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Say what you want about "The Batman", it is NOT Joel Schumacher all over again, 22 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I heard a lot of you out there are hearing terrible reviews of "The Batman". Some of the critics here call it "Schumacher all over again. If "The Batman" were Joel Schumacher all over again, this kind of stuff would be in it... 1. Nipples and arses would be on Batman's, Batgirl's and Robin's suits. 2. Mr. Freeze would be yelling out ice puns ALL THE TIME. He did a few lame one-liners in Season One, but don't let that stop you from at least renting it. 3. Robin would be super-whiny, asking for a Robin-signal in the sky, or reversing Batman & Robin to Robin & Batman, etc. 4. Batgirl would have been Alfred's niece. 5. Commssioner Gordon would have been a wimp. 6. Poison Ivy would do stupid things like spout one-liners while flirting with Batman. 7. Rino Romano would have played Batman gay. 8. Ther would have been giant statues of naked men ALL OVER THE PLACE! 9. Mr. Freeze would have hid in a neon-lit ice-cream factory, conducting his henchmen to sing "I'm Mr. White Christmas, I'm Mr. Snow." 10. Batman & Batgirl would have used some pieces of shrapnel from Maximillian Zeus's ship they cut an acetylene torch with to make flying surfboards.

Fortunately, none of that crap happens. Let's see what we've got. 1. The batsuit is just fine, your cape-and-cowl with the tights, utility belt, and boots batsuit. Only different thing is the emblem, which in my opinion, looks pretty dang cool. Batgirl's suit resembles the 60's Batman show a little bit, save the yellow cape. It's actually cool how she used her athletic wetsuit as her batsuit. Robin's suit totally resembles B:TAS, give 'em points for the lack of short shorts. 2. Mr. Freeze seldom uses one-liners after his debut in Season One. 3. I don't really care for Robin's actor for most of Season Four, but he gets better from the Season Four finale to the very end. 4. Batgirl is the Barbara Gordon we know, and her actress is good. 5. Commissioner Gordon kicked butt in a few occasions, but he's still not a wimp. 6. Poison Ivy's about 16 in the series. Batman's overaged for her, Robin's underaged. 7. Rino Romano does not play Batman gay. He's actually a very good voice actor, and is the highlight when it comes to voice acting in this show. 8. There aren't. Thank God. 9. He doesn't hide in a freezer factory, for cryin' out loud! 10. No, they don't ever do any type of crap like that in any season.

On a few more notes, Kevin Michael Richardson is no Mark Hamill, but he's in-character as the Joker. Any out of character Joker is a sane Joker. Alastair Duncan is a good Alfred. Also, why so many complaints about the new designs of the villains? Isn't that what you Obama fans want now? Change? Well there's some change for you! Mr. Freeze can shoot ice from his hands. The Penguin has an awesome laugh. The Joker lacks shoes. These are changes. They wanted to be a little different. Some are good, some are lame. The Batwave isn't dumb, it makes sense! It's a computer connected to everything in Batman's equipment that was electronics or computers. If you like action scenes, get this series. They are really cool and actually put B:TAS to shame in the categories of action scenes, animation, and fighting. And I have watched B:TAS. It's really good, as long as the dozen of stupid episodes like "I've Got Batman in My Basement" don't count. *SPOILER ALERT* All seasons have episodes worth getting for. You wanna see a whole Bane-centric episode where he has more than 3 minutes of screen time? Get Season One. You wanna see Batman take on the Joker, the Penguin, and the Riddler at the same time almost without getting hurt? Get Season Two. You wanna see Batman take on a cyborg 10x as powerful in strength, speed, agility, and mind? Get Season Three. You wanna see Batman take on a vigilante that captured all the villains, then take on all the ticked off villains next? Or Batman teaming up with Martian Manhunter to stop a global alien invasion? Get Season Four. You wanna see Superman, the Flash, Hal Joran, Green Arrow, and Hawkman in action? Get Season Five.

This was a fun series to watch. Every time I turned it on, I enjoyed it. Can't we just sit down, kick back, relax, and enjoy this show while drinking a soda? Why can't we just quit bashing it, get into a restful state, and watch "The Batman"? Because most of the people here are like bitter old farts who scream at youths on how they did it their day on the front porch. They want B:TAS back. I liked B:TAS once I started ordering DVDs with better episodes. But, as I have an opinion, I like "The Batman" better in a few ways.

The Wild (2006)
good movie, 16 November 2006

So I'm wondering what you people are trying to say that this movie stole the plot from "Madagascar." Well big news: there is strong evidence that this movie's script was written, finished, and overlooked before "Madagascar."

This movie was good to me. I thought the animation could beat "Madagascar" any day. The plot is better, too. They also have Kiefer Sutherland, Pactrick Warburton and Jim Belushi's voices. And what do you get when they are in a movie altogether? A good movie. You all can be quiet about "'Madagascar' was first. It was the early bird. This movie stole the plot." Enough of that. I would sit and watch the movie until (Spoiler) the dancing part begins at the very end. I am an optimist for "The Wild". I mean, there are plot holes, but those are minor. Rent or buy it on DVD. Trust me. The kids that are ages 6 and under will definitely like it. But will you? You decide.