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Hilarious, talented, amazing, versatile, wonderful!
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If there is a film in this list (there are three) that are from a trilogy, this means it is the TRILOGY that sits in that spot's place; I have chosen my favourite of the three films to represent that specific trilogy.
While my number one film on this list is permanent, and films two through four float around in those three spots, films five through ten have no particular order, much like two, three and four. I hope this second paragraph makes sense, LOL! :P
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Good, bad, ugly, whatever -- it doesn't matter. There are films out there that, even if they end up being bad -- and that's not what this list determines, good or bad -- there are films out there, for some bizarre reason unbeknownst to myself or anyone else, that SCARRED THE LIVING BEJESUS out of my soul. These are the films that make me want to join a group therapy session, lock myself up at home, leave the lights on and never come out again. D-8>
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Just as the title suggests! :)