in his current goal for redemption.

Good performances -especially Scott Adkins, whos character Boyka is already a cult favorite- along with fight sequences that are even more inventive than the previous films make this a worthy addition after Undisputed 2 & 3. The only criticism I have is the beating & injuries Boyka receives near the end are a long stretch in terms of survival, but I'm giving it a pass because I enjoyed this flick a lot.

Boyka: Undisputed is definitely worth the buy!
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Solid addition to a good saga
13 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
After the alright Prometheus & the so-so trailers I was apprehensive about Covenant.

I liked the performances especially Michael Fassbender (in a dual role), Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride & Billy Crudup. The visuals were stunning, as is contemporary for a Ridley Scot-film. Kudos to Darius Wolski especially, who's been Scott's collaborator since Prometheus.

The more bugsome parts of the film are the expendable characters & the surprisingly underused alien city on Paradise. However, along with the aforementioned performances these factors are redeemed by David's & Walter's interactions surrounding past & current events on & off Paradise.

This culminates in an intriguing climax where David essentially tests his new creations (a welcome return for the Xenomorphs). At first the swapping with Walter seems predictable, but it's clear on repeated thoughts & viewings there should be no surprise. It's made sublety clear David is now the android aboard the Covenant & is somewhat disappointed yet pleased with the outcome. His first 2 creations have perished, but he gained excellent hosts for his morbid plans.

Alien Covenant is an enjoyable film & earns it's spot among the Alien-films with class.
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Wonder Woman (2017)
Refreshing take on a heroine's journey
16 July 2017
Wonder Woman's first ever solo film is a home run for me. Due to stellar to good performances from the cast, - in particular the amazing chemistry between Gal Gadot & Chris Pine - I was there with the main characters all the way. Especially Wonder Woman/Diana is the one character we feel & support through the ordeal she & her company endure. She needs no reason to help any being, it is just who she is.

An already old tale is told in a very refreshing way, exactly what superhero movies needed. This film delivered supported by a strong emotional center, adequate humor & good action sequences.

This is not a superhero film, it is a FILM. A strong recommendation, I give no less of a reason to go see this movie!
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Slam bang, wall to wall action with adequate humor & even good emotional worth
14 April 2017
The Fast & Furious movies are never going to win any Oscars, but on an action level they do deliver. Producer Vin Diesel & the team of filmmakers - in particular the second unit - were indeed able to up the ante for the action sequences as mentioned starting from the 5th installment, giving viewers some of the most daring stunt work put to film in recent times.

For deep, intriguing plots you're at the wrong address as well, the story is so absurd. But it works for this franchise as the cast is clearly all in to have a blast, especially Charlize Theron who stands out as the psychotic villain, & they even carry the emotional scenes quite well.

Keep the momentum going & they are sure to have mega fire hits with installments 9 & 10! Bring them on!
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Near perfect classic
11 April 2017
Few films have drawn emotion from me as this one. A great set of characters portrayed strongly by it's talented cast, supported by a compelling interpretation of the events that led to the downfall of Rome, told in an intelligent manner. And even the central love story is involving & cheerful.

The action set pieces portray an entertaining, yet brutal & uncomfortable feeling of near realism. The filmmakers are able to tell that ultimately violence is a cruel thing & should never be resorted to.

All the above factors combined really kept me involved, which is a rare case as mentioned above. The few flaws do not ruin the experience of this great film, recommended to moviegoers without a doubt!
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Logan (2017)
3 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Most of the negative complaints surrounding this film are well covered by other reviewers, mostly the overall predictability, excessive violence + cursing & clichéd villains. Offcourse there are more issues that I won't mention.

The main problem is the emotional impact you SHOULD have seeing beloved characters perish, just isn't there. Because we know one character has the consciousness from the original timeline & a second character is an alternate version due to the altered timeline from Days Of Future Past.

I didn't dig the Children Of Men-style plot, the super soldier-esque serum, X-24 & the exaggerated healing abilities of the former.

The first half of the film was good, but started to fall apart with the introduction of the family & X-24. I had hoped for a better final outing for Hugh Jackman, rather then a partial rehash of The Wolverine (the subsided healing factor, the clinic scene!!).

Regardless despite some of the X-Men & stand alone Wolverine films lacking in quality, I truly admire the commitment Jackman gave to this role. I do give an extra point for some of the best live action Wolverine asskicking we've seen yet (the part where Logan goes berserk in the forest).

I'll surely miss him & I'm not to sure audiences will be as lukewarm to a new actor.
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Eliminators (2016)
Fun little action thriller
26 February 2017
Being unimpressed by "Hard Target 2" I was apprehensive about Adkins' new low budget effort.

This is quite an enjoyable gem with some clever (fight) sequences, kudos to the bottle cap moment during Wade Barrett's first action scene & the aerial tramway fight. There's also a nice tension going on in the film at times, which does make you want to keep watching.

The downside offcourse is the acting is not great & most characters won't stay in your memory very long. Also Barrett's villain was quite cliché with his taunting. In the end though it's not what action fans usually look for in a low budget actioner & "Eliminators" is certainly good viewing material for Scott Adkins fans, who will see their favorite martial arts star go up against wrestler Wade Barrett in two raw put together fight sequences!
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Very enjoyable, but in slight danger of becoming stale
24 February 2017
John Wick: Chapter 2 continues on the strengths of it's predecessor: interesting cast of characters, visuals, intricate action/fight choreography & blasting soundtrack.

This time around although most of the cast give good performances, Keanu Reeves was a bit wooden this time around. No idea if it's the direction, Keanu's approach to the role or the script's dialog, just something that struck me slightly & maybe a detail that needs to be looked into.

Staleness is also on the edge of flowing into this new world of assassins as seeing John Wick go through hordes of disposable bad guys starts to feel tired already. Surprising as the action started out quite inventive, but seemed to run out of steam by the final act. I hope the team behind the action & fight sequences up their game for John Wick 3.

Still a fun ride nonetheless, despite the little issues mentioned.
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Stranger Things (2016– )
The Thing, E.T., Alien, Predator, X-Men, 80's vibe... What I'm I watching?
23 February 2017
Sarcastic title, having finished season 1 a couple of days prior & looking forward to season 2.

A great cast, good script & OK visual effects supported by good lighting, this show is a fun throwback to all Things 80's (You see what I did there?)& even part 70's (notice the Jaws' style police uniforms & vehicles). Swiftly combined elements of several film genres & music make for solid entertainment that proves - along with shows like Westworld - series are better then a lot of films that come out these days.

There are quite some opinions that state season 1 wraps everything up ambigiously, but not necessarily needs to lead into a 2nd season. I'm rather glad it flows into season 2, which I read was always the intention.

Stranger Things is worth the views, check it out!
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Stranger things
23 February 2017
Generally I regard most of the Marvel's shared universe projects as fun, but ultimately filler entertainment for the most part. My favorites are Iron Man, The Winter Soldier & new addition Doctor Strange.

Expanding on the more magical aspect of the Marvel universe, - introduced in the dismal Thor: The Dark World - we are introduced to alternative/reality bending powers & dimensions. There is no character better suited as a candidate to go on this journey with then Doctor Stephen Strange. He is the master of magic, regardless of which medium the audience/readers find themselves in.

Played suavely by Benedict Cumberbatch, a lot of people draw comparisons with Tony Stark. They do share some personality traits, however Stephen Strange set himself apart - at least in the film - by being more reserved in his attitude.

Supported by a strong cast who give good - Rachel McAdams (Christine Palmer), Chiwetel Ejiofor (Mordo) & Mads Mikkelsen (Kaecilius) - to great performances, - Tilda Swinton (The Ancient One) - Doctor Strange proves a strong addition to Marvel's shared universe despite it's fairly rushed by the numbers story. Also kudos to the team behind the amazing visual effects and their well deserved Oscar nomination!
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Point Break (2015)
I got what I expected *SPOILERS AHEAD*
13 May 2016
This film was being slandered from it's announcement, simply because it was perceived as being a pointless remake. So many remakes of different genres were done that had no point & yet turned out to be good. It is the same case here.

The makers clarified it would be more of a reimagining of what was already seen, rather then a full on remake. In general, the acting is decent. The only rather flat performance I'd say came from Ray Winstone, mumbling through his lines. I love the fact most of the action is real time, rather then CGI. CGI is prominent in waves these days, it really feels refreshing to see some real stunt work. The cinematography is near outstanding as we follow the characters over various continents.

Especially positive about this film is that it shows the antagonists aren't idiots & figured Utah was a cop early on, a clever addition. The twist involving Samsara is sure to surprise viewers as well. Also loved how they had Bodhi rescue Utah from the wave, a nice homage to the original film & there are a few more in there:). What blends surprisingly well is the already familiar anti-establishment mentality of Bodhi's group & the new eco-terrorism angle. The dialogue concerning these state of minds is written in rather expositionary, but good enough substance.

Negatives involve some scenes & character introductions feeling rushed. The character Chowder (Tobias Santelmann)suffers the most from this flaw & his early doom makes his character a complete waste of screen time. Also the scene where Utah empties his gun in the air could have been handled better & potentially used later in the film. Lastly the CGI during Bodhi's last wave looks rather sloppy, as it's clear the actors are standing in front of a green screen most of the time. And ironically, like the original film, the scene concerning Bodhi's last wave feels tagged on.

Nonetheless I really enjoyed this film & recommend you watch it with an open mind.
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xXx (2002)
Spy/action film with a modern twist, but don't take it too serious!
25 October 2014
"xXx" is an entertaining spy/action film because it puts a nice twist to the genre by including an outcast as a main character & featuring some impressive stunts. It does rehash most of the old ideas known in the genre + the general promise is a bit silly, but it doesn't really distract from the overall enjoyment level.

The cast is generally good, the highlight for me being Marton Csokas as Yorgi. He really puts on a good, psychotic villain performance. The rest of the film; editing, cinematography, (no shaky cam in the action scenes!)score, action/stunts,... were well put together.

Good popcorn fun!
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Generally a mess
25 October 2014
This film... It is difficult to describe it. It starts out fairly well, despite some hokey acting (which continues throughout the movie). Based on a true story, a Boeing 707 is hijacked by Lebanese terrorists.

The first act features interactions between the terrorists & their hostages. It is actually quite tense, and some of the uneven acting already mentioned earlier wasn't really distracting.

In the second half however, the film falls apart. After the terrorists take the hostages away from the plane to a secure location, the Delta Force tracks the terrorists down. At this point the film turns into an overly patriotic fantasy, which bares no resemblance to the actual outcome of the events the film is loosely based on. I personally really cringed when members of the Delta Force put the US logos on their uniforms & the filmmakers made sure we saw a nice close-up of the emblems.

No real surprise a lot of people are very offended how this movie twisted a lot of the events just for the sake of entertainment and to make some bucks. Some movies can be forgiven for taking liberties with historical context, but in this case it's just not excusable.

"Delta Force" is a film that shouldn't have been made & is not recommendable. Avoid at all costs.
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007 retires with a solid bang! *SPOILER ALERT!*
21 October 2014
Retaining the film rights to the novel "Thunderball" following the infamous legal dispute with EON productions, Kevin McClory had his own version written, produced & released.

How it played out? The cast is good here. Sean Connery is not quite as compelling in the 007 role as he used to be, but the sparks of suave & charm make us appreciate his surprising return to the role. Klaus Maria Brandauer turns in a magnetic outing as Largo, the man in charge of stealing 2 nuclear warheads for SPECTRE. Kim Basinger is solid here, followed closely by Barbara Carrera who gives an entertaining, diabolical performance as Fatima Blush.

Interesting here however is Max Von Sydow. His interpretation of Blofeld isn't the usual large scale power hungry villain we're used to seeing, but a more calculated, almost corporate head like individual. It definitely gives Blofeld a more realistic feeling. A welcome change.

Some inventive stunt & action sequences also give a fresh vibe to this unofficial Bond entry, I particularly enjoyed James Bond & Felix Leiter using a type of experimental aircraft to infiltrate Largo's cave at the film's climax. The motorcycle chase however is the film's highlight & the shark chase was creatively put together.

The special effects were top notch for the time, I wonder if director Irvin Keshner was thinking about "The Empire Strikes Back" when he viewed the finished CGI effects.

Though not considered canon, it is a good Bond film. Worth a watch for sure!
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The Message (1976)
Great epic about the birth and teachings of Islam
28 May 2014
It doesn't matter to which ideology or belief system you belong. This is a great movie.

First, it's a visually stunning experience. The locations in Libya and Morocco were wisely chosen and beautifully brought to the screen. It truly provides a great background for the characters and the events they go and are put through.

I must admit I don't know the multitude of the actors (English translated version, as I haven't viewed the Arabic translated version), but most of them were big names at the time. They all gave very good and solid performances, which really got me emotionally involved in the story. And that's where the strength of this picture truly lays.

"The Message" has that rare quality of really making the audience intrigued and captivated with the story, there is not a single dull moment due to the combined factors mentioned above.

Additionally, viewing the film and doing research on Islam prior or after viewing "The Message", will hopefully clear up misconceptions a lot of people have.

I highly recommend this film, watch it :)
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Good campy fun
17 April 2014
Boy, some of the plot holes are noticeable. But do we care if a film is enjoyable in such a goofy way? With great stop-motion from Ray Harryhausen, good performances from it's cast and the infamous, terrifying Gwangi practically at the helm, this is an ingredient for solid campy fun.

The plot wasn't even original by the time this film was released, however it largely succeeds here because of the above mentioned factors. If you are a fan of Westerns, practical effects or creature films, it has all three categories. I am certain casual viewers will enjoy it as well!

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The actors are all game, but even they can't save Iron Man 3... or is it Avengers 1.5?
3 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Iron Man" was one of the best superhero movies I had ever seen & "Iron Man 2" was a worthy sequel, despite many disagreeing. But some of the early information regarding "Iron Man 3" surrounding it's new, darker tone & the eventual trailers got me worried. It felt like the creators of "IM 3", like those from "The Amazing Spider-Man", wanted to go "Dark Knight' style too much.

But like "The Amazing Spider-Man", the darker tone didn't really distract from the actual film. Still, "Iron Man 3" doesn't live up to it's two predecessors.

Ben Kingsley's talent is just wasted as his potentially larger then life villainous character known as "The Mandarin" is subjected to a quasi "Batman Begins"-style twist & reduced to a drunk actor who doesn't know what's going on. On top of that the real Mandarin, Aldrich Killian (a very good Guy Pearce)is interesting enough to hold your attention, but his motivations just aren't there. They just aren't. So his plan is to kill the Vice president & then take over the US government? Really? Is this the Avengers version 1.5 or something? Loki's ambition on a smaller scale? Ah, whatever...

I was also surprised by the more graphic violence in relation to the two previous films. I don't mind graphic violence when it's done with caution & wit, but it just seems out of place in an Iron Man/Marvel movie.

Redeeming factors are the solid performances of the actors (especially Robert Downey Jr.)& the well staged action sequences, but at the end of the day I'll probably watch Iron Man 1 & 2 more then this one.
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Good, but lacks Bruiser
7 May 2013
Having enjoyed SSS1 & 2, automatically I was pumped at the announcement of a second sequel. I was curious to see where the story & characters would go next.

Now, the story & characters are once again used with intelligence & cleverness. Some very nice touches of humor certainly add to the entertainment level of this movie, nicely filling in the now more clear storyline. I also loved how extradimensionals are being introduced, whom in no doubt will have a very important role in the future sequels.

Still, despite all this & the very well choreographed fight scenes, the film lacked... Bruiser. It's no doubt he is the main character of this series & was featured too little in this installment, not to mention his lack of a real fight scene. Whether this was intentional to give other characters more screen time or it was just how the script was written I don't know, but I'm sure Bruiser will be featured more in the next installments.

All in all, a good follow-up in the SSS-series.
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Better then most mainstream Hollywood fight & martial arts films
27 July 2012
Another independent production from "Whirlwind Action", "Slug Street Scrappers 2" builds upon it's predecessor "Slug Street Scrappers" and delivers new, exciting thrills. Again several martial artists are able to show off their unique skillsets.

The main attraction, in my opinion, remains lead Micah Brock, who portrays the top fighter in both installments. Applying an inventive mix of Kukkiwon Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Muay Thai, it is an interesting style brought to the screen. Also kudos to his and the team's ability to bring together such talented individuals by the likes of Shaun Charney, Jimmy Chhiu, Tess Kielhamer, Anna Ranoso and Kathelyne Brooke.

Along with other performers the cast does a solid job of moving an interesting storyline at a solid pace, with some truly well choreographed fight scenes. Hollywood could learn a thing or two from these people...

Written, directed and edited by Micah Brock, the film is sure to entertain. Bring on the sequels!
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"My mommy always said there were no monsters, no real ones. But there are..."
29 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The above sentence sums up a recurring theme that is featured throughout the Alien quadrology; the aliens/xenomorphs aren't the only monsters. And they aren't, the antagonist human characters in each Alien-film are just as big of a monster as the aliens.

In this 4th entry, we see how far such human antagonists go to get their hands on the xenomorph species yet again. 200 years after Ripley's death, she is revived through a cloning process. In a pivotal scene, it is also revealed Ripley wasn't the first clone. Sigourney Weaver's acting in this scene is nothing short of amazing, as she witnesses the horrors that came out of the many attempts to bring her back. It is definitely the movie's highlight...

The film is also more gory then the previous installments which, along with the fact there are a little too much and underdeveloped characters, makes it come off like a typical horror/adventure movie and as a result fails to fully satisfy. Though you might get a kick out of the more primal Ripley, since her genes are mixed with xenomorph DNA because of the cloning procedure.

It's good entertainment, but don't feel guilty for skipping it.
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The one that started it all and eventually, the franchise I grew up with!
17 July 2010
This film is simply put pure nostalgia for me. At a certain day my dad just decided to watch his Star Wars VHS tapes (the original trilogy), because the prequels weren't even announced yet. After watching "A New Hope", I was hooked. This was the best thing I ever saw, certainly in sci-fi.

The sequels that followed didn't lie, this was certainly one of the best sci-fi franchises out there! The stars, production, special effects etc... I could go on forever. These movies, along with the Star Trek franchise, defined what space sci-fi was all about! Epicness, action, adventure, romance, drama, oh my!

Do not miss this great film and it's sequels. You won't be disappointed!
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Watch the extended cut, it's amazing!
17 May 2010
When I saw the theatrical cut of "Kingdom Of Heaven" I was not disappointed, but I felt something was not quite right with the movie. When I heard of the extended cut, I knew why I had that particular feeling; scenes, subplots and characterization were missing, I noticed in the end.

The director's cut/extended cut of the film is simply amazing and mindblowing. Where the theatrical cut was decent, the DC is fantastic. Performances, scenery and storytelling gave the film more depth and feeling then the normal cut of the film. I'm pretty sure everyone else who has seen this cut will agree with me.

Don't bother with the theatrical version of the film, although it is passable. Watch the extended cut instead.
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Robin Hood (2010)
More realistic, but has the spirit of it's predecessors
15 May 2010
Director Ridley Scott has made some interesting and astounding historical epics during the last decade, and his latest is no exception.

The scenery was different from Scott's other epics, but the movie was meant to be very dark and raw. So the particular style of filming and photographing fitted the mood of the film perfectly.

Solid performances, no further comment. Crowe is good as always, Blanchett does it again and William Hurt, whom I haven't seen performing much in the past, was very good as well. My only doubt was with Danny Huston, although performing very well, I had the feeling he didn't fit the role of King Richard the Lionheart.

Also I heard lot of criticism of it lacking the spirit and fun of it's many predecessors (series and films alike). This is in no way true. Familiar characters and subtle humor bring back the old days of Robin Hood for sure!

A definite one to watch, enjoy ^^!
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The Abyss (1989)
Amazing... simply amazing...
15 August 2009
"The Abyss" has to be one the most beautiful science fiction films after "Star Trek: The Motion Picture". James Cameron created an amazing vision of a rather doubtful, but interesting life form that lives in an aquatic way.

For the most part the film focuses on the crew of an underwater oil rig, investigating a nuclear submarine that was involved in a mysterious accident. They soon find out they are not alone in the deep...

We get treated to some interesting and compelling characters, of which the most important are portrayed by the charismatic Ed Harris, the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and the wonderful Michael Biehn. These three great actors and the rest of the very decent cast give solid, if not top notch performances.

However, in the end, it's the mysterious underwater life form that makes the movie. Why? Because James Cameron is a genius and brings these beings to life with good camera-work and amazing cinematography, plus a very capable visual style. He wanted a vision and brought it to the big screen well! See this film! 10/10
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Road House (1989)
Swayze's charm carries "Road House"
6 July 2009
As with many of the movies I have seen and commented on here, I stumbled upon "Road House" by accident. Using a storyline involving a cooler named Dalton (Swayze)who goes to clean up a messy bar in Jasper, Missouri. Troubles rise when the local mob boss (Ben Gazzara)doesn't appreciate his presence, especially when Dalton starts dating his ex-girlfriend. Eventually Wade Garrett(Sam Eliott), if whom Dalton was the protégé, also comes to town to give Dalton a hand...

Although the movie is entertaining, with some good action and fight scenes, I would want to point out it's Patrick Swayze who keeps the movie interesting. He single-handedly makes the movie slightly better then what it would have been; just an average 80's actioner, with a not very original story.

Still, I recommend this film. For the Swayze fans and for action fans alike. Although the other cast do a decent job, this is a Swayze movie. And personally one of my favorites of the genre!
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