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Terrific Dorcel, among house director H. Bodilis's best, 26 August 2016

The problem with Marc Dorcel videos is that they have taken on a certain sameness: the girls gradually change over time (youth being a paramount casting factor in porn) but the style and format is ossified and leaves little room for novelty or freshness. This decade-old offering from Herve Bodilis has such beautiful women and classic style that it overcomes these shortcomings.

Virginie Carmine stars in the familiar role created way back in "Story of O", as a young girl taken to a mansion and put through the ringer. The eight sex scenes eschew conventional narrative but so deftly integrate bondage/fetish motifs with quality humping that it's impossible to complain.

Credits are not that helpful but I deduced that it is Lea Lazur as the bustiest blonde with deep throat skills that provides the greatest arousal in scenes near the end of the show, as orgies erupt and Bodilis pulls out all the stops. Cast is vaguely familiar but benefits from not being overexposed in hundreds of Euro productions, especially Virginie herself, who when interviewed seems poised for an Adult Cinema career but emerges as almost a one-shot Adult star, making this particular video a must-see.

Entertaining, low-brow approach to fantasy porn, 26 August 2016

I'm much enamored of short story porn, as I need narrative (abhor gonzo crap) and feel that a concise, short story is best-suited to Adult Cinema, given that the lion's share of running time must be devoted to hardcore sex content. The notion of slipping in some brief XXX footage to complement or complete a scene in an otherwise straightforward feature has been tried but is completely nonsensical given commercial considerations.

As front lady for this Sin City release, Aurora Snow does a good job of introducing the five vignettes, directing, appearing in all of them, and getting down to humping in both the initial and final segment. She's playing Little Red Riding Hood and on her travels asks folks the way to Granny's house, encountering other fairy tale characters having sex. It's that simple, but works.

First encounter is with a girl in rabbit costume, who is f*cked by a young and humorous Mr. Pete doing his own hipster version of an Elmer Fudd impression. This threesome involving Brit porn export Flick Shagwell is a treat with a cute ending.

She next runs into all-time favorite Daphne Rosen, before her extreme breast enlargement, looking cute with antlers as Santa's reindeer Vixen. Alex Sanders is the unlikely choice for Santa.

Charlie plays a sexy tiger, getting a sexy caress from Aurora before doing her thing with Jonathan Simms, a familiar face but not a memorable player (for me at least) from Porn Central Casting.

BDSM rears its head lightly in the 4th vignette with chains substituted for a spider's web as Jasmine Lynn portrays the fly, trapped in the chain-web of bondage. She's Saran-wrapped as well to render her helpless and qualify for maximum fetish content. Talon and Ben Brat do a number on her including d.p.'s in the show's most extreme segment.

Aurora rounds out the show finally encountering two wolves: Jay Ashley and Brian Surewood. It's a gonzo finale and sets up a sequel or series, but Sin City dropped the ball.

Prehistoric Playgirl TV: not so hot, 26 August 2016

Tagged with a credit as "Playgirl Vol. 1", this might indeed be the very first release on DVD of compiled vignettes from the Playgirl TV website. I doubt if anyone cares.

Later volumes in this 100-plus title series kindly identify the players in each separate vignette but no such luck here. Without doling further research, by sight I could easily identify the male talent, since they are fairly prolific souls, but had trouble matching the gals to each of 9 segments. This ancient video predates the series promising over 2 hours of content, and does not have any bonus vignettes, just a five-minute interview with imported star Niko, misspelled as Nico, posing nude on a motorcycle.

There's lots of femme narration, using many diffe3rent voices to suggest the actresses might really be speaking, but the entire show is shot MOS, with pantomime performances. Jean Val Jean narrates a segment titled 'French Mechanic" in which h steps out of character for an interview and then proceeds to hump a girl who has been welding nearby we3arig one of those large metal hoods, reminiscent of a deep-sea diver's head covering.

Lee Sotne goes bareback in humping a lovely with b beautiful breasts. Val Jean has a second segment titled "Bus Statioln" with a noir look. Niko's segment in the film proper has him break dancing after doing some wall art in "Graffiti Tagger".

Pretty slim pickings in one of the weakest Playgirl effusions.

She's definitely a cutie, but stuck in amateurish vehicle, 26 August 2016

I see that Bailey Jay has recently gone mainstream, guesting in Amy Schumer's above ground TV interview show, but her fans want to see her "active", to use the porn euphemism applied to trans-females who have fully-operational cocks, and that's what they get in the clumsy film from She Male Club.

It's a hodge-podge of Bailey humping or being humped by a variety of folks, mainly sporting fake red hair but sometimes her brunette self. It's hard to sit through due to the clumsy approach of director "Matthew Terhune", but has its moments.

Low point is the opening vignette co-starring a barely recognizable Sarina Valentina, whose dark black hair (or wig) instead of her trademark platinum blonde locks magically transfer her from an ethereal beauty to an ordinary one.

With first-person camera and male voice seeming like a sleazy voyeur paying for a couple of prostitutes to come to his room, this junk blurs the line between pro and am porn, as well as reminding one how close porn performers are to prostitutes in their job (especially in the 21st Century when acting has been downgraded and they are called euphemistically "models".

He watches from off-screen the two girls have lesbian sex, made unusual since they both unveil dicks in the process. After a money shot by Bailey, the punch line is that the jerk tries to pay for escort-girl sex with a check.

Kinkiest scene is Bailey solo, talking to the camera and showing how pretty her feet are. She puts her legs acrobatically over her head and jerks off into her own mouth, not sucking her cock a la Ron Jeremy of old, but just holding it out just right for a nearby money shot on target. It's an interesting stunt, more gimmick than erotic.

Other segments range from arousing to silly. Bailey humps Domino; the great TS Foxxy is featured in a stupid tribute to jail-bail schoolgirls and the big surprise is a disembodied dick belonging mysteriously to "The Neighbour" (replete with Britishism spelling in the credits) humping Bailey in the ass bareback. This departure from the genre's condoms is unexplained and as pointless as the rest of this disappointing all-star video.

No, they're not virgins after all, 26 August 2016

This dumb title from a forgotten Penthouse release is merely code for jail-bait porn, and not very convincing at that. With dull narration taking the place of dramatics, house pornographer Kelly Holland/Toni English lays an egg.

The five vignettes have good-looking women on view, not really fresh faces but appealing nonetheless. Nikki Fairchild leads off with interracial action matched against Mikey Butders, a busy thesp at the time, but not well-remembered.

Rebecca Linares is a superstar by comparison, given the opportunity to speak in her native Spanish, with subtitles. She also goes IR, mating with popular stud Tyler Knikght, who would later almost launch a new career as Tyler Wood when he imitated Tiger Woods after latter's tabloid scandal.

Cute Kylee Reece is seemingly staying up late night at the library, a novel place (pun intended, why not?) for pickups, even in porn parlance. In-joke, very infra dig, is that Niko is the stud who arrives to take her virginity. He's the same Playgirl star who Toni English directs in Playgirl TV outings, it being a small world indeed wherein Playgirl and Penthouse utilize pretty much the same video crews plus talent. And you thought they were catering to different genders as their audience.

The Stepfather 2 (2015) (V)
Engaging chamber drama concerning Gay loneliness, 26 August 2016

It's not a tribute to Terry O'Quinn and the movie role that launched his career, but rather an introspective drama about old friends and young bucks from Adult filmmaker Nica Noelle. Matt Stevens is solid in the central role, with sensitive support from Nica's favorite actor, Adam Russo.

Matt has moved into Russo's New England home, that he shares with young lover Sean Cross. Stevens is feeling down, just having gotten a divorce and being estranged from his step-son Caleb King, who feels he has been abandoned just like his mother.

There unfolds a quiet, heart-strings drama that one would associate in mainstream cinema with a vehicle about lonely women, perhaps starring Sandy Dennis or Elizabeth Hartman back in the day. That is the novel touch that Noelle brings to her work, having made the most unusual switch from directing mainstream porn and lesbian videos to her current obsession with male couplings, and one step-further, males dating trans-females.

Directed in a minor key, and lacking any earth-shaking dramatics, this second volume in the series benefits from its integrated approach, telling one story rather than the more usual four vignettes compiled together. Key dramatic twist concerns a visit from stepson Caleb, who sees his step-dad sleeping with same- age pal Russo, causing Caleb to flee. He eventually returns, in time for a reconciliation (in the sack, crypto-incest underlying all of these stories of late) with daddy.

Sex with condoms applied is convincing for these characters, and the tale is fleshed out with the nearly mandatory extraneous sex scene, in which Sean shares sack time with another friend more his own age, Wolf Hudson, much to the chagrin of Russo when his lover runs off with Wolf. For his usual prowess in bed, Hudson is oddly missing from both the opening and closing credits, only mentioned on the DVD liner.

Ex-Mom Movement (2016) (V)
Sexy but really stupid, 26 August 2016

Except for a lame moment at the end trying vainly to link this feature to Bree Mills' ongoing Lesbian Apocalypse mythos and her Mantis resistance group, "Ex-Mom Movement" is an asinine episode in the porn filmmaker's ongoing nonsense about a world filled with predatory step-moms. In fact, this Girfriends release from one of Gamma Entertainment's labels takes Mills' notion to such an extreme as to be utterly ridiculous on its face.

Mercedes Carrera, a surefire villainess in Mills' porno universe, is cast as a remarried woman who had a history of having sex with her previous step daughters and is now having sex with her new step-daughters, making four victims in total. I found the exposition confusing, but one could conclude that rather than begetting offspring of her own (boy children don't exist in the Mills universe) she may have acquired serially four daughters with different fathers, whatever concatenation fits the crypto-incest format so that the daughters are not blood-related to each other, either. It is this straining of credulity and specificity to avoid violating some porno doctrine against incest, while exploiting incest to the hilt, that makes these Bree exercises not merely overly complex but stupid.

In flashback we get to see wonderful Sara Luvv and Jenna Sativa humped by Mercedes during her previous marriage (neither young actress gets a screen credit, typical slovenliness by these filmmakers), and then we see current daughters Riley Reid and Goldie plotting against their new mom to get her in the sack. This is dramatically untenable, as what easier target than this child molester could one find for the new kids to try and seduce -not much of a conflict there. As usual, the mysterious "Lucy J" gets story credit -thank you Lazy Lucy.

After all this sex, Mercedes heads to a shrink, or rather psychotherapist, unconvincingly played by Dr. Allie Haze, who previously has played this role in Bree's Mantis series. The young (too young for the role, obviously) doc puts Mercedes through conversion therapy which ironically is not the traditional '50s conversion to "cure" homosexuals but rather seems to be conversion to create homosexuals or in this case lesbians, which Mercedes already is despite her protests. None of this crap is meant to make any sense, but presumably amuses a brain-dead audience tuned in for wall-to-wall sex in the first place.

Treated as a bonus feature is what is termed as a "Pilot" for a series, which hopefully will be rejected. Actually it's just Allie continuing her shrink role, this time with kute Karla Kush as patient, also treated to Sapphic Conversion Therapy. As with Mercedes, it's just role-playing with Allie again seducing her patient. Yes, repetition is the main mode of creativity of producer Mills and her right-hand-man, director Stills by Alan. Bottom line is that all these talented performers, headed by superstar Reid and lovely newcomer Goldie, photograph well in lesbian action and that is all this loser has to offer. Generic sex content.

Sweetie Baby (2003) (V)
Natalie Woods is terrific under PT's direction, 26 August 2016

Marketed and known as a standard Mercedez vehicle from Vivid, "Sweetie Baby" turns out to be a very pleasant surprise. It's Natalie Woods aka Julia Taylor (NOT the Euro star JT) who is the star of the drama, and Paul Thomas proves once again he's a humanist filmmaker, who unlike today's hacks cares about his characters, putting real flesh on their bones.

Critics seem to think it's all about flesh, and nothing else, but that is far from the truth. Natalie in the title role plays a forlorn cocktail waitress at a strip club, where Mercedez is the star dancer. Ms. M and other showgirls make fun of her in bullying fashion, all too true to life, largely because unlike them she won't put out for the customers in private, like a street hooker.

As Holly, Natalie is saddled with a layabout of a live-in boyfriend, very well limned by Marty Romano in a disturbing performance (which adds to our sympathy for Holly no end). As Max, Romano is a frustrated movie soundtrack composer who doesn't try to get work, merely scrounging off Holly and abusing her in a typical dom/sub relationship. Running gag is his well-researched name dropping of heroes of his in the field, including Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein, Alfred Newman and Alex North -something for film buffs in the audience.

While much of the non-XXX footage is devoted to atmospheric shots of the strippers pole dancing or lap dancing at the club, including not just Mercedez but Brooke Banner, the story turns on Holly meeting a friendly customer played by Trevor Zen, an underrated (including initially by me) porn performer who has vastly surmounted his original status as merely Lezley Zen's boyfriend (he took her stage name for himself when she introduced him to the business) to become an engaging leading man.

The slow but sure development of their relationship leads to a surprise twist that Thomas handles very well, turning the film from romance to dark thriller on a dime much in salute to Hitchcock (as the much earlier emphasis on Bernard Herrmann subtly telegraphed). Ciimax and open-ended finale are the work of an artist, not afraid to take chances with his material.

Natalie is something of a plain Jane, giving her performance depth that is unusual in Adult - I thought of my first acquaintance with Georgina Spelvin when "Devil in Miss Jones" was released for a similar revelation of talent in a brown paper wrapper. By contrast, Mercedez's limited acting talents are wisely confined to the bare minimum here, just being a Mean Girl to Natalie, and humping and showing off her unbeatable body to please the fans who undoubtedly watched this Vivid release in order to see her.

Very effective sex filler is provided by Natalie's bombastic neighbor Angelica Sin, perfect as a dominatrix mistreating her slave Dirty Harry as voyeuse Natalie watches from her window.

Only drawback here is revealed in the BTS short subject. Natalie displays real prowess playing classical music on her piano between takes, but in her big scene playing piano on screen PT has eliminated the sound, robbing the viewer of this shtick. I'm not sure what went into this decision but it's a waste.

Give the little people some credit, 26 August 2016

Only factor distinguishing this 6th volume in the hit "Boobs" series is a surprise on-screen credit to several of those poor devils who act in sex films, but have no sex on screen. Someday I will discover the pay-scale for such demeaning assignments, but to see them actually acknowledged for a change is a thrill.

It makes sense since they contribute. For example, Krystal Scott is auditioning for employment as a showgirl for a creepy Vegas impresario, but after dancing around in place balks at his escalation to typical casting couch requests. Isis Taylor is the next girl to audition and she puts out. The scene works because of Krystal's intro footage, and thank God she is credited, rather than the typical porn (and Brazzers) penalty of being treated as nothing because, like her character, she did not deliver XXX sex footage like Isis did.

Other segments include an interview and demo of Yurizan Beltran in action chosen as an up and coming "Next Pornstar" of the Brazzers website, plus effective turns by obscure players like Abella Anderson and Mariah Madysinn. Unlike most editions of this series, there are no big names lurking in the shrubbery, no Lisa Anns or Julia Anns to get one's attention.

Worse than usual schoolgirls opus, 26 August 2016

DiSanto's batting average of late has hit an extreme slump, as he cranks out a variety of junkers for Dorcel, his Killergram home base, occasionally daring! Media and stinkers for the down-at-its-heels 50-year-old porn company Private. These assembly-line DVDs are instantly forgettable, so I'll have to consult my brief notes to have any recollection at all of "Private College Girls".

Chelsea Lanette, a lovely French blonde, is the ringer playing the dean or something official of Longwood Private Girls College. She is rewarded by appearing in 2 of the 5 sex scenes, which are vastly inferior to Gazzman's "Young Harlots" series that DiSanto is copying without permission.

Oldest of the girls is Tiffany Doll, 29 at the time this was made, and worse yet - overly familiar as she appears in far too many bad videos in order to keep the wolf from her door. All four of the girls are beautiful and I have enjoyed their work in other assignments, not here.

For some reason (don't ask me why) I watched this one on a German edition from Private titled "Studentinnen ganz privat" but it turns out to be available in a standard release version.

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