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Wuthering Prejudice, 19 September 2005

After seeing this film, I came to the conclusion that if they had taken the same cast, sets, costumes etc, but instead of making Pride and Prejudice they had made Wuthering Heights, it would have been absolutely fantastic.

As it was, in my opinion Colin Firth has nothing to worry about, his well-deserved reputation as THE Mr Darcy isn't under any threat.

The précis of the story was very well done considering there is an awful lot of content to get into 2 hours of film, but at the cost of much of the characterisation, comedy and humour.

And I'm not sure what the long scenic shots of Elizabeth staring (into the distance, at statues, at herself in the mirror) were meant to achieve. There could have been more actual content instead. Jane Austen didn't bother with elaborate scenic imagery and the film didn't really need to either.

It's definitely worth seeing this version, but for me the definitive one remains the 1990s BBC adaptation.

The Ring (2002)
Not quite as effective as the real one, but a very good remake., 24 February 2003

I was looking forward to this remake, after seeing the original a while ago. And I enjoyed it a lot. Though it does change quite a bit of the story, it does a very good job of staying close to the bleak and spooky feel of the original.

It's probably because I saw the other one first, but so far Samara hasn't had me lying awake at night or frightened of reflections and televisions, like Sadako did. But I did jump quite a few times. A very good effort.

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I jumped, once., 2 November 2002

I got this out of the video shop when I was 14, during my still-scared-of Freddy-Krueger phase. And even then it made me a little bit surprised at one point, but nothing else. I saw it again last night, and got bored very quickly.

The original Halloween film was great, menacing and with some genuine jump-worthy moments, but this film unfortunately has nothing in common with its predecessors in terms of plot or style.

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Nothing else to do, and still a waste of time., 2 November 2002

I saw this film when I was on a 9 hour ferry crossing, I didn't even have to pay to go and see it, and it was still the most painfully stupid and unfunny film I have ever sat through. I actually quite liked the first film, being young and impressionable it made me laugh. But this was just embarrassing.

I'm very happy to help this film out with its progress up the IMDB list of worst films of all time. 1/10.

Ringu (1998)
Physically scary, 20 June 2002

This film is terrifying, certainly the most frightening thing I have ever seen. I left feeling exhausted and shaky, and couldn't sleep that night. It left me hugely scared of innocuous household objects and a week later I was watching my clock... Brilliant.