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Super Sweet 16: The Movie (2007 TV Movie)
don't bother ...
6 November 2007
Im usually a fan of chick flicks, in fact i love them. But this movie was truly made-for-TV junk. I fell to sleep no less than 3 times throughout the whole affair, and couldn't wait for the movie to end. The acting was awful, the plot - even worse, and the annoying thing was,, the two main actresses, AL and aj kept plugging their mediocre music for all it was worth. There were even "guest appearances" (so my sister tells me, but for the life of me i had no idea who these people were) from past guests of the show "my super sweet 16". Just because your family owns a few million should not give you the right to think you can act when you clearly cant! Overall a no-go
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Wild 'N Out (2005– )
aimed at people who grew up in the Ghetto
27 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I guess it's an OK show, better than the dating shows such as taildaters, or "yo momma", but i guess i don't understand some of the American "black" humour involved.

It's a good concept, sort of like whos line is it anyway, but aimed at 18year olds. i like it when jokes flop, and i especially like it when the blonde girl makes a fool of herself, darn she just tries so hard! The white contestants constantly get picked on for being white, yet they cannot do it back to the black participants. Hypocrisy anyone? Nick Cannon is OK i guess, he presents the show, and joins in on some of the skits, hes not to in your face, just because he is the presenter.
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Cow Belles (2006 TV Movie)
22 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is truly awful. After seeing the advertisement for it, i thought it could have its charms ... but it didn't.The girls cannot act, and they cannot sing either. The soundtrack to this movie is full of their songs, and its not a pretty sight, Terrible story line, unbelievable plot, its one of Disney's worst movies by FAR!. Ally is not a bad actress on "Phil of the Future", so i don't know what happened in "Cow Belles". And her sister, AJ, seems to be just hitching a ride on her sisters "fame", and she displays no talent what so ever.

At the end of the movie the girls do finally learn some cliché morals, but this is to late to rescue this train wreck movie.

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Jersey Girl (2004)
sweet movie .. but thats about it
26 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I guess this is a sort of sweet movie, but I'm not to sure why Jennifer Lopez gets such big credit, shes in it for total of around 7 mins. I hate to say it but its sort of like a "video diary" of this guys life, guy meets girl, fall in love, get married, gets pregnant, wife dies, gets sacked from job, raises daughter, unfulfilled life, gets a glimpse back at his own life, realizes hes got it here, falls in love, happy ending.

To be fair there were a few parts which made me laugh. ie the talcum powder on the baby, was quite funny, and there were a few parts which made me cry. But over all i was expecting a lot more from Kevin smith. The little girl, i found was quite irritating, although her fascination with the Broadway play was quite funny id give this a 4/10
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