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good good movie, 7 December 2001

i was very satisfied with this movie, i just went to see it opening day and expected just what i saw. george clooney did a great job, along with all the others. you should definitely see it, it kind of reminded me of Snatch in a way, since it did have some of that cast in it. it was great, you should see it. Liz

so good, 18 November 2001

this show gets better by each episode. if you haven't ever seen an episode, just watch ONE, and you'll be hooked. and it's SO funny now that michael rappaport is now on it, he's so great. i really don't see ANY flaws what so ever in this show. it's saucy like how melrose place was, but it's so much more as well!!! it's grande ;)


Big Bully (1996)
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probably the worst movie ever, 18 November 2001

this was absolutely my LEAST favourite movie in the history of time. it went NO WHERE, with the most annoying actors. most bad movies always have their minor good parts, not this one. the only reason i watched the entire movie was to see if it was going to have a pleasant ending. it was HORRIBLE. pure crap. :)


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not as great as they all say..., 18 November 2001

maybe it's just because i'm a cynical 16-year old know-it-all, but i didn't really see the big deal about good old Harry Potter. it was an alright movie, with some minor cool happenings, but it WAS kind of long and draggy at times..well i'll shut up now, it wasn't THAT bad..


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great, great movie for everyone, 16 November 2001

jim carrey can do anything. i thought this was going to be some dumb childish movie, and it TOTALLY was not. it was so incredibly funny for EVERYONE, adults & kids. i saw it once cause it was almost out of theatres, and now it's FINALLY coming out on DVD this tuesday and i'm way to excited, as you can see. you should definitely see it if you haven't already, it was so great!


oh man, what a movie., 26 August 2001

This movie was priceless. Absolutely priceless. I've never laughed so damn much for at least a year or two. By FAR, it's the funniest movie in a LONG time. And I personally think that this one was the best out of ALL the Kevin Smith movies. God I hope there are more to come, it was great. GREAT I tell you!


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Best Sitcom Ever., 26 August 2001

Growing Pains was definitely the show to watch during the dreaded 80's. Kirk Cameron (Mike) was the heart-throb of the show, and it seriously got funnier every episode. There was not ONE THING wrong with this show, (although I did really want to see something FINALLY happen with Boner & Carol), but that's a whole other story. Best Show Ever. You know you want to admit it.

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big waste of time, 5 August 2001

John Cusack just doesn't know how to choose roles for himself. He's a great actor and all, but the poor guy just doesn't know a good movie when he sees one. This is clearly stated by his being in this piece of garbage film. Don't waste your time. The ending was horribly unrealistic, and the plot line was almost as bad as soundtrack. The movie was just bad. A very very bad movie. Do not waste your time. I warned you, don't be a fool.


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best movie ever, 3 August 2001

what a wicked movie this was! i thought it would be okay to say the least before i saw it, but was definitely surprised. it was GREAT! everything i ever wanted to see in a movie. i can't even describe how well everything fit together in the was just amazing...definitely one of my top 3 movies ever. if you liked this movie, then you would probably like dazed and confused as well. wicked wicked movie. see it!

Quite good, 26 July 2001

I didn't have high expectations at all for this film. But when I came out of that theater, I was definitely surprised. This movie was much more than a stupid teen love story. Reese Witherspoon was excellent in it, and I'm really glad I saw it. It isn't that hard for me to believe now that she could quite possibly be the next Julia Roberts...

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