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Great memories .... if you're a real fan of Bluegrass music., 24 April 2012

Yes, if you are a die-hard Bluegrass fan, you must get this DVD. Some great footage of some of the greats. Some great footage of younger players, too.

But realize that the sound quality (and really, the video quality as well) is not what you'd find on most music DVD made in the past ten years. That's why only 7/10: the sound is pretty bad on a lot of it, especially the mixing (or lack of it): sometimes you see that there's five instruments playing but you only really hear one or two.

But in the end you get 29 performances and a good bit of commentary from some of the legends of Bluegrass music, material that preserves some great memories of twenty years ago. I was not there during this awards ceremony but it did bring back memories for me of having experienced concerts & jam sessions with almost all of the featured performers here.

A slice of time in Bluegrass history of the early nineties.

Half Light (2006)
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Boring !!!, 10 August 2006

I'm not a fan of Demi Moore so maybe this affects my enjoyment of the movie, but most of it was very slow and very boring. A couple of medium-to-good scares, but otherwise fairly predictable. Much of my enjoyment of a movie concerns character-development in the story: do I begin to care about any of these people? In this movie (like so many others these days) I really did not care what happens to any of these people in the end. Sure, there were some sympathetic characters, but only minor players in the story. Demi Moore's acting was labored and contrived much of the time. And the days of Demi as a sex-pot are certainly gone. So it came down to mostly the story and the acting, neither of which was at all compelling.