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Since Kevin Williamson is basically my idol, and I have got to be one of the Scream films' biggest fans, I came up with a great plot, opening sequence, cast, characters, even some location ideas, etc. for a fifth installment of the Scream franchise since we haven't heard any definite plans in the works as of yet. The first film introduced us to this brilliant and contemporary horror classic set in the local high school of Woodsboro, California and gave us our three favorite stars' beloved characters, featured in each of the four flicks so far. The sequel, Scream 2, took place at a college; Scream 3 brought us to the movie sets and locations in Hollywood where horror films were being made based on the prior events taking place so far; and last we saw a return to where it all began, in Woodsboro, back in the lives of some new high school students in a new era. This time, I think the character of our main heroine, Sidney Prescott, who has been through pure hell and back four times, sustaining recently the worst injuries of them all, finally loses it completely and checks herself into rehab for addiction to pain killers, and any other pills she can get her hands on to block her demons. Sidney chooses one of the more famous and expensive recovery places outside of L.A. where she is seen by supposedly the best staff, and among lots of scandalous Hollywood troublemakers/starlets/lost souls as other patients. Meanwhile, Dewey investigates the deaths and disappearances of some of the other survivors and relatives of survivors from all the past mayhem, including his wife, Gale, who eventually disappears along with them. Audiences will be treated to an homage of the Saw franchise, especially Saw 2 where that whole group of people woke up in some abandoned building with no idea how they got there and why, eventually figuring it out and recognizing one another. My suggestion for this location could be the abandoned clinic where the original Halloween 2 from 1981 was filmed. I've even plotted right up to the very end for them including who the killer or killers could be, where for the first time in the series, this time there are three killers instead of two or just one!!! And mostly, I just wanted to write all these ideas and suggestions now, in case I just have ESP and am close to what they will actually come up for the real Scream 5!!! Enjoy!
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(And in no real particular order except that Drew Barrymore deserves that #1 spot for Scream!)
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THIS IS MY OWN OPINION by the way, who are the ones I think stand out as some of the horror genre's most unforgettable female performers. They may be the "star/survivor" or "the girl who dies first"...they may have been in only one film or several, but they have made left their mark in scary movies!
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My horror movie screenplay, which I will go with "Ghost In The Graveyard" as its working title (afraid of having the actual title stolen), is a creepy story which is a kind of throwback to the early first slasher flicks ever from the 70's/80's.
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After reading a few other members' lists of their favorite TV shows, I decided to compile one for myself, just for fun!
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From Star Wars or The Breakfast Club to Lost or Grey's Anatomy, these are some of my all time favorite characters from film and television, just to name a few, in no particular order...these are just off the top of my head! And just so I don't tick anyone off: SPOILER ALERT!!! I may give away certain things in some of these entries!
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Serious fan of the horror genre here so I made a list of what are the standout horror films of my time, old and new, original or remakes, basically any that I believe to be "a cut above the rest"!!
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Since I just made a list covering my all time favorite TV shows, I figured I might as well make one for movies as well. This includes every and any genre from horror to 'dramedy'.....
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Always referred to as the worst film in the Scream franchise, several factors contributed to this, but I feel the main reason was poor casting. Here are my choices for a better cast which I think would have made the movie much more successful.