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David's Mother (1994) (TV)
Good film, pity about the editing, 11 March 2014

I am watching this film at the moment on channel 61, At the point where Sally and John have the row about her leaving and not telling him, the actor changes and so does his clothes! Suddenly a much younger man is in place of John wearing a white cable knit sweater. This happens three times and then Sally becomes a younger version of herself, different hairstyle, makeup and clothes!

I am puzzled as to how this film, that has received such great reviews and nominations for the acting, can be so badly edited. I have found this so distracting I had to break away and look the film up to see if anyone else has noticed this.

Otherwise, it is a good film but I am being penickity perhaps.

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A modern Jane Eyre, 2 November 2006

A great televisions series starring Dorothy Tutin and Nigel Davenport in the early 1970's. The main character, Headmistress Sarah Burton, based on the authouress, Winifred Holtby, is staunchly Labour but falls for Tory landowner, fox hunting Robert Carne who is married and his wife is insane. (Jane Eyre lives on!) There are some fantastic characters in this, Mrs Alderman Bellows being one of them, and many young actors carved their names in this series.

The representation of the women who work in the public sphere in South Riding points to the problems encountered by women in the post-war period. Sarah Burton, the headmistress of Kiplington High School for Girls, is the heroine of South Riding. She is a successful and independent woman. Her success is, however, dependent upon the fact that she works in female education. This was the only arena where women did not have to compete with men. The other important female character in this novel is Alderman Mrs. Beddows, who is the first woman Alderman on the South Riding County Council. In the 1930s, work in local government (an extension of the public work long practised by middle-class women) offered women more opportunities than work in national politics.

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Excellent portrayal of a splendid book, 2 November 2006

A huge fan of A J Cronins I thought this series captured and depicted the hardship of mining families beautifully. The book was based on Cronin's experiences as a young doctor working in a Welsh mining village. (Dr Finlays Casebook was based on Cronins experiences as a newly qualified Doctor in Scotland). This mini series made for TV was far better than the earlier film starring Michael Redgrave and Margaret Lockwood.

One of the most moving scenes is when Robert Fenwick is trapped in the mine with his son (Hughie), knowing that the son will never see his mother again. It is incredibly dramatic and full marks to Norman Jones for an marvellous piece of acting. The final scene where David, Fenwicks oldest son, leads his grieving mother away from the pit and the look of resignation on their faces is incredibly moving.