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I much preferred Mrs. Miniver to Mrs. Parkington, 19 July 2015

In spite of the top notch acting by the entire cast, I think this film should have been relegated to a typical country song of woe with a woman moaning about her chosen life to a sympathetic guitar. It is not because I viewed it from our current perspective; I don't think the attitudes portrayed were necessarily universal even in that era. My own parents, born in 1892 and wed in 1914, were partners in their marriage, as were most of their friends. Even though women took care of the home and children and men were the breadwinners, in all decisions and routines both husbands and wives were equal participants. At least there was a brief hint that women were sexual beings also, or maybe that was Garson's normal sparkle.

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Through snow, through hail, through dark of night . . ., 25 October 2006

What a fun movie! Despite the fact that the original screenplay was torn to shreds, as explained in Cantor's autobiography, which, by the way, was not ghosted, but was a full collaboration with David Freedman, the sight gags are still enjoyable, and the scene in the dance hall, where Cantor tries to extract the ice that has been slipped down his neck, is actually hilarious.

Trivia: Cantor's three oldest daughters, 11, 10 and 8 at the time, begged to be in the movie, so he allowed them to walk down the street in the scene where he puts the baby in his postal bag. If you blink, you'll miss their entire movie careers!