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Spy fiction is as old as the times. These tales of tale of deceit, deception, and tension continue to be staple of filmed entertainment. Spy films broadly fall under two categories of relative realism (such as the adaptations of John Le Carré) or as fantasy thriller (such as James Bond). There are numerous sub-genres mixing elements of film-noir, comedy, romance and murder mystery with varying degrees of success.
Starting from the silent era, spy films perhaps reached their peak during and immediately after World War II. Cold war spy thrillers relied more on building up tension as opposed to action to entertain. Post cold war films have grown to reflect social tensions and international challenges relevant today. The genre has been visited by some of the best directors of our times and and it is difficult to come up with any rankings or classification. The list should be treated as nothing more than a collection of personal favorites are not as per any ranking. Comments and suggestions are welcome.
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Military horror films combine two greatly entertaining genres of military action and traditional/nontraditional horror elements. It is a small subgenre where the emphasis shifts from action to building an all-around sense of foreboding and impending doom. This can take the form of a tightly knit group of individuals pitted against some external paranormal force or intrinsic forces inside the human mind. The rigid discipline of the group, bleak and fatalistic settings, and military action all combine to provide stimulating entertainment. Here is a list of what I have seen and liked. The list should only be seen as a collection of personal favorites.
Note: The listing is not as per ranking.
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These, as per my personal views, are the 25 most gritty, hard-boiled and exciting cop action films from Hollywood in the last 50 years. Some of them are more of dramas and some fall under the buddy-cop/action/comedy genre. They are certainly not defined by body count methodology. The chronology of the list isn't as per any rating.

Added Later: I have expanded the list to include some more personal favorites that I happened to watch and re watch recently. The new additions are numbers 6, 7, 9, 15 and 22. Hope they make quality addition to the list.
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Revenge is sweet, and also makes for a fairly good yarn. This primal human instinct has been the subject matter of countless stories that continue to entertain us. Here is a list of 20 handpicked revenge themed films from around the world.
Note: The list is not as per any ranking. Number 21 is a BONUS entry. Enjoy!