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Enjoyable bit of rough documentary., 18 September 2007

I got onto this documentary after I heard an interview with Gittoes on Triple J (a decent Australian radio station). I finally got around to getting it out and wasn't disappointed.

The film has a rough feel about it, Gittoes getting quite up close, but as I saw it, not very personal, making it really more about the music than anything, he even states himself its more of a musical. If you want to see some free-styling, country, patriotism, American rhetoric mixed with some true idealism, I would recommend this to you. There are some legitimate emotional moments, ordinary Americans (though they are military personnel) giving it their effort and relating their experiences through music.

Iraq plays a nice backdrop, demolished and very candid, which I think makes a good background giving the interviews and performances some background for the audience to relate to.

Good film worth your time, though don't expect to sit there and go over it every little bit as a life changing experience.