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"Primeval" (2007)
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A breath of fresh air!!, 25 March 2007

Well, what can I say about Primeval? How about, that it's a very welcome breath of fresh air after all those godawful "reality" shows that we've had to deal with over recent years?

Great acting from a cast who gels well together, with at least one character you love to hate (and would happily push through an anomaly!) and several you come to care about throughout the series. With exciting CG dinosaurs and cleverly woven plot lines (which carry through each episode), this is an amazing new series that deserves to go on! Some have commented that the acting is poor, yet I think these guys and girls do extremely well, given that they are acting to CG for a large amount of time, and that is an extremely difficult thing to do.

The plot lines are well thought out and well written, throwing everyday people into the path of prehistoric monsters and seeing how they deal with it. A wonderful combination of acting, writing and our own desire to occasionally escape the "real" world makes this a gripping series that you have to tune into each week.

Great show, can't wait for series 2!!!