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These are movie pairings that have similar story lines, but which have been told in very different moods.
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Here's my attempt at defining what might constitute a humanist classic:


1a. Characters help each other, especially with regard to furthering science, medicine, or education or mastering some type of artistic expression.

1b. The characters strive for the well being of animals or the environment rather than improving each other directly.


2a. The main characters operate primarily within the natural world and are not motivated by supernatural considerations; however some leeway is granted for inner flights of fancy, dream sequences, or the literary devices of magical realism and allegory.

2b. The main characters begin with supernatural beliefs which prove harmful or ineffective and so they give up on supernatural causation at some point in the story.


3a. Optional. Some spurious division is overcome, such as race, class, religion, gender, ethnicity, etc., and the characters find their commonality in humanity.

3b. Optional. Some rigid or harmful orthodoxy or tradition is challenged, allowing a new flowering of human creativity.
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I want to create a list of (fairly) historical films that tell the history of the England from the William the Conqueror to Elizabeth II. I may also want to start listing films that deal with the period from Rome's departure through the pre-Norman period. I want to avoid purely fictional characters like Arthur and Robin Hood and Kevin Follett's adaptations even though something can be learned from those tales as well. I know some of the movies (Braveheart and Rob Roy) are told from a Scots point of view, but at some point, I would like this list to cover the history of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.
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I'm trying to figure out what movie to show for Pride Week this year. In the past, I've shown Angels in America and Milk. Feel free to weigh in on these since I haven't seen most of them and would welcome your input.
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These are films I'm planning on using in a film series to get people to think about their use or misuse of chemicals or behaviors. Some of these films only showcase the problem without suggesting a solution. However, I'm hoping that they still can help if shown to audiences that are solution-oriented.