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Not as good as the original
27 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I hope the sound editor never works again. For some reason, dialogue was over driven by music. And it wasn't even good music. The first scene, I struggled to figure out what they were saying. That should never happen, but it happens at least three times. The acting was very good. Rooney Mara was an excellent Lisbeth. Just one problem: Noomi Rapace was better. I feel bad comparing the two, but when you remake a film, you are going to have comparisons. If it wasn't for the sound, I would give it a 10, just like the original. There were a few plot changes. I'm guessing that US audiences wouldn't get the jail time for libel. It happens in Europe a lot more than the US. The ending was also different. Don't know which I prefer. Overall a good film. But, see the original as well.
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Sucker Punch (2011)
Good Premise, bad execution
6 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Going in, I knew that the main character was going into a fantasy world from the previews. I liked the concept. The problem I had was the execution. The thing that bugged me most was the "double" fantasy. By this, I mean, she went into a fantasy world, then went into another. If they stayed with reality, then went into the fantasy fighting scenes, I would have liked the film. Leaving the theater, I wasn't sure what actually happened in reality. Maybe that was the intent, but it didn't work for me. The second thing that bugged me was the weapons. It is 1955. Even in a fantasy world, you wouldn't have the weapons that would not be invented in another 40 plus years. Even futuristic comic books didn't have these weapons. As far as the acting goes, I was not as disappointed as others have been. The main character killed her sister. Something that would leave anybody in a zombie state. My main question leaving the theater.... Were those 3 girls killed, or was it fantasy?
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Skyline (2010)
How dumb are people?
12 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
So, if you are outside, aliens will put a light on you and suck you into their spaceship. What do you do? A: Continue to go to the roof? B:Stay as close as you can to windows? C: Grab as much food as you can and crawl into a sewer or basement?

If you have chosen A or B, you are just as dumb as the characters in this movie.

The hardest thing to understand was when you have a key to every room in the building, why do you stay in the one with the busted blinds? Why not go to the other side of the building that didn't get hit by the nuclear blast? Of course, that brings up another question: When did nuclear explosions become so weak? You might as well have Indy crawl out of a refrigerator.....

Plot: 1 out of 10 Acting: 5 CGI: 3 (Nothing special) Overall: 3 (I didn't fall asleep)

See something else.
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Star Trek (2009)
Erases all other Star Treks - - Highlander 2
11 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
A true embarrassment to the series. Nothing good ever came from time travel. Well, except bringing back the whales >sic<.... I enjoyed it at the start, then it slowly dawned on me that they were setting themselves up to "fresh" new sequels. They no longer have to worry about anything in the series (no tribbles)or the movies(no Khan). They hit one giant reset button. The time line has been changed the only Star Trek that is safe, is "Enterprise". Yippie. Besides from that, what is up with all the characters being the same age? ALL of them went through the academy at the same time? All those different ranks? That big reset button couldn't cure that. Uhura and Spock hooking up? Are you freaking kidding me? And.. A non-graduating cadet becoming Captain of the enterprise, in what, less than a week? PLEASE! Really disappointed. I felt the same way leaving Highlander 2. How come McCloud didn't know he was from another planet?

It could have been better. They could have just told Kirk's story. All they had to do was leave out his junior officers and it could have been great. I'm not the best writer, so I'll sum it up: total crap.
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CSI: Miami (2002–2012)
Change the name to CSI: Vogue
8 November 2005
One person ruins this show: David Caruso. All he does is pose. They should make it into a drinking game. Every time he strikes a pose, take a shot. Of course, people have died from alcohol poisoning. This would only add to the statistics. All the other characters have depth. He just gets this look on his face and 'strikes a pose'. Watch him turn sideways and look over his shoulder. Wow!! OOOhhh, he figured out something. Time for him to take off his sunglasses. I challenge any of you to find an episode where he isn't positioned sideways looking over his shoulder and where he takes off his sunglasses. Quit posing and pretend like you know how to act!!!!

And, how come he has to figure everything out? The other shows let the other characters show some brains. How 'bout letting the other CSI Vogue characters have a little spotlight?
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Basic (2003)
Attention to detail
13 March 2004
Sometimes while watching a movie, silly little things happen that stick in your mind and prevent the watcher from enjoying a movie. For example, West (Sam L. Jackson) is wearing specialist rank (E4) while inspecting the ranks at the beginning of the movie. Later, he wears SFC rank (E7). Why couldn't they get the rank correct? Next thing that stuck in my mind was the fact that Osborne (Connie Nielsen) is steering a vehicle without moving the steering wheel, just her hands. Freaky. Then, the movie gets confused with the names. Pike, Dunbar? A flashback occurs and they forget who was who. Overall, I'd give it a seven out of ten. After I got over myself and watched the movie, it wasn't half bad. Hopefully, next time, the film makers will pay more attention to detail.
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The X-Files (1993– )
Lone Gunmen Killer
19 October 2003
Never been a fan of the X-files. Seemed dull to me. But, when they canceled my favorite program, The Lone Gunmen, I watched the last 5 X-Files episodes. The only one I liked was the Brady Bunch episode. A classic. But, when they killed the Lone Gunmen, any desire to ever see another X-Files episode faded. The Lone Gunmen stood on its own two feet quite well. I will no longer watch a new series. I'll wait until the second season and play catch up.
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Waste of Time in Mexico
13 October 2003
I understood the plot. I just didn't like it. Scenes seemed jumbled. Nothing flowed. If I had to point my finger at one aspect of the movie that ruined it, it had to be the editing. I'm sure the special edition DVD (released 2 months after the regular edition) will show the deleted scenes that would have made the movie flow.

I also had no connection with the characters. The only character I even remotely liked was Depp's. Problem is, you shouldn't like him. And, what is up with Iglesias? What's he doing in this movie? Somebody lose a bet?

Wait for the DVD release and rent it. Don't pay full price.
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This is it?
23 May 2002
Action was fine, acting and plot need massive work. I understand the concept and difficulty of explaining backwards to Episode IV, but can't we put some thought into the plot? If this and Episode I are the best they can do, how 'bout having a writing contest for Episode III? The Trilogy is being disgraced by these new movies. We've seen Matrix. We've seen Godzilla. We are no longer impressed with Special Effects. It bores us. We need story lines. We need acting. I've seen these actors act before. They are good. All of them. Even Mr. Jackson was weak. I thought that was impossible. But when Yoda puts out the best performance, something is seriously wrong. I don't want to be disappointed. I am also not a clone. You can't make me see a movie that lacks what the original 3 had. Somebody please help the writers!!!!!!
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Gosford Park (2001)
Agony, pure agony
26 March 2002
The first 2,000,000 hours of this movie shows the differences between the Rich and the help. Upstairs/downstairs, if you will. The last 15 minutes of this movie is a murder mystery. I lived in England for three years, so I thought this would be interesting. It seemed more like a bad "made for TV" BBC movie. The sighs emitting from the theater as this torture progressed was immense. I can guarantee that nobody in the theater I was in enjoyed this movie. But, we paid our money and we were going to stay. Very poor choice. I truly don't understand how people enjoyed this film. I would ask them, but if they thought this movie was exciting, they would put me to sleep too. The name truly should be changed to "God-awful Park". That would be truth in advertising. The murder mystery was too easy. I knew very quickly who did it. Good for insomniacs.
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Great Film
3 February 2002
A war started by CNN (hunger) and ended by CNN (soldiers dragged). I've heard some critizism about the amount of gunfire in this movie. Imagine how it was for the soldiers and Somalias who were in the battle. At least the audience can munch on Milk Duds, while the bullets wiz past. This is a great example of soldiers not having proper support for the missions they are expected to carry out. I guess Vietnam proved nothing. I was impressed on how the Rangers and Delta Force were portrayed. This followed documentaries I've seen pretty well. Although, the movie didn't mention that all of Durants crew survived the crash. Only problem with this movie is how visually dark the images are. I thought the theater was messed up, but ads proved that they needed a little more light exposure while filming.
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Traffic (2000)
Worst Movie, EVER
10 August 2001
One day I'll figure out why some people like this movie. It was slow and dull. Maybe my lack of drug use made watching this painful. But I know I wasn't alone. At my screening, 10 people were in the audience. 4 left in the middle vocally admonishing the movie. I nodded my head in agreement. But, alas, I was still trying to yank the fillings out of my teeth with Milk Duds, so I stayed to the end. The lifeforce was sucked from my body, and I couldn't go to another movie for a month. Did I mention I hated this movie?
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The Worst Movie of the Year Winner!!
3 August 2001
Quite possibly the most unrealistic movie ever created. They abandoned the original story which is ok, if you have a replacement story. There are no 'shocks', like "the human spoke!". All the humans speak. They speak better than the apes! Yet, they are 'not intelligent'? Mark Wahlberg crashes on this planet and never once shows shock. Apes are are in control? Ok, go with the flow. The original had a nuclear war throw the apes into control. What put them in control here? Beats me. All those scientists on a science station couldn't keep control? They couldn't keep the education level up? Their computer seemed to work still. They couldn't use that? Where did the horses come from? They were on a science space station? For what purpose?

These are the types of questions I kept asking myself. The answer to these questions? A script writer who lacks imagination. That's what "re-imaging" means.
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