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Enjoyable, 24 January 2002

Having grown up in Acadiana and having some of that blood running through my own person, I didn't have to look to this movie to get a historical understanding of the people in the story. However, anyone who didn't grow up in Louisiana themselves knows either nothing, or stereotypical inaccuracies (which is worse), about Acadians (Cajuns). It's too bad the movie couldn't have shown more of this aspect in order to give its viewers a more genuine representation and history. The acting in the movie was, for the most part, very good, as was the story . My main problem with the movie is the almost total lack of French. I understand that there are white people in the movie who spoke only English, but it would have been much more accurate had the Acadians been speaking Cajun French amongst themselves. That aside, the movie is enjoyable and not inaccurate in its representation of a people and their culture.

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One of the best things I've seen on TV, 24 October 2001

I remember watching this on PBS when it first came out, and how absolutely riveting I found it. Never had I watched something and been so wrapped up in it. The characters were brilliantly written and brilliantly portrayed by the excellent cast. This program succeeded in bringing to life a time and place where you really did "have to be there". This program takes you there. Whether you're into countercultures, history, or just plain entertainment, there is no other program that I could more wholeheartedly recommend.

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Good movie long as you don't have high expectations., 12 September 2001

I've never seen the original Suspicion, so I cannot do a comparison of the two. This movie starts off rather slowly, but it has a good build up. Unfortunately, the ending isn't quite emotional enough to be really believable. It left me with the feeling that the story wasn't really complete. As far as performances go, Andrews' performance brings his scoundrel-like character to life. Not a very likeable character, but a great performance. Curtin, however, did not deliver well. One can hardly lay blame on her, however, since she was not the actress to be cast in the role. Over all, the movie was enjoyable, and I'd watch it again, but I'd watch it more for light amusement than as a real thriller.

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One of the best of its kind!, 9 September 2001

While this TV movie is not quite like the book, it has the advantage of being one of the best period pieces ever done. The casting was brilliant, the costumes superb, and the plot riveting. Seymour and Andrews were wonderful together. I enjoy the film increasingly with each viewing. The actors truly bring the characters to life, and Andrews is exactly how I had always pictured the Scarlet Pimpernel to look. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys Orczy's characters or likes period pieces in general.