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Gotta disagree with the consensus here, 26 March 2007

When I saw that this movie was being shown on TV, I was really looking forward to it. I grew up in the 1980's and like everyone else who has grown up in that era, have seen every 80's teen and summer camp movie out there. So I couldn't wait to see this movie that totally spoofs that film genre. What a disappointment!! The movie was nothing but a bunch of really bad jokes and gags over and over, with hardly any plot and no substance. And the filmmakers attempts at dark humor totally failed-some of these so-called jokes didn't come across as anything but downright cruel and offensive. The only good things about this film were the wardrobe, music, and acting. It was nice to go on a nostalgia trip and see all of the summer clothing styles from the 80's, and the same goes for the music. And the acting was top-notch throughout: almost all of Hollywood's best comedians were present. Too bad they didn't have better material to work with.

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Excellent!, 30 November 2005

I really enjoyed this concert, which is being aired frequently on CMT now to coincide with the Cash movie release. Cash was so very charming, funny, energetic, and his love for performing really shone through. Mrs. Cash and her family were also excellent in their performance with Johnny. I also enjoyed the interruptions to air interview the inmates and prison staff about their lives and crimes. I found it to be very interesting since this concert took place in 1969, it was a good history lesson and something to contrast with today. It made me wonder what ever ended up happening with some of these inmate's lives, and if some of the death row inmates they interviewed ever ended up making it or not. I just wish this concert was out on DVD! I can't believe that it has never been released. Cash is such a legend, and one would think that a concert as well-known as this one would definitely of been released by now.

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One of the best romance movies out there!, 4 August 2005

I love this movie, have seen it at least several times, and could see it many times more. It is entertaining and funny every single time I see it, that is how great this movie is. Next to 'Say Anything' and 'When Harry Met Sally', it is the best romantic movie out there. For one, the film is very unique in that it portrays a love-lorn man instead of yet another love-lorn woman, as is the case with the majority of romance movies. When was the last time you saw a movie where a man talks about his feelings?? The film has many tender, touching moments without being the least drippy or milquetoast. This is offset by great humor throughout the film. John Cusack shines in the lead role and gives one of best, nuanced performances of his career so far. He is surrounded by a nearly-perfect supporting cast, and my nearly-perfect leads to the one and only criticism of this movie: the character of Laura. The actress who plays here (sorry, I can't remember the spelling of her name right now) gives a mostly dull, uninspiring performance. While Cusack performs perfect chemistry with her, she gives him nearly zero chemistry back. I feel she was the wrong choice in casting for this role. Who I feel should of been cast is Lisa Bonet, who had a small supporting role as one of Cusack's lovers. She totally sparked chemistry-wise with him and they were a perfect on screen couple. Lisa Bonet should of been cast as Laura. But this is just one criticism of an otherwise excellent film, and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.

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Decent chick-flick, 1 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie has received mixed reviews from bad to great. One thing the film definitely is is a 100% chick flick! I can't imagine many men enjoying the movie. And it's not only men that probably wouldn't enjoy it, women who have been married for a long time and never really experienced single life probably wouldn't be too into the movie as well. 'Must Love Dogs' is told almost completely from the POV of single women struggling to make it in a marriage-dominated society while also dealing with dating pressures. One of the faults I found with the film is just that-what about the struggles of single men? They did delve briefly into Jake's loneliness, but I feel that this should of been touched upon more. That character should of been developed more. And why did Jake suddenly decide to saw his beloved boat in half after all at the end? I don't recall any reason being given for this decision. I also found the sing-along scene to the Partridge Family song really stupid and out of place. It did not come across as a funny, impromptu family sing-along as it was supposed to. But that's all I have with the criticism. 'Must Love Dogs' is very funny, clever, and just the right amount of milquetoast sweet without being drippy or obnoxious. 'Beaches' it is most definitely not, thankfully! Christopher Plummer gives an Oscar-worthy excellent performance, I hope he gets nominated next year. Diane Lane and John Cusack are terrific as usual. I

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Not extraordinary, but worth a viewing, 5 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I don't feel that this film lived up to the hype that was created about it, which could of spoiled it somewhat for me and others. I know it's your job to sell, but don't over-hype your movie, studios!! I just didn't feel that this movie was as spectacular as it was made out to be. However, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to moviegoers. There were some scary parts-the loud 'honking' noise that sounded every time the aliens were about to attack was truly frightening and kept running through my head the day after I saw the movie. If I ever hear a noise like that in reality, I think that I may jump out of my shoes!! The tripods were quite scary as well. It was interesting and a good plot line that Spielberg chose to show the aliens as actually being very curious and timid once they exited their tripods and explored around the house. Apparently they could only be menacing inside their tripods. My problems with this film: it wasn't at all explained how the aliens were able to harbor underground to begin with. Was this explained in the novel? I also felt that it should of been shown how Tom Cruise killed Tim Robbins. Why did the door close without the viewer being able to see how he did it, and not even a scuffle or other noise? Spielberg can show countless people being zapped and guts being blown out but not one person killing another?? There was also no explanation given as to how Tom Cruise's son survived and made it back home. He headed into the fight and somehow survived the huge, fiery inferno that killed everyone else? How extremely milquetoast and unrealistic. Overall, the movie is scary, it has amazing special effects, and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout, but is not flawless nor the best action/scary movie you will ever see.

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Suprisingly good TV movie, 13 August 2004

Yes, it has some of the usual corny cliches of made-for-TV movies, especially ones made in the 70's. Yet all in all, it's a very decent movie and I would recommend it to high school sex ed. classes. Much better and more hard-hitting than the usual TV movies that simply just exploit people and their situations without adding any depth or insight. It's a very realistic, honest, gritty portrayal of the struggles of teenage motherhood. There doesn't seem to be a lot of movies out there on this subject, so this little gem is unique. Certainly better than the awful 'For Keeps' with Molly Ringwald that came out in the late 80's. That one was sooo badly written and had the worst dialogue.

Wendigo (2001)
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Very good chills - storyline was weak, 7 June 2004

I don't think this film deserves all the bad reviews it has gotten on this site. It isn't the best movie, but it does have some really scary moments. The director is very talented at filming scary movies. His camera work and lighting techniques added a lot of scares to this film. The acting was decent, especially from the little boy. The criticisms I have have already been discussed on this site. The storyline was promising at first but then fell flat and never delivered. This made the film dull at points. And what was with the lame ending?? It was a "huh??" ending. The wendigo itself could of been scarier-looking when it was finally fleshed out, but this was a pretty low-budget film. The film seemed more like a made-for-cable film rather than for the theater.

But overall I would recommend this film to fellow scary movie fans, the chills make it worthwhile. Roger Ebert gave a great review summing up all the strenghts and weaknessed. I rate this movie 6/10.

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Pass, 4 February 2004

Wow-is this supposed to be a comment area about the movie or a comment area about politics?? I'm a little confused as I came here to discuss the movie, but others on here obviously confuse this area with a political commentary forum. Shut up and discuss the movie!

But getting to the point of this issue. Robbins is no Christopher Guest. Only HE can do effective 'mockumentaries'. While 'Dead Man Walking' is absolutely brilliant, Robbins is just a pathetic copycat here. Even the best artists make bombs sometimes. Boring and one-sided, plus you can basically see this movie just by turning on 'Meet the Press' and other similar shows-seeing what goes in the movie for real! Infinitely more interesting seeing the real thing than this stupid movie, especially since campaign time is here. Watch 'Spinal Tap' and other Christopher Guest movies for effective 'mockumentaries'.

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Very impressive, 22 January 2004

I read the book before seeing the movie, and the film is one of the best adaptations out there. Very true and faithful to the book. Sean Penn and Sarandon are amazing. Robbins is a talented filmaker and I wish he would add more to his repetoire. He made the film very haunting and intentionally slow-paced to add depth. An especially brilliant bit of filmaking was the reflection of the victims appearing in the glass of the execution room at the very end.

Not their best, but mighty good, 2 January 2004

I don't think this one is as good as the other Guest films, but it's not as bad as some have made it out to be. The subject matter was excellent and original, it was amusing to finally see folk music being satirized. It was entertaining throughout and there were some pretty funny parts. Not as funny as Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and Guffman though. I loved the Mitch and Micky storyline, that was very sweet and touching. And some of the music was suprisingly quite decent given the fact that it was supposed to be satirical. Watching some of the deleted scenes on DVD I had to wonder why some were left out of the final cut as they were hilarious and would of made the film funnier. I think some poor decisions were made on the editing side. Overall I would recommend this film and give it a 6.5/10.

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