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A lot of fun, 1 February 2005

I really enjoyed this movie. It's more a story of a human being with no redeeming characteristics, save a significant hatred of evil, and I find that oddly appealing. John Constantine's journey toward heaven or hell is effectively portrayed as the human journey we all have to take, with of course the requisite explosions and great special effects. Shia LaBeouf's character is as fun to watch as he always is, though I wish he had more screen time; hoping that that will happen in the inevitable sequel. The opening scene is particularly potent, and a warning that the usual rules of a horror movie will not be followed. A great deal of fun for those looking for a good time.

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Absolutely Relentless, 25 February 2004

Breathtaking, relentless, visceral and brutal. I remember a scene where one of the characters spoke to Jesus and said "Just a little more, its almost over" and I felt like the director was talking to me. Charges of "excessive violence" by Americans (I am one) strike me as lacking in morally authority. This was not violence for the sake of violence; it had a point. Christians basic belief that Jesus had to suffer pain for our offenses made it necessary to push the envelope here, and not let us off the hook. An inspiring, challenging movie. I can't say I liked it; that would be brutal. So let me say this instead: I needed it.

Big Fish (2003)
Stunning, 19 January 2004

Absolutely stunning. Powerful, emotional, hilarious...all these things and more. A movie about reconciliation, love and the joy of life. I highly recommend this movie; particularly for those who need a "lift" without the typical hollywood transparency.

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This is it, 9 December 2003

This movie absolutely blew me away. A fine, sweeping, emotional story of redemption and sacrifice. Great acting, powerful story telling and beautiful scenery. It does tend to drag on a bit toward the end, but any problems are easily overlooked by the overall greatness of the movie. I highly recommend this.

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Good, predictable fun, 9 September 2003

Having just seen the pilot, I must say I enjoyed myself. All the obvious elements are present to place it solidly in the category of your average sitcom (predictable set-up's, obnoxious laugh track, etc), but the great sense of timing among the actors and the dialogue set it apart from the others. A fine effort.

Great summer fun, 17 June 2003

A fine movie; crisp timing, good acting and great dialogue. I enjoyed this movie very much and recommend it highly. Something rare about this movie; the director lets you use your imagination; there is, believe it or not, some subtlety to this movie. Enjoy!

Great diversion, 15 May 2003

A great diversion! I enjoyed myself during this movie; the action is perfectly choreographed, the characters are consistent with the premise and the ending extremely well done. Good flick, lots of fun.

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Shockingly Good, 31 March 2003

A fantastic movie; intriguing plot crazy dialogue, diverse characters, all out fun. I highly recommend this movie. Weaknesses? A couple of times, the vulgarity was gratuitous.

All in all, I dug it.

The Hunted (2003)
A good diversion, 20 March 2003

This was a good movie; certainly not great, but very well put together. The fight scenes were intensely well choreographed and didn't have so much flash that you couldn't tell what was going on. The strength of the movie to me lied in the skills that the various characters portrayed. The weakness was definitely in the movitvation of the Hallam character.

I enjoyed watching this movie and will definitely buy the DVD when it comes out.

Lots of fun, 6 February 2003

This film was a hoot. A great blend of tension, intrigue, humor and character. All of these qualities held together by a cast of excellent actors. Until the credits had begun, I waited for the next surprise. I recommend this movie highly. Enjoy!

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