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Could we have an future cult classic on our hands?, 16 December 2005

Well, well, well. I claim the very dubious honour of having watched twice. Once with a friend and her kids; And again with my 14 year old.

Of course it's a stinker. But then many movies that managed to attain cult status have been worse stinkers than this one ('Attack of the Killer Tomatoes' for example).

One method whereby movies rise to cult level is by negative recommendation. People tell friends how bad it is, and the friends watch it to see why. And I've certainly noticed a whole lot of negative comments regarding this movie. For a long time 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' was regaled as the worse movie made. I and many of my acquaintances watched it just to see why it got that reputation. 'Plan 9' now enjoys a modest cult following.

Another contributing factor is unintentional humour. My second viewing of this movie had me chuckling at Lavagirl's constant Cheshire grins, and at some of the tacked in nonsense to show off the 3d effect (Sharkboy throwing a glass of water toward the audience during his "dance" routine, for example).

Sometimes deviating radically from the "norm" can project a film into the realm of cult status also. This movie, while not engaging in major deviation, still has enough strangeness about it to give it a little push in that direction.

Who knows. Perhaps in the future, droves of teenagers (and maybe adults too) will throng to theatres late at night, 3d glasses in hand, to see this little they do now for 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

Right now the future looks grim for this oddity, but I would certainly not be surprised to see it pop up out of nowhere sometime down the road.

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Unanimously a favourite, 8 July 2005

Upon reading comments of earlier reviewers of this title, I find myself in an unusual situation...I totally agree with them all! This is a wonderful movie. And excellent for all ages (except maybe for very small children due to the banshee scenes).

I'm very impressed with the effects considering when this was made. Almost flawless! And the story is so delightful and engaging, I can't imagine anyone not getting a lift from this hour-and-a-half of leprechaun fantasy.

Sean Connery is a little weak on the singing, but it certainly doesn't detract from the movie.

I've had this movie on VHS since way back, but recently I upgraded to a DVD. There are some interesting supplemental items on the DVD: Including a 'making-of' that explain the effects; And there is a "Wonderful World of Disney" excerpt with Darby O'Gill, King Brian, & Walt Disney that's cute.

I was surprised how much my teenage boys liked this movie. Usually they are too 'cool' to watch 'kids' movies (as they call them). And they were stodgy at first, but soon they were totally enrapt.

This is one of the best family movies I've seen. Get this one and hold onto it because they just don't make em like this anymore.

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Excellent (if old) western railroad movie, 11 May 2005

Since I live in Cheyenne, WY this type of movie really appeals to me. As all historians know, various towns along the route of this railroad (which coincides quite closely to interstate 80 in Wyoming) were made during its construction. Cheyenne and Rock Springs (because of its coal mining) were especially notable.

I had seen this movie several years ago and was delighted to see it being broadcast on the Turner Classic Movies channel. Perhaps they will re-broadcast it again in the future.

This movie, while not completely accurate historically, certainly gives an idea of the magnitude of the endeavor being undertaken. And it does feature a real locomotive which operated on the railroad during the period portrayed. Historical buffs definitely should not be swayed from enjoying this title simply because it may not strictly conform to history.

I won't go into the story except to say that the various sub-plots keep the viewer very entertained. This was a very well-done movie in my opinion. Acting was very good. And the cinematography was very impressive.

Fans of either westerns or silent-era films certainly should not miss this one.

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Good idea wasted!, 3 May 2005

My main concerns with this series are that it lacked decent characterisation and plot line. The family was far too 'normal' for the show to be exciting. And the plots seemed to be similar with a couple of exceptions.

Some comic-relief type character (along the lines of Dr. Smith from 'Lost In Space') would have added so much to this series. And the younger boy did absolutely nothing! They could have at least had him stir up trouble, get lost, or whatever now and then.

It seemed they tried to imbue a seriousness that just couldn't be carried by the plot or actors. Kroll and his sim-Nazi goons were way too obsessed with getting the Hardin family (or whatever the name was---I think they changed it frequently) to be believable. I mean they weren't leading a rebellion or anything. (Now, had they started a rebellion against the Zone Troopers, the show might have been much more interesting.).

Personally, I enjoyed watching these, but not nearly as much as 'Sliders' or 'Lost In Space'. My wife particularly liked the 'beauty and the beast' and the 'princess from the balloon' episodes. (I can't think of the real titles right now.) I had recorded these on VHS and dug them out the other day. Much to my regret, I couldn't find my favourite episode...the one where they have the motorcycle duel and the biker guys all take some powder drug. Seems I only have 6 episodes left.

As with any opinion, mine may not necessarily be consistent with our readers'. But, if you really liked stuff like 'Lost In Space', 'Sliders' or 'Dr. Who', you might like this series. I rate it a generous 6/10.

"Fury" (1955)
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Horse lovers delight!, 30 April 2005

These are for the most part really good shows. They teach values which isn't done much these days in kids' shows. Safe for anyone to watch...And interesting too. For some reason, I liked Graves in this series more than 'The Rifleman'.

The pilot episode starts off with the kid Joey (B. Diamond) getting into trouble and Jim Newton (P. Graves) taking him home to the Broken Wheel ranch. Joey then encounters Fury...and the adventures begin.

Some of my episodes show Joey as a small boy, and later ones show him older with a buddy, PeeWee, with whom he gets into many adventures. Sometimes they get involved with crooks. And sometimes it's more of a dramatic cheating at gokart races. And, of course, Fury usually takes a hand smart horse there eh.

For some reason my kids don't care to watch these shows. Although they seemed to like Sergeant Preston (another good oldie). Maybe it's the black and white syndrome. Also, the episodes on tape are pretty bad quality and the 16mm films are full of splices. As another reviewer mentioned, I'd really like to see this series on DVD.

If you can find this series, it's definitely worth your time. If you liked stuff like Lassie, Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, Rin Tin Tin and the like, you should have a go at this.

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Cute! A must for all young 'super heroes'., 30 April 2005

I chanced upon this series in an odd way: I had a foster boy who the kids called 'Clements' (his name was Jesse Martin) and I didn't know why until I saw this show. He was a dead ringer for Jerry O'Connell at that age. (He doesn't look like him any more---thank God!).

We all started watching this series (and ribbing Jesse as much as possible). Rarely did we miss an episode. And, although it seemed to decline some in the last season, it had a spirit not found in similar type shows. In my opinion, the first season seemed to be the best. I wasn't overly fond of Bolton who played O'Connell's best friend in the 2nd and 3rd season.

Personally, I like Jerry O'Connell (esp. Sliders). His kid movies have always had a special presence that stood out. (Even to the singing cockroaches in 'Joe's Apartment'.) The kid was a good actor---unlike most kid actors these days.

Also, the combo of O'Connell and Derek McGrath (Dr. Jeffcoat) was ideal and kept this series from ever being boring. For a low-budget production, they did a fantastic job.

The only faults I can find with this series are that there should have been more use made of O'Connell's super powers. (Some episodes had only a brief, almost unnecessary, use of his powers.) And, some of the guest actors were horrible!.

This series is now running on the Space channel (from Bell Expressvu). It airs on Monday mornings at 4:30am Mountain Time. As of the date of this review they have just started the first season again.

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A ski bum's dream come true!, 30 April 2005

Brief synopsis: Baxter (Dean Jones) inherits a hotel in Silver Hill, Colorado and quits his New York job to take up proprietorship. Although he discovers the hotel is no longer profitable as such, he sees the potential of converting it to a ski resort. Of course, as you can guess, all sorts of humorous mishaps befall the poor man and his family before he can realise this dream.

This movie was filmed on location in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado, thinly disguised as Silver Hill. Fantastic scenery here. Crested Butte has changed a lot since this movie was made, but you can see some of the landmarks still.

For many years we had only reel 2 of this movie and never could seem to find a VHS copy. To my great elation, I came across a DVD version a few weeks ago, along with a couple more of my old favourites 'Gus' & 'Big Red'. It was wonderful. They just don't make movies like this any more. I would love to see Disney do more movies like this; but I suppose they are not profitable.

Now, this movie is by no means a masterpiece, but it's so much fun to watch. I like stuff like the tree made of rubber that Dean Jones gets caught on; And the double-tipped skis he (or his stunt double) wears when skiing backwards. That kid's goofy snowmobile was a riot.

Even my teenage kids liked this movie. And I didn't have to worry about objectionable material like I do more recent movies (even from Disney). I figure if it makes me and my kids laugh it's worth it.

I recommend you check this out if you have kids and like to watch movies with them. My rating was a 7 on this one.

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Attack of the worm eater!, 24 April 2005

Ever wanted to eat worms? Here's a 'documentary' to show you how! Yeah...The kid eats live worms! And that's about the most interesting part of the movie.

This movie has been pretty well summed up by previous reviewers as rather boring. I'm totally in agreement here. The movie just doesn't go anywhere....unless you're fond of worm eating! This is one movie it's almost impossible to write a spoiler for....because nothing much happens.

Now on the technical side: They should have given that kid a haircut. Who's he trying to look like anyway...Bozo the Clown. It was almost comical...I almost expected him to turn into the shaggy dog or something.

And on top of that; the kid was way too chunky to ever look hungry! Should have kept him off the junk food for a couple of weeks before filming.

All in all, this movie nearly put me to sleep. And my kids could only handle about 15 minutes before they left the scene for something more interesting.

I will admit that the scenery was very impressive. And had there been a decent story to go with it, it might have made a hit.

It did seem safe enough for kids to watch: The bear scenes and the 'oddball' eyeball were too weak to frighten most kids, and the brief 'skinny-dipping' scene didn't show anything.

I gave this one a very generous 3.

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Cute kids' series, 30 March 2005

I remember watching reruns of 'The Terrific Adventures of the Terrible Ten' on TV when I was a kid. I grew up in Canada so I don't know if this show played in the U.S. or not, but it was definitely broadcast in Canada.

I have only 3 episodes of this programme on 16mm film in my collection so my comments are based on these episodes...I can't remember much about the ones I saw as a kid.

First: I'm very impressed with the production values of this programme. The musical score is excellent and the photography is well done also.

Second: The stories are juvenile, but appropriately so as this was a kids' programme. I found them cute and suitable for any age kids. All the kids have noticeable Australian accents.

The stories centre around ten kids who have established their own town (Ten Town) and run it themselves. It has its own hospital, town hall, radio station, bank, general store, etc. It looks like a bunch of clubhouses kids would build and is very cute.

Now where these kids' parents are is another story. But who cares when you're a kid watching this stuff!

Another mystery: In all 3 of my episodes there are never 10 kids present. Where are the rest of them?

My episodes are:

'Two Days To Zero' deals with a stolen rocket fuel formula. The formula is made up of, among other things, bicarbonate of soda and hot tea (and they make it on a kitchen table...oh boy!). The kids save the day by making their own rocket fuel and naturally foil the thief too.

'Marooned' in which the kids go to an island to cut Christmas trees and their boat drifts off. A raft is built and the kids calculate currents and such to get to their lost boat.

'Mystery At Wallaby Creek' Wallaby Creek is a town a few miles from Ten Town. A burglar/firebug is plaguing the town and everyone thinks a person who dresses up as a cat is the culprit. The kids from Ten Town help prove otherwise.

Each episode was originally made in two parts. Later (for reruns I imagine) the two parts were combined to make each story complete in itself. The original episodes were approximately 15 minutes. The combined ones run at around 25 minutes...Hey! 5 extra minutes for advertisers you know! IMDb has erred slightly on the title of this series. All three of my films state the title as 'The Terrific Adventures Of The Terrible Ten'.

The programmes were made in Melbourne, Australia by Pacific.

I've never seen this on video ever. Maybe I'll have to transfer some of my films one of these days. Copyrights are probably expired by now.

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Commendable recycling effort!, 4 March 2005

If there were an EPA for film, then this movie would get their most sincere approval. If we all recycled our "stuff" to this degree, we'd never run out of anything.

Funny how I was reminded of this movie when I first saw Starwars I: The Phantom Menace. At least Lucas didn't recycle his old footage.

This is a dud. But it's a nice dud. Cute in spots (I liked when the kid said, "damn rocks"). And, if you like explosions (even recycled ones) you will get your fill.

Actually for an obviously "no budget" film, it makes out fairly well. Acting is weak, but there is a little characterisation here and there. Story is predictable, but will lead you along anyhow.

This is an "everybody chases the kid" type of movie which probably will appeal mostly to younger audiences. I gave this one a 2 out of 10.

I dug up my old VHS copy of this film. I don't think it's on DVD.

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