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This film is what the 80's was all about!, 4 September 2004

Yeah the film is predictable, poorly acted, & the clothes.... well! yet this is exactly was the 80's was all about & why it was the best decade ever. I mean tell me, who didn't enjoy police academy, porkies, those silly troma films & all those ridiculous teenage slasher movies. & then we have the transformers, he-man, visionaries & the best cartoon ever made the THUNDERCATS.... HO! My point is basically the 80's was about having fun & was represented by film, TV & especially music... gap band, shalamar, earth, wind & fire... kool & the gang, & of course the greatest of them all MICHAEL JACKSON (yo' all know!) So in essence remember this film, & it should make you smile & remember just how great life is & how great it was growing up & living through all those silly movies & knight rider, street hawk, tj hooker, automan, airwolf etc & you all remember leg warmers & fluorescent socks & especially wearing shorts on top of your trousers (pants lol) & Mr T long live the A-Team & viva the 80's

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BEST FILM EVER MADE!, 28 July 2001

I don't want to bore you all to death as I have for anyone that knows me. Since I first saw this film, everybody who knows me will tell you that, as as far as I'm concerned, this is the best film you'll ever see & furthermore I don't believe anyone will ever get close either( film-makers). It's an absolute classic fantastically shot, slick, stylish, realistic. Superb soundtrack coupled with exceptional acting across the board & believable characters. I really don't want to talk about the film as I do not believe I could ever do it justice. However, I will say that SEVEN, USUAL SUSPECTS, MATRIX, PULP FICTION, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION & even SCARFACE do not compare to LEON it really is the complete works, the finished article. This is only my opinion, but I will say that whenever the conversation of all time great films has ever come up, of all those people, those who have watched LEON, not one of them( not one) has not rated LEON as one of their top 5 films of all time!!