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Here is my list of movies to see that are due out in theatres before Dec 21, 2012.
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A list of my favorite television shows of all time.
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My top 12 favorite films from 2011(so far).
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This is my list of movies that I think are extremely under-looked and under-valued(at least in mainstream)
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12 of my favorite movies from 2010.
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This is a list of comic-book movies in order of my favorite to least favorite.
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I'm sure I've missed a few, but these are my top 100 movies. My top. If anyone has some good ones that they think should be added, let me know.
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These are the movies that I am most looking forward to in 2011. They may be in various stages of production, but they will all be released sometime in 2011. This, of course, can always change. If you feel that I have missed a good one, please let me know. Thanks. Enjoy.
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50 of my favorite movie characters from various film genres from 1980-present. In no particular order(because that would be way too hard).