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The New and Improved list you've all been waiting for! Underneath each entry, you will a film that could easily replace its position. These films are not related thematically, but are overall more deserving of the position.
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Would't you know it? I went through this list pretty precariously and diligently, so if you think I missed a title, let me know! To me, these are the ones that deserve a spot. Obviously there's too many to fit in there, but it's a shame they aren't on equal footings in the ratings.
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Kickass, non-original soundtracks that are the reasons we love these movies.
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This is a listing of the Motion Pictures of the past ten years that I liked the most.

It's a work in progress, and the list is numbered over 100 and I"m usually removing and adding new movies every now and then.

Most of these movies I haven't even seen, so this list will take a while. But hey, I've got all the time in the world. Feel free to add any comments below.
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Here are the contenders for the 80s. A difficult array of titles to judge, as I have not seen them all.
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Well, maybe a bit over two-hundred. I hope I got them all...