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Wow , what was the point, 27 August 2006

Wow, what was the point of this movie? I started watching it 2 nights ago. I was sooooo bored that I turned on my computer while I was watching it. For a while I even forgot I had it on. It was like noise playing in the background. I can't even remember mostly what it was about. The guy from Napoleon Dy....Rob and David Spade. I should of known it wasn't going to be any good. Usually the only kind of movies that I like Rob in is when they are with Adam Sandler. I don't think David Spade can act. And the Jon Heder aka Napoleon dude, who knows how he can really act because we've only seen him in this and Napoloeon. Anyways I thought this movie was boring and had no point, good luck watching it. What a waste of 4dollars to rent. Glad I didn't spend more going to the movies and watching it.

"Jackass" (2000)
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I don't care what people, 12 March 2006

I don't care what people say about this show. I get irritated when people say this show is stupid and why would someone do that. How about who cares. Its there show and they can do what they want. I love the show and i own the box set and the movie they made in 2002. My favorites on the show are Bam, Dunn, Dico, Steve-O and Chris. WeeMan is adorable. I just really love this show. If they can get paid for acting stupid let them. I really enjoy the most of it. Some looks gross and painful. The ones where they dive off into the water look fun and i would do it.Most fans of this show are guys. I am a girl and I like it. I have several friends that are girls and like it. I would give this show 10/10.

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Oh Ryan Dunn, 12 March 2006

I am so glad they gave Ryann Dunn his own show. He was my favorite person from Viva La Bam. This show is not the funniest. But it is also not the worst show either. The Andy Mill... whatever show is the stupidest show on MTV. I hope they put this T.V show on DVD to buy like they did Viva La Bam. My favorite part is when they do the pranks at home. Ryan can be such a dork at times. I love his voice. I hope this show comes back for a second season. Too bad they couldn't give him a better show to do. Dico would be funny if he has his own show. I would give this show 8/10 stars. It would be funny if Ryan could go to Bams house and do this or any of the other cast members of viva la bam.

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One of my favorites, 12 March 2006

This is one of my all time favorite shows. Too bad it's over. I enjoyed watching every episodes. Some more than others. The first 3 seasons are my favorite. The 4th one was okay. The 5th was good too. I still like the 1st the best, because you can tell it was made more original. The Scavenger hunt was my favorite one of all. Ryan Dunn is one of my favorite's on there besides bam, of course. Woundn't be great to have parents like April and Phil? Not a crazy sick uncle like Don Vito. I like when they go to other towns and countrys. The lost episode was pretty weird too. I own all of the shows on DVD. I am glad they do a bonus DVD with each season. I would rate this show 10 out of 10!

The Ring (2002)
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Pretty Good, 9 May 2005

This movie was pretty good. Some parts of it were disturbing. You didn't want to look at it. But you did just because. It wasn't scary at all. Some parts got kinda boring. How it connected was weird. You really had to watch it to get it, but it was pretty easy to get. Naomi Watts did a really good job playing the mother. The little boy whoever his name was did a pretty good job too. I thought at first he was a culkin brother, but turns out he is not. He looks like he could be one of them. This movie isn't as boring as the second one. Samara was the ugliest thing ever and the creepiest thing to look at. She looked so ghostly white all the time. When she was normal and dysfunctional looking.

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The best of the 3, 4 June 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie the LOTR TROTK is the best movie out of all three. It was exciting to see what happens. I did not see what was coming at the end. I totally didn't even think what happened at the end of the movie could happen. *Spoilers* When Frodo got on the boat and left the Shire. It was very sad for poor Sam. I really didn't like the ending, i didn't want Frodo to leave the shire, just like sam. But what happens happened for a good reason. Aragorn looked very handsome as the king in the end of the movie when he was crowned king. A+++ This movie was the best movie i have seen in a long time. The best 3 and half hours. The best movie of the year for me. I couldn't wait for it to come out on dvd/vhs. I kept counting down the months and days.

Not as good as the first, 4 June 2004

I didn't like this movie as much as the first. It was a good movie still and kept me watching it. But there were too many battle seens in this movie. I really though that the guy who did Gollum's voice did a really good job. They really matched his face good with Gollum too. The precius thing was funny and cute at the same time. Gollum was sure ugly, my friend thought he was the cutest thing ever. I give this movie a A-. Everyone did a very good job just like they did in the fellowship of the ring. I am just really into these movies now. I couldn't wait for the 3rd one to come out and when it did i went to the theater as soon as i could. Overall this was a pretty good movie to see.

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It was ok, 4 June 2004

I not a big fan on these kinda movies. But i rented this movie with one of my best friends. She liked, but of course she is much older than i am. I thought it was ok. It wasn't the worst movie i have seen. I give it a C+. I have a friend that looks just like Russell Crowe. And we call him that sometimes. Russell Crowe did a very good job in this movie playing Captin Jack. I would probably never watch this movie again. Once is enough for me, because it didn't keep me that intrested. I thought it would never get over with when i was watching the movie and i couldn't set still. But there are alot of people who really enjoyed this movie, and i am sure its good if you like these kinda of movies but i just don't really care for them that much.

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Loved it, 4 June 2004

This was a really great movie. I watched the movie before reading the books. I never wanted to see this movie. I never watch any kind of movies towards this kind of thing. But i really ended up loving it. A++++++++++ I loved all the characters! Sam, Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Legelous were my true favorites in this movie. It never got boring was always interesting and kept my thought. 10/10. It was a good idea to make these books into film. Good job for Peter Jackson. This movie will be a classic forever. I loved the shire the best out of all the places. Elijah Wood did a very good job playing Frodo Baggins as well did Sean Astin play at Samwise, his best friend throughout the trilogy.

Swimfan (2002)
Was pretty good, 17 January 2004

It was a pretty good movie. I would say 8/10. Alot of people say disterbing. But i don't really think so. I watched the movie on TV the other day on the HBO channels. I bought that movie just yesterday. Jesse Bradford is a good actor and did a good job in this movie. I like Erika Christian too.

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