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Lake Dead (2007)
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Don't expect horror from this movie., 11 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It uses the classic 'teens in the woods' type of setup, but the 'monsters' are underpowered, and are not very scary as there is plenty of lighting throughout the movie. I would give it 1/10 stars, but I give it 2/10 to indicate that it does have some (mostly unintended) comedic value.

Spoiler: It turns out that the bad guys are really just an inbred family, and the older family members lure their youngest generation back to them to continue the incest (killing extra friends who come along with them). It would have been scarier to just not even know what all the killing was for. A couple of things I hated: The dialog makes you think that you're watching a parody of older teen horror movies, and the heroes win.

I hope some others from horrorfest are worth watching, but I won't chance it now (not when you have to pay full price for every single movie).