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Unforgettable Classic, 11 October 2006

I remember seeing this episode when I was five. That is how strong of an impression it left. Some thirty plus years later I read a collection of short stories that involved horror and children, which this story was part of. I knew it was the same that I had seen as a kid and the hunt was on. I finally found the episode and bought it. The episode involves a spinster aunt who basically has no time or patience for an orphaned child's imaginary friends and make believe world and tries to put an end to it. She soon learns why she should have listened and been a little more receptive to her niece's imaginary world and make-believe friends. If you can find this episode get, it since it ranks up there with the memorable "The Unlocked Window" and others. The old master Hitchcock, while most famous for his intrigue and murder mysteries in TV and film, could also do a nice nasty horror episode as well. This episode will haunt you, especially with its ending.

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A Nice Little Series, 8 August 2006

I have only seen a few episodes of this series and I like it. I own the story A Voice in th Night and it is truly a suspenseful and scary story with a lot of subtle horror. The stories and the writing I have seen from just a few episodes is crisp and tight in the telling of very good and entertaining stories. Seriously, this needs to be on DVD like another series Bus Stop almost from the same era. As it is, this series stand alone on the strength of just the few stories I have seen. I seriously hope I can find more of this long forgotten and little known gem. If you can get copies or even few them, you will not be disappointed. At least not from the few I have seen.

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A Love Story to Motown's Boys of Summer, 28 April 2006

having lived in Michigan all of my life I am very familiar with the 1968 Tigers. They are perhaps the most loved team in sports history here. While others may be loved and revered this team is the one that is never forgotten and always mentioned when a sports franchise wins another championship. It was a come back team from a city trying to recover from some very bad riots the year before. Those of us in Michigan can remember 1967 very well. Even those of us out in the suburbs had a curfew during those trying times. many of us also remember the Tigers were eliminated from contention on the last day of the year in 1967.The next year was magic. In most of their games they came from behind to win late in the game and then became only the third team to come from a 3-1 deficit to win the World series over the favored and defending champion St. Louis Cardinals and their Hall-of-Fame laden line-up. I remember seeing on TV people black and white hugging and celebrating the Tigers victory, when a year earlier they might not have had anything to do with each other or been at each others throats. It might be a story only those who lived here can understand or empathize with. But, it is our story, and for one year, a baseball team made us forget our troubles during some very turbulent times.I knew many kids who like me lived in the suburbs who wanted to be like Willie Horton, Earl Wilson or Gates Brown and years later I knew many black people who wanted to be like Al Kaline,Norm Cash, Denny McLain or Mickey Lolich. These players are still loved, admired, and respected not only for winning, but because they too were part of the community. Most had mid-western and Michigan roots and still do. For outsiders, this is a chance to see what and why this team means so much to so many people in Michigan and Detroit.To this day, the Tiger of 1968 are still special. This story tells you why.

The Fog (2005)
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New Fog is a Clouded Mess, 23 January 2006

I am a big fan of the original Fog. It was a very good and yet, little ghost story. The story was well done as was the acting and most of atmosphere. It is truly a ghostly horror classic. True the original was underrated, but as ghost stories go it was pretty solid and timeless. The characters in it, like John Houseman, etc were much more memorable and pertinent to the story. The remake is lacking. We know nothing or very little of the characters, the story is disjointed, and skips around too much. MINOR SPOILER: we hardly ever get to see or experience the vengeful ghost like we did in the first one.Even the characters are not presented in the same way, which makes it even more dull. The special effects for as advanced as they were, were also lacking in comparison to the primitive ones of the original in 1980. In a word, this movie was lacking. Lacking in everything, especially in chills and horror. Maybe this should be a lesson to filmmakers to stop remaking films. Only a few have been improved. The rest are seriously lacking. if you want a really good ghost story with some decent chills and acting, get the original, it's a classic. This should have been flushed. This remake is a clouded mess of movie that isn't even close to being as entertaining as the original. I think the director and Mr. Caprenter may have had clouded and foggy vision in making this movie.

Sideways (2004)
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No Way for Sideways., 17 June 2005

This movie was one of those that the critics praised as great like the Piano,and American Beauty but in all actuality sucked. Highly praised and acclaimed and stunk. The movie was advertised as a comedy. My one question was, where was the humor? It was a humorless comedy.With the exception of Virginia Madsen's character, none of them were likable or sympathetic. Just pathetic. Paul Giamatti played a wine snob who looked down on somebody who waited tables and stole from his own mother. Great character he was. Haden Church played and man who was due to get married in a week and was out boning anything, especially Sandra Oh, right before his wedding. He even thinks about calling off the his wedding for this hot piece of @ss. Even after he suffers a broken nose from her finding out that he's getting married he's off after a fat waitress within a day or so. Nice guy that is. Why is this movie about two pathetic losers considered a funny comedy. I kept thinking this piece of crap would get better just like the Piano and American Beauty, needless to say it did not. Hollywood sure has a warped idea on what the rest of the country is like. As for me it's no way for sideways. No way is it funny. No way is it entertaining. No way is it worth watching. It is crap with a capital "C"

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An Excuse To Make Child Abuse Entertaining!, 26 April 2005

I did not know what to expect form this movie when we went with our kids and some friends. Midway through it I had to get up and leave for a moment. This movie was the biggest piece of sh!t that I have seen in years. It is that because it has tried to make child abuse by Jim Carrey's evil character entertaining. Yes, he played his role well and visually, it is quite nice as well. But, the underlying theme of the whole movie is these kids trying to get away from and evil Count Olaf who basically wants to kill them. His hits them, tries to force on into a child-marriage, makes them do hard labor, and over an over again tries to kill them. I am no wimp or wussie and this movie made me sick. I hated it. I have seen abuse like this from a family member and they looked the same. I knew that Horrorweird was sick and did some pretty raunchy things, but trying to do it in s children's story, and as entertainment, they have sunk to a new low. I have been a JIm Carrey fan for years, but this guy was not funny, not even remotely and was quite pathetic. Do not take your kids to see this. This is a sick movie made by sick minds. It is depressing and very hard to take. I can see why so many main stars were in this. This is cinematic crap, or celluloid sh!t. I wouldn't have rated it a one, but the scale goes only 1 through 10. Avoid like a pile of manure. It is child abuse made to look entertaining and that's it.

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Wayne and Ford at Their Very Best!!!, 10 January 2005

The Searchers is one of the best westerns ever made. It has to be top five. Personally, I place it at Number one. The Searchers is the culmination of John Ford and John wayne at their very best and the very pinnacle of their careers. Ford , may well go down as one of the top ten directors ever with this film. Whoever said John Wayne couldn't act had never seen The Searcher's. This was not your typical John Wayne. Wayne plays an embittered, uncompromising, no very friendly or lovable person. He is prejudice, world weary and filled with hate towards who ever is in his way, whether it is Commanche or others. He plays Ethan very well. This was as intense a role as I can recall for John Wayne. The others play their roles to perfection as well, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond, etc. all play their roles well. Henry Brandon plays Scar as well as Wayne plays Ethan Edwards. They are in a sense one and the same, mirror images of each other. They both respect and hate each other. The scenery, the acting,the cinematography and especially the story are riveting.The story is the the movie and Ford, as a director was an excellent storyteller. He begins with the door to his brother's place opening, like a book opening up to tell its story and ends it the same way. If you had to buy one John Wayne western it would have to be this one. Only two others come close and they are The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance or Stagecoach. This is the best work John Wayne has ever done, bar none. Who can't help but dislike and respect him simultaneously.The movie shows a man on mission to get back what family he has left. John Ford and John Wayne reached the pinnacle of their talents as actor and director int he telling of this story. The Searchers is one of the great all-time classics.The Searchers could be considered not only one of the best westerns ever, but one of the best movies ever!

Them! (1954)
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Them is ants you will not step on!, 7 January 2005

Ever since the first time I saw Them! it has been one of my favorite science fictions movies. It is a classic and one of the top ten greats of its genre. Them! was the movie that started a bunch of imitators in the giant bug sci-fi films.It was the best of the lot. The story starts out like a murder mystery and takes itself very seriously. Them follows the less is more theory and you are not sure who or what the killer in the New Mexico desert is. The characters are real and believable. For years I associated Edmund Gwynn with Them more than I did with Miracle on 34th Street.Say what you want about the special effects, they may have been limited but they were well utilized and pretty good for the budget and their day. The overall story and the suspense that followed int his movie was great. The part where some of the ants hatched aboard a ship at see was well done and added some extra menacing drama to the movie. Now that I am grown up I have owned Them on both VHS and eventually DVD. I enjoy this movie. It is not only entertaining and very done science fiction, it is fun. I feel bad for movies like Them, The Thing, War of the Worlds, Forbidden Planet and the Day the Earth Stood Still, because ever since Star wars, it's as if they have been relegated to second class status, when they should in fact be right up there with those movies. Them gave a giant monsters with a well-thought out and intelligent script. It is in my top ten sci-fi films and top ten sci-films of the 1950's. This movie was a trend setter and any film that followed after wards with a giant bug in it owe its allegiance to Them! This is worth buying, that is how much I recommend this classic 1950's science fiction film. Truly this is a great science fiction film. One of the greatest, in fact. You can't step on these ants, not Them.

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A Moving and Entertaining Reminder of the Past Japanese Culture, 3 September 2004

The Purple Heart is one of those movies that stays with you. Yes, there is some sentimental and patriotic themese and stereotypes in it. But, considering that it was made during wartime when, while the war may have no longer been in doubt by 1944, it was far from over. The performances by Dana Andrews, and others as the basically doomed American flyers was very good. They managed to not only evoke sympathy and sorrow for their predicament, but strength, bravery and loyalty. If anybody thinks the Japanese portrayals were over the top or unrealistic, then go read the Rape of Nanking and about the Bataan Death March and the real building of the Bridge on the River Kwai. Putting it bluntly, I know a number of veterans who wished we dropped at least six more atomic bombs on the Japanese to pay them back for their cruelties and war crimes. For its time, the movie was pretty accurate and dead on historically. The performances are riveting.All in all it is a pretty good portrayal of how the Japanese actually were. As for the knucklehead who said that we started the war, go read a book meathead. The Japanese actually attacked us before Pearl Harbor near Nanking and the U.S.S. Panay incident where they bombed our gunboat that was a neutral country. This led to the boycotting of materials to the Japanese mainland.

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Say what you will about this movie, but in the end it is funny. Is it Shakespeare and the bard? Hell, no. Just take it for what it is, a funny, guilty pleasure that is great. I like this movie. I like it a lot. Is it an American Graffiti wannabe? Yep. But, with the group of friends I grew up with we kind of experienced a few of the things in this movie so we could relate to it. The movie is funny,sophomoric a little raunchy and dirty in spots, but so what? The story isn't too bad and as a movie it is entertaining. we get to see several young actors and comedians just starting out. This is the perfect movie to be shown the weekend of the Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan. It is basically the perfect guys movie, because it has cars, topless and nude women, drag races, beer, topless and nude women, great music, practical jokes, insults, topless and nude women, simulated sex and innuendo,more women, farting,and of course topless and nude women. This movie makes no pretenses on what it is. Just sit back and enjoy it like any other guilty pleasure. It's a fun movie!

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