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Contest (2013)
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Fantastic new movie!, 6 October 2013

I was beyond impressed with this movie. I knew before seeing it that it carried an anti-bullying message, but I wasn't prepared for just how inventive the messages would be made in the film. It seemed like so many of the characters in the movie had been bullied in ways large or small, and some were the bullies themselves. I got the impression the creators of the film really wanted to highlight the complexities of the issue, how it's not easy to just find one person completely guilty and the rest innocent, or vice versa. Really well done! I was also extremely impressed with how funny the movie was! At totally unexpected moments, I found myself laughing hysterically. Great acting, great story, great movie! Well done to all involved, and thanks for giving the world a new anti-bullying movie that's far from the cookie cutter expectations of the past!