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The Way Back (2010/I)
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Study the Time period and history of this B4 U GO...BUT SEE IT..., 8 June 2011

Great Filming...incredible views of very realistic(?) surroundings which you can imagine must look pretty damn foreign to anyone walking there for the 1st (or 10th) time...In places it reminded me of crossing the Salt Flats...where you look down and you're traveling at 110MPH! without realizing it at all...Look in the distance at a certain mountain (that doesn't look THAT far away, then 45 minutes later you see the same mountain in the standing still at 110MPH...Regardless though, the performances are all top notch in this film...Not quite an Epic film, as it lacks the intensity of the moment scenarios as with a film like uhh, Hidalgo(?)- the story of the half-breed, down & out, Spiritually LOST horseman who travels to Arabia (after a dare/insult to compete with his horse for the prize money to redeem himself (to himself) & the Native People known as the great horse culture...Well, this film lacks those intense 'of the moment' scenes which keep you on your toes... Unless you know the history of this time (in this place) and in these circumstances, you may find yourself 'looking away' from time to time...So to really 'enjoy' all this film has to offer, it's well worth it to do a little research (if that's your thing) and get the most out of a really good, well done film that offers several moments that will take you to many different places (both geographically...and within your own heart and mind)...My best advice?...Google it, read about it...and then go rent it, but watch it just the same!...

Kindest Regards, All!...


Iron Man 2 (2010)
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was just settling in to a plot/storyline..., 10 November 2010

...and by the time I was ready for a twist or something of a plot, well there was a fight of robots going on and the credits began to roll...I actually went back through the scene menu to make sure I hadn't missed an entire chapter (or three)...But sure enough, I'd 'witnessed' this entire (very straightforward) flick...So, my advice is to either have your popcorn and drinks ready to roll before hitting the start button because you really don't have the time to go for snacks...The movie will be over and you'll have missed the on screen action...but at least you wouldn't have missed any type of storyline, because it's just not there to begin with...I'd think this is the end of the Iron Man 'series' as apparently they really have nothing else to say about it...I felt like I'd seen an episode of 'Modern Marvels' or something along those lines, but not 'really a movie' (with a story, any twists, turns or other stimuli) Like you might expect in what most people cal 'a Movie'...take it or leave it on this one either way, you aren't getting a lot...

Papillon (1973)
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A movie soo good, it literally sets the standard for all other dramatic films of the era..., 17 March 2010

I really have to state my opinion as: 'A movie soo good, it literally sets the standard for all other dramatic films of the era'...It really is that good...the Proverbial 'Lightning in a Bottle'...

I saw this film as a young person upon it's release at a 'real' theatre...(meaning, an old theatre located in a prominent uptown setting (before urban malls had killed most small towns and UPTOWNS / DOWNTOWNS were really the center of all activity within a city's limits)...This wonderful place (where previously I'd only seen the release of 'H.R. Puff' N' Stuff'!), a single-screen huge-theatre 'complete with a real balcony...At any rate, it was as a wonderful place to really be engulfed in 'whatever' was presently headlining...I saw all the Bond films from the late 60's thru the 70's there and several others, BUT NONE could compare to the all encompassing story of Papillon...There's really nothing about this movie that anyone could complain about (regardless of how finicky)...In fact, This is probably the only film which one can only 'sing it's praises'...a true landmark of a film, no matter of when it was made, fine acting from the best in the business Steve McQueen doesn't need any bragging, nor does Dustin Hoffman...or for that matter any of the other casting selections...Just about as perfect as it can get!... As a side-note...which I have always found to be very 'weird'...Dustin Hoffman, with all the success this film brought him (and he to the film)...has never acknowledged...EVER...his time with Steve McQueen or their 'Butch & Sundance' equivalent performances in this landmark-film...It's as though it never existed for him...I may be wrong (completely), but I have never, ever seen him or even heard of him mentioning Steve McQueen or Papillon...and considering the magnitude of this film and their performances, I personally find that (as I stated)...nothing short of Weird!...

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Another 'forgettable' conspiracy, 5 November 2009

Here we go again...a definite 'B'Movie...masquerading around as something it'd (definitely) not...I just watched this the night before last and I already can't remember what it's really about...It's just a mediocre script...portrayed by mediocre talent...leaving us with a mediocre (at best) film...and easily forgettable, at best...It's not even among the top 100 of the similar storlines in the sea of conspiracy oriented a contrast, look at Mel Gibson's Conspiracy movie and judge it by that movie as the benchmark...made a decade earlier, a hundred explosions less, 10,000 miles less traveled and still we have a totally forgettable film here, by totally forgettable cast members...It's just not worth any effort...unless that might just be pushing the button on a remote (on a rainy Sunday afternoon, playing in the background while you sneak in a nap)...Otherwise 'save your coin'...and 'your time'...otherwise, it's just a conspiracy to get your money...even if it's a dollar from you at the Redbox (which is still 'TOO MUCH!...

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Wil at his best!, 5 November 2009

To anyone who didn't see Wil Ferrel's genius in his Saturday Night Live performances, well you're missing an element of humanity that cannot be implanted or're probably the same people who didn't recognize the hilarious genius of this film either...IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE A SUPER SILLY, LAUGH OUT LOUD FLICK...AND IT SURPASSED THIS GOAL IN EVERY WAY!...FOR THOSE WHO SAW THE GENIUS I'M SPEAKING OF..BRAVO!...'GOOD FORM EVERYONE!'...'DON'T BE AFRAID TO POINT YOUR TOES!'...This movie is extremely well written...(FOR WIL FERREL)...and doesn't disappoint from start to finish... If you are in the mood for a silly, silly movie with lot's of laughs > This is exactly what the Doctor (Rick Marshall) ordered! ...DON'T MISS THIS ONE UNLESS YOU ARE SO STUCK UP THAT EVEN LOADS OF FIBER IN YOUR DIET WON'T HELP, THEN MAYBE YOU ARE BEYOND HELP!..OTHERWISE, DON'T MISS THIS FLICK...In short, IT'S SIMPLY HILARIOUS...SIMPLY SILLY AND REALLY FUN & REALLY FUNNY!!!

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Uhhh, we lost the script, but I think we can make it anyway..., 5 November 2009

This movie finally made up my mind about something that has been bothering me for some time...would I rather watch a movie with big names or a movie with some unknown actors in the lead roles...and it comes down to 'whether they lost the darn script or not'...This one really pushes my last nerve though...Not only did the apparently lose the script, but these guys are obviously so sure of themselves that they feel they can move on ahead an just 'fake it'...because surely with the promos, people will buy tickets and they'll get paid anyway...this is without question a joke of a movie...without any jokes...The beginning teases you that this is gonna' be an involved, crime mystery, action flick...that less than midway...becomes obvious it's a 'running through the paces, 2nd rate script (if they had one at all)...That's nothing more than a predictable and EXTREMELY BORING MOVIE...NOT NEARLY WORTH THE FILM...and could easily have been done on a hand-held camcorder with the same results and BORING OUTCOME...NO WONDER IT FOUND ITSELF AT THE REDBOX ONLY WEEKS AFTER THEATRICAL RELEASE...THESE GUYS JUST DROPPED SEVERAL LEVELS DOWN ON MY ' MUST SEE METER'...Complete and utter junk for a film...not impressed...Uhhh, disappointed says it better...

Humanity's End (2009) (V)
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The Redbox special..., 28 September 2009

It's probably exactly what you expect..Rarely do films actually 'Surprise!' you these days...with all the hype given to any movie (regardless of how odd or bad) with a large budget, you get an idea of the movie...especially after a few reviews, what your friends say, and so on and so on....Well the same goes for these movies...the one's you 'Don't' hear about...You don't see the 'stars making the rounds on all thee late night talk shows, promoting their newest flick (& always pretending they have 'no-idea' what the clip is they brought with them)...So these films end up in the usual places...the bargain bins, the blockplaces will have a single copy (usually) and then there's Redbox...who unlike most places, let's you know upfront they have a mixture of the the best movies as they're released and tell you honestly that they have some genuine 'B'- movies...So, yeah, rent this one if you like sci-fi flicks, realizing it was done on a less than stellar budget and cut everyone involved with it some slack...The great thing about it is 'You might just find a real gem' among the 'B'-Movies available, but don't expect it...This has some good points and some low spots...But then again, keep in mind it had a 'B' budget too...

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Good Show..(finally) Worthy of Suess in 2009..., 9 June 2009

A good show...for practically' any age, I mean...for a lot of folks (even an ol' buzzard)'ll be: " Emotional...Well, here come the water-slide"...This script is crafted so well, inter-weaved with everything from outright lessons to some 'nearly subliminal' messages..."So let that be a lesson to one and to all...a person's a person - no matter how small"...

I developed & created a natl. (weekly) TV show's 3-D graphics & animations (several years ago while '3-D for broadcast was still in it's 'infancy')...Basically, a corporate situation, they bought an expen$I've computer and the expen$I've software, hired a single artist (me) & expected 'immediate-magic'...My point is (even though I 'did' accomplish some darn-good animations (in record-time & by-myself), Although I have followed all the 3_D animated feature$ that have come along in the last 15-years, I WAS COMPLETELY 'BLOWN-AWAY' BY THE ABSOLUTE-INFINITE QUALITY & METICULOUS-MIRACULOUS ATTENTION TO DETAIL THE ANIMATION-'TEAM' HAS ACCOMPLISHED IN THIS FILM...(regardless of whether you like 'the 3-D medium or not, & regardless of the state-of-the-art of 3-D software 'today', this is really 'high-art' and truly a must-see film...).

If you have children, 'Buy the movie' (as something new will be seen and learned in every viewing...If you're just looking for a quality flick to watch: 'rent this movie'.Either way, don't miss a moment (which is an eternity in 3-D speech!)... Bottom line is: It's well-worth the watch and the quality is all over this one...a classic adaptation of a classic master...

Milk (2008/I)
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Should've been a great documentary film...instead..., 25 March 2009

Yes, this entire story would've been done much more justice (for those seeking the true story - versus another: 'Based on a True Story' movie)...

I also think the film was given much more merit / credit simply because of the subject matter combined with the tremendous amount of hype dedicated to this film's debut.

I would really have liked to have seen this true-story covered as an in-depth / informative documentary rather than a theatrical film, because of just that...

It's a true story...

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nicholas cage in another melodramatic narrative storyline..., 21 January 2009

bangkok predictable...this would have been as effective as a pop-up type book...perhaps with a narrative tape telling the story...I'm really bored with this type of project from nicholas cage...It's just so monotone and's best described as 'purposely detached storytelling'...It almost appears that it's a labor to narrate the story...Of course, because of his previous body of work, people will pay to see his movies...regardless of the content, story, the reviews or whatever...but this is just enough of the same...I'm bored watching it...there are literally millions of folks who worry daily (including me) about how to pay all the bills each month, so I feel a little guilty about complaining about a movie where millions of dollars are spent destroying perfectly usable property (in the name of entertainment...assuming the last eight years have left you with anything to pay on...all in the name of getting a film together...At least, with this much money being spent, it seems like EVERYONE would be giving it their all to produce the best thing they are capable of...Let's just hope this isn't the best thing cage is capable of...Maybe try letting someone else narrate the story???...Heck, I'll read the lines for pennies per word (cosidering it's at least a few paragraphs (and I get screen credit!)...The point is, this approach just doesn't work (more than a few times, by the same actor) TRY SOMETHING ELSE...PLEASE!...

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