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A Haunting Tale of first love, 1 February 2014

On January 23, 2014 there was a screening of an independent film by the name of Indigo Children. The film had been playing at the Quad Cinema in New York City for a few screenings.

The story of Indigo Children at first seems like a summer love story between two teens, but it is in fact according to the synopsis, the story is "a summer of mysterious disappearing acts in which a mysterious girl pursues a young man in her new small town home. Coinciding deaths and a disappearance create a common thread between them as they struggle with young love and loss over the course of one summer." The story was inspired by director Eric Chaney's experience about the first girl he ever loved. The story introduces Mark and Christina and their innocent but yet somewhat complicated relationship. In addition, as the plot unfolds, the audience gets to see where the complication originates. Two lost teen souls coming from dysfunctional homes and trying to be happy in life.

The film is sweet, haunting and a little melancholy, but very well acted and keeps you interested n finding out more about the characters.

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A smart film that is enjoyable for all., 7 May 2011

There are not many movies that I recommend to people, but this one make me break the rules.

I had the pleasure of seeing Jumping the Broom at for a sneak preview screening on May 1st and I totally enjoyed it. People should totally tell their friends and family about this movie. I can't wait until it comes out on DVD because I am going to add it to my collections. Great job. They should make more movies like this.

The cast to the films was amazing. The script was good and there were some very funny and memorable moments. The story will resonate well with all types of families. It will make you laugh, make you think and even make you cry a little. I definitely think this is a must see film.