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Plot summary, 1 January 2007

Kimble is recognized by a small girl at a country store who sees his wanted poster. Kimble flees into the wilderness. Sheriff Morgan Fallon (actor Don Gordon) sets out after Kimble in a helicopter. Meanwhile, retired sheriff Samuel Cole (actor Arthur O'Connell) sets out to find and capture Kimble using old fashioned methods.

Sheriff Cole lost his job 10 years earlier after believing a prisoner who falsely told him he was innocent, who then went on to kill others. Cole wants to prove himself, and make up to the community for his earlier mistake in judgment.

Cole sets a trap and easily captures Kimble, but after Sheriff Fallon arrives, the two of them compete over who will get to bring Kimble in and get the credit. The ruthlessness of Fallon often comes up short against the cleverness of Cole, but if either of them wins, Kimble will lose.

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Plot summary, 30 December 2006

Kimble works as gardener for a wealthy family, Mike and Laura Pryor. When son Glen is injured while Mike is at work, Kimble and Laura take him to the doctor.

Harold Cheyney, played by actor Leslie Neilsen, sees the three of them together, and the affectionate relationship between the child and Kimble. He presumes Kimble is Mike Pryor, and kidnaps him for ransom. He brings Kimble back to a hideout where his wife Irene Cheyney, played by actress Carol Rossen, is waiting. She is a willing and eager participant in the plan.

Cheyney is acting out of a need for money, and for revenge, since he was crippled by one of Pryor's trucks, and Pryor's attorneys cheated him out of compensation. When he learns he has the wrong man, he reduces the ransom price, but continues with the plan. Meanwhile, a photo by Laura helps police figure out who the kidnap victim really is, causing Kimble to face danger from two fronts.

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Plot summary, 30 December 2006

Kimble works at Bodin-Russet Kennels, a dog breeding and training operation run by Max Bodin, played by actor George Voskovec. Max has a complex relationship with his son Johnny and Johnny's wife Cora. Johnny is unhappy about his place in the family business and that his father appears to care more about the dogs than him. Johnny is influenced by Cora, who hates the business and wants Max to sell so they can leave. Max has an offer to sell, but is unsure if he wants to.

When Cora finds that the dog Colleen has hip dysplasia, she schemes to conceal it, because it would reduce the selling price of the business. When Kimble interferes, he gains an enemy who places him in danger. Kimble has to save the dog, tell Max the truth, and patch up the relationship between Max and Johnny before he can leave.

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Plot summary, 26 December 2006

Kimble hops a train, and in the car finds Carol Hollister, played by actress Diana Hyland. She is there with her baby. Another man, Preacher, played by actor Royal Dano, is fleeing the railroad guards and is helped aboard by Kimble.

Carol is weak and broke and needs to find her husband Jimmy. Kimble offers to help. He slowly learns that Carol is delusional. She survived a crash a year earlier that killed her husband and baby, and has kidnapped a baby. The police, led by Detective Malleson (actor Lin McCarthy), are looking hard for Carol and her unknown traveling companion, Kimble, after a tip from Preacher. Carol begins to think that Kimble is Jimmy.

In her confused state, Carol puts the baby in jeopardy. Kimble must find and save the baby, even at the risk of his own freedom. The ending, where he gets away, is very well done.

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Plot summary, 23 December 2006

Kimble works as a driver and stockroom clerk at Denshaw's department store. He overhears Pascoe needling Martin Rowland (actor Leslie Neilsen) about Rowland marrying the daughter of the founder of the store, Ginny Rowland (actress Diana Van der Vlis), to achieve his position at the top. When Pascoe, out in the parking lot, suggests that he has been fooling around with Ginny, Martin hits Pascoe in the face. Unfortunately, Martin is a former sports hero, and Pascoe dies from this single punch. Unknown to Martin, Kimble is a witness.

Vagabond Arthur Tibbets comes along, finds Pascoe on the ground, and steals his wallet and watch. Tibbets is arrested for murder. Kimble anonymously contacts the Rowlands to get Martin to tell the truth and clear the innocent man. Ginny, seeking to avoid embarrassment, employs Angstrom (actor Edward Binns), a former policeman and now store security chief, to get to the bottom of it and eliminate the threat to Martin and herself. Kimble should leave town, but he cannot allow an innocent man to be convicted of murder.

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Plot summary, 23 December 2006

Kimble, hitchhiking, accepts a ride from Hanes McClure (actor Warren Oates). When the sheriff of the small town, Charles Edward Shafter (actor Phillip Abbot), learns Hanes is coming to town, he tries to stop him, but Hanes rushes by him.

Hanes has a reputation of being a dangerous criminal who has committed robberies and killings. Driving recklessly, he almost hits a young man, Tad Thompson (actor Dee Pollock), and Kimble grabs the wheel to save him. However, Hanes and Kimble both end up in jail. While Charles Edward knows Kimble is innocent in the traffic matter, and is grateful to Kimble for saving his life when Hanes pulled a gun, he recognized him as Dr. Kimble, and had to take him into custody.

Tad's mother Marybeth Thompson (actress Madeleine Sherwood) is the nosy telephone operator. She treats Tad like a child, and is an annoying presence throughout the episode. Tad's father ruined his life by associating in crime with Hanes McClure, and she is afraid Hanes will have the same effect on Tad. Tad wants to get out from under his mother's suffocating influence, and admires the aggressive, self-confident Hanes McClure.

As a carnival atmosphere settles on the town with two major criminals in the local jail, Kimble must join with Hanes, whom he dislikes and mistrusts, in order to make a jailbreak. Yet, he must also discourage Tad, who is all too eager to help the prisoners and enter into an exciting life of crime.

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Plot summary, 22 December 2006

After medical school, Kimble served his residency at a hospital in the small town of Fairgreen, Indiana, where he met, and later married, nurse Helen Waverly. Her family lives there still, years after the murder.

When Kimble, on escape, learns that Helen's father Ed is about to go bankrupt and lose his business, he returns to Fairgreen to help, by finding in Helen's things information about an Indianapolis bank account with $5000 in it. However, the risks of going to Fairgreen are enormous. Kimble's face is well known in the town, and Fairgreen is unlike Stafford, where many people know him well, and like him. Even Lieutenant Gerard of Stafford has some respect for Kimble, while the Fairgreen police would just as soon shoot him as bring him in.

Relationships are complex in the Waverly household. Helen's younger sister Terry (actress Louise Sorrel) strongly believes in Kimble's innocence, and has had a huge crush on Kimble since she was a teen. Kimble's arrival interrupts her ongoing romance. Her mother Edith (actress Ruth White) maintains Helen's bedroom as a shrine, spending all day worshiping the artifacts she left behind. Edith hates Kimble intensely, as she believes he killed Helen, and she dwells on Helen to the extent of neglecting Terry. Ed Waverly (actor Lloyd Gough) also believes in Kimble's innocence, though not with the fervor of Terry. He feels he cannot help Kimble without hurting his wife.

Kimble is spotted by police early, and spends most of the episode avoiding the intense police manhunt. In no other episode is Kimble trapped in so small an area, with so many police after him. His capture seems assured. He must escape, but before he can do so, he must put things right in the Waverly household.

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Plot summary, 21 December 2006

Richard Kimble, after using an identity, usually drops it and does not use it again. However, while working under the name Bill Hayes, he is recognized by someone at his job site as being Eddie Fry, formerly of Black River, South Dakota. Though he at first denies being Eddie Fry, he admits it when he learns that after he disappeared from Black River, everyone thought he was dead, and Justin Briggs (actor John Anderson) was convicted of murdering him.

In flashbacks, we learn that Briggs was a cantankerous old man many years behind the times. Kimble worked for him. Briggs was angry at Eddie Fry for many reasons, some as trivial as bringing the book "Modern Business Practices" to Briggs' young adult son. Briggs took this as Eddie Fry trying to slander him before his son as not knowing how to run his business. In addition to being outraged about Fry interfering with his family, he is also angry that Janice Cummings (actress Diane Foster) was going to marry him, but now has changed her mind, which Briggs blamed on Eddie Fry.

At the trial there was truthful testimony that Briggs threatened in front of witnesses to kill Fry (Kimble), and truthful eyewitness testimony from Janice that she saw Briggs attacking Fry and trying to kill him. It was believed that Briggs hid the body in the swamp, and a deputy saw swamp mud on Briggs' boots. While it is true that Briggs violently attacked Kimble, Kimble was only injured and was able to get away.

Kimble, of course, cannot allow an innocent man to be executed. Everyone is shocked when Eddie Fry comes back to town to clear Justin Briggs, since all believed he was dead. Unfortunately, Justin Briggs was just killed trying to escape. Janice Cummings, and Kimble himself, face danger from an angry, disgusted town. Briggs' son Vin (actor Don Quine) declares he will kill Janice Cummings for lying against his father and causing his death.

Actor Harry Townes does a good job as Ballinger, who defended Briggs at his trial.

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Plot summary, 19 December 2006

Kimble, using the name Ben Horton, comes to a pier in southern California looking for work. Lars (actor John Ericson) directs him to Sessions' Gift Shop, run by Norma Sessions (actress Angie Dickinson). Kimble feels something for Norma, and she starts flirting with him from the start.

The job involves caring for Norma's brother Leslie (actor Robert Duvall) who was crippled in an accident. Leslie is unpleasant and suspicious of everyone, but Kimble eventually wins him over. Part of Kimble's charm to Leslie is that he gives Leslie physical therapy that gives Leslie some extra ability to move and for the first time makes him hopeful for his future.

Kimble is unaware that Norma and Lars have a plan to lure Kimble into killing Leslie so Norma and Lars can run away with his insurance money. Kimble faces enormous danger from the plotting of Norma and Lars, and from the involvement of the police.

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Plot summary, 18 December 2006

Kimble is arrested for hitchhiking by small town sheriff Joe Bob Simms, played by actor Pat Hingle. Simms, who has his eye on higher political office, is building Apache Park, which will contain a statue of the next governor, Simms. Simms uses labor from his jail to work on this private project.

Although the sheriff appears to many to be a great guy, and good with children, in reality he is a sadistic taskmaster. Kimble, gathering trees left for planting at Lookout Point in Apache Park, sees below him the sheriff tormenting prisoner Neely Hollister (actor Tom Skerritt) with the police car. When Hollister finally gets mad and throws a rock at the car, Simms chases down and kills Hollister with the car, but falsely reports it as an unavoidable accident.

Sheriff Simms tells Kimble the judge gave him time served, drives him to the outskirts of town, and orders him to keep going. But before leaving, Kimble returns to town, looks up the Hollister family, and tells them what he saw. Kimble's life is in jeopardy when the outraged sheriff learns that Kimble has been squealing on him. With a coroner's inquest scheduled in a few days on Neely Hollister's death, Sheriff Simms swings into action to make sure that Kimble will not be alive to tell his story to the court.

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