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A Wonderful and Powerful Telling of the Truth, 7 December 2003

Critics of this movie bristle at the suggestion that their motives are anti-semitic which, of course, they are. Since the day this long-overdue and powerful documentary was released, Palestinian sympathizers and terrorists everywhere have condemned and derided it. But this is an important film for a number of reasons, and prospective viewers ought not to be put off by the thinly-veiled hatred of the blame-Israel-first crowd.

First, the film methodically sets out details of one of the most brutal and indecent mass kidnappings and murders of the last 50 years. It is in this section of the film we learn just how depraved and fanatical is the mind of the Palestinian extremist. The extent of their depravity helps us to understand our own current problems with Arab extremists.

Second, the film reveals what appears to be incomprehensible incompetence on the part of the German government, as they marshal a law-enforcement response that seems deliberately designed to spare terrorists and kill Israeli's. The viewer already knows, of course, that all 11 hostages died, while 3 of the 8 terrorists survived.

Finally, in what turns out to be the films most shocking revelation, we learn the true connection between the German and Palestinian governments, explaining why what happened at Munich was anything but an accident. Seems like the Germans never get tired of seeing Jews killed.

If this all seems improbable to you, then see this film for yourself. My only hope is that by now the remaining terrorist, last seen in Africa, has fallen quietly into the arms of the Mossad.