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no real plot but watchable and bad 3D, 24 March 2014

I always had mixed feelings about flicks about superhero's and the X-men wasn't any exception. Still, you watch them and sometimes are left with a bitter feeling. The spin-off Wolverine gave us a new twist on the X- men story. It's naturally all about the Wolverine Logan but we do have other characters from X-men in it so you have to know a bit of the story and The Wolverine is no exception. It doesn't stand on it's own. Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) do plays an important role even as she's in it for a few minutes. Nevertheless, if you don't know any of the history you can watch it but you will be left with some questions. Especially at the end, be aware that, a thing we do see often nowadays, not to turn the disc on stop, even as the end credits are running suddenly we move back to the flick and it's a really important part. Nothing to do with The Wolverine but with the whole X-men saga.

The flick itself wasn't that bad at all but you have to understand the Japanese world to like this picture because it all take place in Japan and has a mixture of Samurai and Yakuza. I had two problems with this flick, but one I could get over, it doesn't has any blood or cruelty all over the flick, sure, The Wolverine gets hurt but heals himself but I mean, when swords are battling with Logan, we never see swords going into the flesh, or when the wolverine gets mad and smashes his claws into the flesh it's all done off-camera. But I knew that before, it was rated 12 years. But I did had a problem with the 3D. It just never worked out. here and there but I never had the 3D experience I had with other blockbusters. The effects on the other hand are good but not sublime. The train scene is excellent but their were other effects like the healing that I didn't like at all.

Mixed emotions again with the X-men..., simple story line and of course an open ending..For many the best so far in the X-men franchise. It wasn't bad I admit but not a wowser.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

finally a flick about robots with a story, 17 March 2014

I never intended to pick this up because there are so many flicks out with robots and some do work but when monsters are involved it could become a camp flick. But when two major shops left our country the had to get rid of their stock so that was the moment to visit both, and I came across Pacific Rim 3D rather cheap.

Now that I finally has seen it I'm happy I did. It's an excellent flick and even as it contains monsters and robots in the main lead it do has a real story to tell. When the flick started it immediately reminded me of course of Godzilla but also Cloverfield (2008) came to my mind. But it wasn't all about monsters here. There's a bit of a macho thing going on and a love story luckily that part you could see coming and is only a main issue the mast minute.

On part of the effects they were stunning and the 3D was also worth watching. Even as it clocks in over 2 hours this flick was over before you know it. It never had any weakness. A rather big surprise that it was actually good after the failure of Battleship (2012) and Batlle Los Angeles (2011). And when it do becomes camp it's when Ron Perlman (Hannibal) comes in.

Be sure to watch further when the end credits start, there's a big joke coming...Now that those monsters are killed it's time for Godzilla (2014) to attack again...

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0,5/5

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extremely slow but a real sickie, 13 March 2014

By searching a few flicks on DVD I came across this for me unknown flick. But somehow I picked it up and I must say that I found it an excellent movie.

But let me first say that this gory horror isn't going to be a flick for the usual viewer and also not for every horror buff walking around. The reason is very simple. It's a slow moving flick. The score, if there is one, is classic music and when they use some shots it's pure industrial. And I can't say that there is a lot of talking.

Still, it's worth picking up if you can stand the above and if you are open for a real sickie. Some say that it could have been a short in stead of a full feature of 100 minutes. So you can think how slow it really is. On part of the horror some will laugh with it, others will turn their face away, some will actually puke and the ones like me will love it. Nothing in fact is explained.

This flick starts with a girl and boy making love. Both naked of course and full frontal. That may be shocking for some too because from the moment they leave their bed, the girl do walk around for almost the entire flick naked, full frontal. But don't think it's gratuitous. Maybe in the beginning but after 5 minutes the blood moves in slowly and her body starts to decay. And that's exactly what we see. First she has a few bruises and after a house party at hers one of the guys shows he's in love with her. Her boyfriend doesn't like it of course and they all leave the girl behind. From their her body starts to decay in a gory fashion. Naturally the one in love with her comes back and even as her body doesn't look in shape she gives head spitting out the cum. After that, her body starts to fall apart, sh*tting and p*ssing in her room. And it's from here that some could puke. Still masturbating, full of maggots and rotting flesh she even turns into a mad sick girl. Maybe I have said too much but it really turns into a sickie.

A nice surprise and surely one to put into your horror collection. Even as it shows that it was a low budget. It only takes place at the apartment of the girl but luckily all the money went to the gore and maggots, no CGI used!

Gore 4/5 Nudity 3/5 Effects 4/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

Fausto 5.0 (2001)
shocking for some but a bit too much of blah blah too, 13 March 2014

Spanish horror flick in the David Lynch style it was told to me and it took me years to finally get a grip on it. Maybe I had to many expectations but at the end it wasn't my cup of tea.

I won't go into the story because otherwise I would tell the plot. But if you like Lynch or Jacob's Ladder (1990) then this is surely your thing. We do have strange personalities, like the old woman, and the devil himself is walking around and his victim will meet his daughter who strips before his eyes and give head. And maybe that the most shocking part for some, the nudity involved. There's one scene were our victim goes to a Gothic bar and takes a teenager with him, she goes fully naked and do make love with him. To be honest, that's what we think because there are dreams in dreams.

Nevertheless, maybe the gore lays in the fact that we do have corpses being ripped open for research and we do have gratuitous nudity. But overall, I do like art flicks but Fausto was a bit to much of blah blah.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

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not as the other entries into the paranormal activity series, 12 March 2014

After the Saw franchise it was time for Hollywood to start another franchise. The end of torture porn, welcome to the world of shaky camera's and the to be believed real footage. It spawned a lot of flicks, let still be Blair Witch Project (1999) the mother of them all, but the most notorious is the Paranormal Activity series.

2013 should have released part 5 but somehow around Halloween it vanished from the earth. January saw the release of The Marked Ones. Let me first of all say this, it's a spin-off or a prequel if you want because only Katie is in it for a few seconds, in fact, it takes another turn. After the success of V/H/S (2012) and especially the ultra gore part 2 (2013) it's clear that the producer, Christopher Landon, of part 2 until 5, decided to pick in on that success.

It's a whole different approach towards paranormal activity. No clocks here on-screen showing you the time at night. No fast forward scene's. What we have here is maybe more scary then the other paranormal activities and it even has full frontal nudity but you've seen it all before. It should perfectly fit on one of the V/H/S entries.

It takes place in a Hispanic area and that's a thing that the production went for the money because the paranormal activity series is extremely popular with Hispanics.

The difficulty with such kind of flicks, the found-footage, is that they can't add something new to it. You have seen it all before but still I'm sure that a lot of people are waiting for part 5. Still, typical for the series, you have to wait a while before the activity comes in.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1/5 Effects 2,5/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

better and more frightening then the Insidous saga, 11 March 2014

James Wan, who had a break through with Saw (2004) was the kind of director I wanted to follow. Have seen Insidious (2010) his effort into the possession genre I had some mixed emotions. I didn't found it scary. The follow-up, Insidious 2 (2013) had the same problems as part 1, it wasn't really scary. But in between those two flick Wan decided to make a real scary possession flick like we used to see in the eighties. And let this be this one here, The Conjuring.

Again, it's beautifully filmed and it surely had the feeling like those old school horrors. It takes a while before things go wrong but it just doesn't matter because I was sitting on the edge of my seat to know how this would end. What failed in Insidious, the way the ghost appear, did work out fine here. Even as they also walk around somehow it's more frightening than Insidious.

One of the better flicks about possession in years, a must see if you want a throw back to the old school horrors.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

great effects, bad story, 10 March 2014

I don't have trouble with flicks who are about well known people but are put into another story we usually find them. For example, Lincoln who's a vampire hunter or Hansel and Gretel who are witch hunters. Here we do have the monster of Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart)who is out to destroy a demon, Naberius (Bill Nighy) and save the human race and the gargoyles. So far so good and Aaron does look good and Bill does raise his eyebrow now and then but overall this flick just doesn't work.

From the first minutes I knew that I Frankenstein wasn't going to be what I hoped for. On part of the effects I don't have any complaints. It all looks amazing and works out great and have seen it in 2D you can easily spot that the 3D version will look stunning too but it's really the story itself that is weak or to say it like Frankenstein, it doesn't has a soul.

I just couldn't care if the monster could find the book or the gargoyles would survive. And just look to the ending. It's clear that they used the old trick, let's blow up everything, and let the monster say something special. Again, nice shots here and there (the camera mounted on the body of Eckhart, just like they did in the original Evil Dead trilogy) and great effects but the story itself, thunderbolt and lightning, let's reanimate it...

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 5/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

Nurse 3D (2013)
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just a no-brainer, 3 March 2014

Controversy about Nurse 3D and I get the point why so many people hate this movie but me as an exploitation geek and horror geek looked behind it all and only then you can enjoy this voyeuristic 3D flick.

Let me first say that the 3D isn't that much throughout this flick, a few instruments do fly in 3D and some shots are 3D but overall it's just a 2D flick. Nevertheless, the nudity used is pure voyeuristic. The main lead, Abby (Paz de la Huerta) do walk around a lot just dressed in her bra? walking around showing her underparts. Due that it in fact nothing has to do with the story, it isn't a porn or erotic flick, some viewers will have difficulty with that. Not only that, even Bowden (Danni) do walk around a lot in her sexy underwear. So I agree, it's surely one for the boys. But it do offer a lot more.

Still being a horror too it do offer things on that part. Towards the end the blood do flow frequently and it even has a few nasty shots. I can't say that it becomes gory and sadly a few effects (the writing of PIG) was done with CGI.

But I liked it due the fact that a lot of familiar faces of the genre do come across this flick, Katrina Bowden for example, but also Michael Eklund (Richie) and if you are in your 40'ies guess if you could recognize Judd Nelson (Dr. Morris) from the cult classic The Breakfast Club (1985).

It's not going to win prices but the acting was rather good, it's just a no-brainer to watch while necking some brewskies and a packet of crisps and if you can't get enough of Paz De La Huerta must pick up Enter The Void (2009) where she has the main lead and was controversial due the almost explicit sex scene's, directed by Gaspar Noe famous of Irreversible (2002).

Gore 1/5 Nudity 2/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

what is happening with the land of the rising sun?, 27 February 2014

When in Europe the label Shock started to release Japanese and Asian flicks everybody was looking forward, because it was hard to lay your hands on such kind of flicks. But soon people start to worry about the releases coming from that label. In the beginning it was okay and it contained the typical gore but nowadays they only release trash.

I was looking forward to see Gokudo Heiki but from the start you know this is going to suck hard. There's blood sputtering and there are actual killings going on but it's the way it was acted and the cheap CGI that makes it not watchable for me. I don't have problems with those kind of flicks but this one here left me sitting with an open mouth. What the hell is happening to those flicks coming from the rising sun and were known for their extremities. I have heard that so many people has left shock for what it is and I must agree with them. It do has a few good moments but overall it takes too long and exaggerate on part of the acting. Sad but true.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 1,5/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

I had a few issues, 25 February 2014

I was looking forward to see the debut of Danielle Harris as a director. She should know what should be in a horror flick because face it, she's in the scene from her youth (Halloween 4 (1988)) until today and has been seen in a few classics within the genre. But I was left with a bitter feeling at the end. I liked it somehow but I also had a few problems with this debut.

I liked the story and the way it was shown. But I had troubles with the editing somehow. It's clear that reaction shots were inserts and the inserts are edited to slow. The reaction of some doesn't fit into the fact or reason why they should react. On the other hand, the torture that we do see is okay and it all looked good but once one of the friends is tortured he or she just staid in the game. When fingers are being cut off or even one his testicles they all stay alive. maybe I don't get it and it's all part of this flick but for me that teared this flick down.

It's funny to see Kane Hodder and Michael Biehn here in a cameo which is normal, Danielle worked together with Hodder in Hatchet to Hatchet 3 and her best friend is Jessica Blanc, who is married with Micheal Biehn.

Due the way the torture and the afterglow was presented I also had a bit of a problem with the acting. Still, Danielle did well and there are a few rare scene's to see especially when Lily is tripping on paddo's.

Is it a must see for the geeks of the genre, well, I understand that a few did have actual problems with Among Friends. It never really becomes gory and there's no nudity even as there are a few erotic scene's and the ending, there's a lot to say about that part too. Among Friends, you love it or hate it, sadly I'm in between.

Gore 1/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

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