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CSI: Miami (2002–2012)
Horatio and team more human reactions with families
31 March 2007
I would like to see more of Horatio's human side. Also to have him have more interaction with the loved ones in his life. Especially with Jennifer and Madison. Also have a serious relationship with Calliegh. Maybe bring Ray Jr. back into the seen, sans Yelina. As for Eric he needs to stay the way he is. Also H needs to get back into the lab more like he did in the first and second seasons. I personally would like to see them have more human reactions plus be there professional selves on the job. Yes Horatio needs more front facing contact with people also, instead of side views. But all in all I am hooked on CSI:Miami so keep up the good work. Please do not change the character of David Caruso. It is very refreshing in this world of today.
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CSI: Miami: Money for Nothing (2004)
Season 2, Episode 17
very good story line about Horatio and family
9 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
what is a spoiler? nothing is mentioned about the other plot in the episode or the sidebar as it is called. The part with Susie and Madison is the only reason that I like it so well. I like to see the human side of the people in these episodes. The brother wanting to protect his sister and then finding out that she tricked him and that he would have went to prison for her. The sad part that he lost his best friend because of her, I think that she was a spoiled brat. Then the reaction of Yelina in the end to Horatio asking if she wants him to walk her out or if she is okay. and her answer to him. with his reaction. I also think it is noble of him to let her think that Madison is his child. Wow how neat.
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CSI: Miami: Nailed (2005)
Season 4, Episode 8
good plot. how the CSI's handle the situation
9 March 2007
Ryan getting Nailed is one of the good plots of this episode and the events that lead up to it and what happens after is also very good. What Horatio tells Rick is also important. It was really none of Rick's business. It is clear that he is out to get Horatio and Horatio knows this. the introduction of Marisol into this episode is also very important. Eric's reaction to Ryan's injury is a very powerful and moving force in the episode. His feeling of guilt is also a plus on his part. It makes him realize that no matter what he has going on in his life he has his job to do. offering to take Ryan home from the hospital is a plus on his part. Although I personally feel that Ryan is a little bit of an ambitious and not to understanding of other people's feelings.
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CSI: Miami: Nothing to Lose (2005)
Season 3, Episode 16
another good family plot. Horatio sure loves his family and friends
9 March 2007
Alexx is good in the face of danger. She is very good at treating the crook and letting him know that she took the Oath of a doctor. Also she is fierce and protective of the little boy when the bad guy tries to shoot them. Then there is Horatio when he is confronted by Susie about Madison's Lukemia, I really like his reaction. He also, very much cares about Susie it is obvious from the hugs he gives her. The way he handles the case with the bad guy. Then having to tell Yelina that Madison is his dead brother's love child and not his own as he let her to believe the child to be, her reaction to that. and then in the end she brings Ray Jr. to give his sister some bone marrow. Also I have one question. What happens to Susie and Madison after this episode are they out of every ones life forever?
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CSI: Miami: Skeletons (2006)
Season 4, Episode 15
the facts about Horatio's life as a child make it more interesting
9 March 2007
I liked the part where he is trying to protect Jennifer from Walter. The one out in front of the building. That is like a father or protective parent. Stepping between them. Boy would he make a very good father. In the end it is also family like when she searches him out and asks his forgiveness like a child would her parent, and that he already has like a good parent. When he tells her that his life was like Walters when he was growing up is a plus. I sure hope she shows up more in his life in the future. If nothing else as to have him as her father figure in her life. I also liked when he stood up to Walter's foster father and renounced him as a coward and bully. and told him that a real father doesn't beat his children. the part about the Cincinnati Chili was also interesting.
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