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A Must See!, 28 October 2006

This movie was such a great surprise! I saw this at an advanced screening just days after suffering through Marie Antoinette. What a pleasant escape! The cast did an outstanding job. Who doesn't love Will Ferrell, but to see him in this role gives me a whole new level of respect for him as an actor. He simply shines on screen! Maggie Gyllenhaal is a delight. Emma Thompson is brilliant as always. Simply wonderful! The writing was terrific. It was so nice to see a movie that could make you laugh and think (not too hard) at the same time. Direction was well done as well - it was even visually appropriate.

Go see it and take a friend. You will laugh and be happy for a change after leaving a movie.

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Not As Expected, 22 October 2006

The soundtrack is the only star of this film. It is clear no one thinks Kirsten can act, as she barely speaks for the entire film. In fact, the dialogue is so insignificant and the music so overwhelming that the entire film feels like an extended music video. Visually, the film is stunning and does a nice job capturing the opulence and decadence of the era. Yet the script and cast do not exude the same. Rather, the weak performances make you almost glad the end is near for these characters. I will easily download this soundtrack to my iPod, but you could not pay me to watch this extended music video again without adding a happy gruesome ending.