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"Poldark" (1975)
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A rip roaring tale with a wonderful cast., 8 August 2002

I remember my mum being glued to BBC's Poldark when I was little (eight years old to be exact!) so when the first series was shown again in the eighties I watched and was hooked. I bought the videos as they were released and rationed myself to an hour a night! I have watched and enjoyed both series many times since.

The BBC got everything right, it's a rip roaring tale with a wonderful cast, well worth a look if you haven't seen it or if you haven't seen it for a while!

Why couldn't ITV have employed Robin Ellis and Angharad Rees when they made that Poldark 'special' a few years ago.

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The Man in Grey is high drama and escapism., 21 July 2001

The Man in Grey was the first and probably the most successful of the Gainsborough melodramas. The lavish regency tale centres around the aristocratic Clarissa Richmond (Phyllis Calvert) who dutifully enters into an loveless arranged marriage with the cold hearted Lord Rohan (James Mason)- the Man in Grey of the title.

Love and intrigue are to enter Clarissa's life when a chance meeting with an old school friend, the scheming Hester (Margaret Lockwood), leads her to the dashing Rokeby (Stewart Granger).

The story reaches its dramatic conclusion through twists and turns of plot and excellent performances from who can be called the four cornerstones of the war time British cinema - Stewart Granger, James Mason, Phyllis Calvert and Margaret Lockwood.

The Man in Grey is my personal favorite of all the Gainsborough films, it is high drama and escapism. The Man in Grey is definitely worth another look.