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"Suck Me Sideways!", 18 April 2002

Selling a dead bird to a blind kid? Opening a worm store? Crossing a bulldog with a shitsu to form a new dog, the bullshit? A cop drinking urine? Sounds crazy? Well it's just another normal day for Harry Dunne and Lloyd Christmas. The two are making their way to beautiful Aspen California, where to Harry's surprise, people have 2 skis, and to Lloyd's disbelief, people have actually landed on the moon! Their cross-country adventure begins to return a briefcase to beautiful Mary Swanson. The movie teaches you to be kind to you elders, orange and blue tuxedos are always in style, check the flushing ability of your toilet before you use it, 40 hour work weeks are absurd, and frost is not always a refreshing treat. Rent the movie that produced the best soundtrack ever, and meet these 2 witty guys. So move it or lose it sister and OWN this movie and you will soon find out that there is a Harry and Lloyd in all of us!

Con Air (1997)
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Put The Bunny . . ., 18 April 2002

If you have not seen Con Air, than you are missing one of the best movies Nicolas Cage has done in his career and one of the top 10 movies of the decade. You may think that this movie would not interest you, but it has something for everyone. Action, love, comedy, drama, mystery - just to name some of the many elements of the movies. Nic delivers his performance as Cameron Poe beautifully, and the the other big time actors shine as well.

From opening scene to credits there is edge - of - your - seat excitement. With the best songs, Grammy Award Winning "How Do I Live?", and country tune, "Sweet Home Alabama" and the best lines: "Do you know what I am? Ugly all day." ; and: "What's wrong with him? My first guess would be... a lot."; "There's only two men I trust. One is me. The other is not you.", it is clear that this movie will keep everyone entertained. I highly advise you all to rent or better yet, OWN the movie, and for the next 120 minutes . . . "Welcome to Con Air."

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Lets Ride, 18 April 2002

50 Cars. One Night. Unbelievable? Yes. Impossible? Not for Memphis Randle. Nicolas Cage convincingly portrays a car theft trying to steal 50 cars in 1 night to save his brother's life. For the guy audience, there are expensive cars, popular songs, and racing. For the female audience there is just two words: Nicolas Cage. Nevertheless, the fellow cast - Giovanni Ribisi, Angelina Jolie and James Duval- also performs just as well as Nic and makes the movie a blockbuster. LA is the backdrop for this action packed, fast paced, and at some times hilarious feature that will - and had - everyone talking about it for days. This movie will entertain everyone in the family, so, better get this flick fast before its ‘Gone in 60 Seconds'. So buckle up, it's going to be a fast ride.

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Much Deserved, 11 April 2002

Finally, something designed to honor Nic Cage's work! You may think you are a fan, but by watching this you learn more about his talent and his earliest work! It's funny, cute and also touching. You see all of Nic's fellow actors and best friends as they all speak from the heart on how much they admire his work. Sadly, it's only 1 hour long- full of celebrities, movie highlights, and Nicolas' family - was a great entertainment, but the best part was that you could see that Nic was clearly touched.