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You know something's not right when you're sitting at the edge of your seat screaming 'Don't. Don't kiss. Arrgh, no. Yuck.'
Still, many of these films are worth seeing, some are even amongst my favourite of all times. Just don't take a date along and do expect to cringe.
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Schenker, A. "Terminal Cinema." In Senses of Cinema, issue 47. Melbourne, 2008.
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I started this list for Jeff, who was screening films in a former Church building. The space was astounding: spacious and dark, with just a little moonlight seeping in from the stained glass windows. The acoustics, however, were a huge stumbling block. With the sound echoing back and forth from the bare stone walls barely the dialogues became barely intelligible, one had to rely almost entirely on the subtitles to follow the story. Here's a list of films that have no dialogue at all, little dialogue, or where the image dominates the text to the point that one can almost watch them without hearing. I started off intuitively, going through the films I have seen and trying to remember which ones were almost silent. Then I sought out the number of lines of subtitles for each film, which turned out to be a painful 'reality check' as I was often waaay off, as you can see below.

[* I'm wondering whether I should create a dialogue-density index, dividing the total runtime by the number of subtitle lines....]
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Films made up entirely (or mostly, towards the end of the list) of old amateur home-movie footage. Not old newsreels, not short amateur fiction films, but real life snapshots, camera tests, wedding clips, etc. I'm also adding some films at the very bottom where renowned professional filmmakers turned the camera on their own lives... mostly on their girlfriends. This is a personal interest of mine. With some filmmakers I wouldn't know where to stop, e.g. Brakhage, Godard... so I'll only be choosing one or two. Comments and suggestions welcome.
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