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I liked this film., 30 October 2006

I took my nephew to see this film as part of the Texas Frightmare Weekend event in Grapevine, Tx. with great trepidation. There are very few "blood and guts" zombie type films that I enjoy. This one I liked. My nephew's was one of the early positive postings for this film as he loved the feature. We ordered the film today off the net and we were perusing the IMDb when we saw a few of the negative comments regarding this film, so here is my comment! First of all this film was photographed well for a horror "Blair Witch" crappy camera handiwork...please! The actors were, I thought, great for a low budget film...and believe me when I tell you that my nephew rents many of these other B-movies that have actors with no acting skills at all in them. I liked the lead bad guy and, uniquely enough for this type film, thought that there was genuine depth to his portrayal. I also liked the Clint Eastwood character and thought he was played well. The Eastwood persona was fun to watch. No, this film is not "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly" and I don't think it was meant to be, I took it as a zombie film meant to entertain while parodying some elements of the Italian western films of the old days. It was actually fun to watch this one and I'll it watch again when we get the DVD. I cannot say this for some of the other crap that my nephew brings home!